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Welcome to my tribe. I started it because there are a lot of unconventional, not-so-trendy; ugly, but kind of cute; somewhat average and average-looking, shy, only shy at first, reserved, deep, melancholy, antisocial, depressed; strong, yet silent; and overall very lonely types out there that are very lonely and unsuccessfully trying to get into the pants of people who are seemingly very social, talkative, fun, exotic, exciting, beautiful, sexy, but are generally just loud, uncouth, superficial, teases and
fakers trying to keep up the pretense that deep inside they are not empty, possessing no individual identity whatsoever, desperately hanging on to their only assets – good looks and loud personalities. Since it's not easy talking to, keeping up with, or even getting close to such delusional people, this tribe is for very sensual people who, for whatever reason, find difficulty in getting laid, social pariahs who just can’t click with others and don't want to jump through hoops or spend all their money in pursuit of the slight chance of physical intimacy. Sympathetic, gorgeous people are also welcome to join as are people with nice pads willing to host tribe activities. Above all else, you should live in Southern California.

I call my tribe Guaranteed Sex Tribe because if I like your look, sympathize with your plight, and all members vote to make you a member then you will get laid. Keep in mind that by joining you are agreeing to have safe sex with at least one person in the group of your choosing, with their approval of course, or someone who does not have a partner, on an ongoing basis, which means you may have to be there for your brothers or sisters if they, for whatever reason, cannot find someone within the group willing to engage in sexual congress with them, though that should not be a problem if we all like one another. Membership also entails attending tribe activities and pitching in for their related expenses. Such activities include movie nights with lots of kissing and snuggling, trips with lots of travel sex, holiday parties with lots of fun, or just simple get-togethers where we can meet somewhere nice and get some.

The goals of Guaranteed Sex Tribe are many. Mainly, the tribe aims to create a community in which no members will ever feel alone, unwanted, or unloved, a feeling that often drives the best of us to engage in behavior that hinders our integrity as human beings and our society as a whole. Another aim is for our members to find each other romantically, as great sexual chemistry can lead to a meaningful, lifelong relationship. Guaranteed Sex Tribe also strives to make each of us great lovers in order to be great people in life. The possibilities are endless.

To join this up-and-coming tribe, include a recent, clear picture of yourself from head to toe, your stats (age, sex, location, relationship status), share why you have been unable to find another person to have regular sex with, why you feel this entitles you to membership, your sexual fantasies and favorites sexual positions, and how you feel you will be able to contribute to our tribe.

Your Tribe’s Chief,
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