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Hi folks, I am a newbie on here and me and blokey are just starting to build our raised beds.....we have planted herbs successfully in baskets etc for about a year or so, we are now moving on to veg, we want to be as organic as possible......sooooo what do people reccomend for slug repellent, what tried and tested ways do you have, we are based in lovely damp uk so hopefully it will be something we can get here...

Thanks for your imput x
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  • Copper. It reacts with their slime and gives them an electric shock, so they back off. Use strips of copper around the beds, rings of copper wire around each plant, and you can even wrap it around the base of trees.

    Of course you need to make sure the plants are free of slugs to begin with. I have heard, but have never tried, shards of egg shells scattered about in the bed. I recall my parents setting out shallow bowls filed with beer. They're attracted to it, and drown in it.
  • The beer suggestion is a really good one. Slugs love beer and its only nice to share.

    Another really good one is rosemary plants. They really don't like the oils that persist when rosemary drops needles. I had good luck planting arugala next to a large rosemary plant and the slugs didn't touch them. My chard, not planted by rosemary, got attacked pretty badly.

    The eggshells and copper ideas are good too, though I haven't tried them.


  • Sawdust. Get it from a saw mill. The idea is that the sharp edges of wood deter them, which is what egg shells do, if you have enough.

    Eventually breaks down and adds to the soil, but you might need to pt a bit of chicken poo/dynamic lifter down when it starts rotting. Claimed to take nitrogen out of the soil initially.
  • Small neighborhood children with time on their hands, and you with a jar of nickels (or equivalent) are a plague upon slugs. :-)

    Also, the cheapest beer you can find poured into a pie plate that you've settled into the ground a bit, placed out in the evening, as slugs are more active at night. You'll want the beer to be at least as deep in the plate as your slugs are tall (banana slugs here in the Pacific Northwet can be nearly a couple of inches tall---and over a foot long!). I used to have a pot bellied pig sow who would do almost anything for beer pickled slugs for breakfast! You'll want one pie plate every three to five feet, depending upon how heavy your slug population is; you can space them farther apart as you get control. You will have to rig some sort of a tent over the pie plate if it's raining; dilute beer does not work nearly as well.
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    Coffee was an old gardener’s fable but caffeine is the key ingredient. Garden Robusta sells caffeine as a slug repellent in a spray called slug snub. They have a You Tube video of a slug that proves it works! I like the video its like a post apocalyptic war video for the defense department..

    have a look for yourself... its a new product, let me know what you think..

    I’m all up for chemical free pesticides, apparently caffeine was designed by mumma nature and is naturally produced by tea and coffee plants to keep pests away!! looks like it works, cant beat evolution!
  • Ducks
    Put ducks in your garden and they'll eat all the slugs.
    I've seen copper sheet inserted some inches deep and projecting up a few inches as a barrier. Slugs seem to hate copper but with the price of copper I'm not sure if it'd be less expensive to hire armed guards.

    Don't put chickens in the garden though. Yah they'll eat the slugs but they eat everything else too.

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