boot pistols, derringers, and cane guns

topic posted Fri, August 8, 2008 - 10:23 AM by  Dave
Just wondering if any of you have experimented with carrying or owning odd concealed weapons.

I once saw a cane that held one shotgun round (12 gauge I think) with a tiny trigger (no safety) in the curl handle of the cane. The bottom had a rubber cover but when you pulled it off the cane was hollow just like a shotgun barrel. Anyone have one of these or know of someone who does? Just wondering how odd they are.

Also small boot pistols and derringers...very concealable. My brother has a .22 derringer and it holds 2 rounds. Anyone see the need in owning something like this in this day and age? Anyone have any other neat concealable weapons? I saw a cane that had a sword it in once also...must have belonged to a ninja or something. Please share your thoughts.
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    Fri, August 8, 2008 - 3:29 PM
    I carry a small .380, just enuff to allow me to run away{I hope} and get a real gun, it easily fits in my boot or behind my waistband, small guns have a place
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      Re: boot pistols, derringers, and cane guns

      Sun, August 10, 2008 - 1:47 PM
      I have a yawara stick keychain that is made of metal and unscrews open that holds 4 throwing spikes. Alot of people think it is a useless bullshit weapon, but as a yawara, it works perfectly and I have become skilled at throwing the spikes within 8 feet.

      In a fight, I wouldn't take the time to unscrew it to get the spikes out at all but I would use the stick part for smashing presure points and the face of my adversary.

      I have a sword cane. I thought it was cool when I got it, but I dont have fucked up legs, so I look funny walking around with it. The sword part I think would break inside someone's body if I stabbed them in a heated fight. Any one around here that knows me , knows my affinity for knives and blades and would guess right away that my sword was a sword cane.

      I have some boot knives but they are hard to pull out easily in a real fight unless I was sitting down. It might be in a good position if the fight managed to get on the ground and turned into a grappling contest. I would pull it out then.
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    Fri, December 2, 2011 - 5:56 PM
    they are silly slow to use, unsafe, awkard, single shots, feeble, espeensive wastes of time,. If you need something very small and lw, look at the 9 oz, 5" long Keltec 380. The Kt's 9mm P9 is better, but 13 ozs and 6" long. Still very "pocketable', tho, and its ammo is a lot cheaper and easier to find than 380, and it hits twice as hard as the 380. the pocket 9mm is plenty feeble enough for my use, believe that! :-)

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