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Aren't they hot?

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    Oh...MFM are always fun for me since I get to be the F between two M's. :) Between, or under, or beside, or on top.

    Since I'm a woman married to a bi-man the MFM is what we enjoy. I remember our very first time with another guy. For his birthday I got someone to join us--he was cute, younger and curious about BDSM. I remember bringing this "boy" to M's house and he basically ran right past me to check the guy out. He approved. :)

    The most memorable thing of that whole scene was that every time I looked at my partner he had a huge grin on his face. I had never been a part of a threesome before but knew from that point on that this was something that would may my partner very happy. It also makes me happy because not only can I get a little extra attention but so can my man!
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      I'm not sure which I like better--mfm or mff. I love them both. But I am certainly into mfm because I don't tend to hook up with 'just' men, so it allows for me to explore more. I'm attracted to men's bodies (cock in particular), but I prefer to hook up with men when I have a woman to coach me along and encourage. I do really love sucking cock though.
      One of my more memorable experiences with mfm was with a really hot young couple out at Burning Man. We hit it off, and next thing I knew we were in their camper. She was riding me rough and talking dirty to me with her enormous strap-on while I gave her hot boy a blow job. He was big, she was bigger, it was so damn hot. I want me some more of that. I love me a hot girl with a strap-on telling me to blow her boyfriend. Mmm...
  • One of the hottest sexual situations I was ever in involved me being with my ex and another guy. She knew him really well so was ok with him barebacking her and I got the pleasure of licking her clit and his balls after we had both cum in her. As he came they were both twitching and our mixed cum dripped down his balls and I got to lick it off. VERY hot!!

    Would love to find a fluid bound couple to do something like this with again...
  • Yeah definitely my favorite. Well, MFMF foursomes are good too. But I've never really been too caught up in the FMF fantasy that most straight guys seem to be into.

    I've done the MFM with my wife and another guy a few times, but much less often have I been the extra M with another couple. That's a scenario I'd like to explore more...
  • They are hot and wonderful. The few experiences I have had have been with very bisexual men and the women said they loved they we were not just focus on her but also each other. It was a truly mutual sharing.
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      "I would think legs get in the way"--a girl's got two holes you sillies. There are endless possiblities with three.

      Often when my man and i have been with another guy my interest is a lot more in giving my guy pleasure with the help of the other guy. We haven't been lucky enough to meet someone that doesn't move away before we have a chance to get to know each other better--i'm not all that much into the casualness aspect. Does that make sense? Time to start a new thread on that.
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    both my husband and i were swingers when we met - and still are :) and we are both bi and somewhat sub - but even tho im bi i really dont like to share a guy (or guys with another babe) so my BEST 3 somes are MFM ... i know others may prefer something else - also i have found that BI guys can sometimes be a lot more fun that str8 guys in a MFM - ive just found that a lot of str8 guys dont want another guy around when theyre going at it - i dont try to analyze why thats so its just been my experience....
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    Yes they are!
    From one angle, it sort of takes a couple of guys to keep it up for the girl.
    From another DP is just plain FUN!

    We've played with both straight and bi guys and clearly much prefer bisexuals. Top/bottom, dom/sub doesn't much matter and we've had fun with both. I'm a top and co-topping is a gas. Topping another guy to MAKE SURE he treats my partner CORRECTLY OR ELSE, has always had great results too.

    Straight guys mean one part of the equation is missing and the focus is two guys pleasing a girl rather than two people playing on a third. It makes the roles much more rigid.


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    • Having experienced both MFM and FMF; MFM wins absolutely. While I don't consider myself lame in any sense of the word, you can't satisfy both women to the degree that you would like. While fun, it does not harness the energy and wild passion that one experiences with another guy (especially one that is partnered with the woman). I've been blessed to find myself involved in these settings on more than several occasions, and yearn to experience this type of relationship on a long-term basis. Having learned from the past, I would approach a FMF interaction with trepidation (much nicer if it was MFMF) as they can fall flat without great chemistry.

      Any MF takers for a third?

      • I've only been in MFF threesomes, and so they're my favorite. I'm more attracted to girls than guys as well. and my man would only be comfortable with another female involved (he's nowhere near bi). However, I've always wanted to be DP, and because I'm planning on spending my life (and sex life) with Nick, and therefore, will not be with any other men, I'm looking forward to being with a dominant woman who is comfortable in a strap on. If there's any out there in the Florida area, let me know.
        • We used to have our nudist parties (all men) getting together in Sacramento, when mingling, we'd start to play and play for hours. I for one loved every minute, second, hour, etc.... I loved them all!!!
  • Being VERY bi....meaning that I am powerfully attracted to both men and women....I can't think of any sexual experience more fulfilling and exciting than MFM. The manifestations of such a threesome are endless, and I agree entirely with one of the other commentators, that a really healthy and vigorous woman really does need two men. Within in my own body I've always felt that the masculine energy while not meager is somewhat finite. However, the feminine energy seems infinite. The doubling of masculine partners makes natural sense to help even the equation. It's my ultimate dream in life to form a long term MFM relationship--maybe a marriage. I would love to meet the woman who insists upon having two bi husbands. I'm very good in the kitchen as well as the bedroom.
  • As a single male I have been a part of five mfm involving married couples with the last two being with bi men. Its much more fun when everyone is involved in pleasing each other. My favorite part was getting pegged from behind by the wife wearing a strap-on while I sucked her husbands dick
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    I have to say I really enjoy the tribe so far! I have never even considered a mfm threesome where the two guys are bi or gay. I think that would be extremely hot. As someone who totally enjoys gay porn a lot, i bet the energy would be incredible. II've only had one threesome, mfm, but both men were straight and it was all about me and what I wanted. I dont know how graphic I can be as far as language but it was soo nice to suck a dck while being fckd from behind. or having two different people pleasure you in different ways at the same time. it was one of the best experiences of my life.

    I think a fmf threesome for a bi woman, lol,, could be just as hoooott.

    Its funny because i was just talking about threesomes with my hubby last night, we've never done one, and dont plan on having one, but i said, i think the best threesomes are with people you are not involved with. what do you guys think?
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      Years ago before joining the queer kinky poly community in SF, one of the hottest scenes I ever did was with a bi guy and his wife. She sucked my cock while he was fucking me. He made me cum, she held it in her mouth and then they shared!
      • That's an amazing experience Rig D. Aside from just being incredibly salacious (and shall we say "tasty") it really touches the mystic chords with a sense of holy communion. What wine could be more sacred?
    • Dear Red, I think that in the situation that you and your husband are possibly exploring, it would certainly be best--safest--for experiments to be with people who will bring relatively little emotional entanglement into the experience. It's a important in a growth or exploration situation to feel free and disencumbered by any potential attachments. I guess everyone (and every couple, or whatever) is always growing and always at a different stage of self discovery. So I imagine we all need different things at different times. That said, there is only deeper self awareness and deeper experience when the lovers involved in any arrangement have deep emotions and a deep sense of the joyful, trickster, reverent, submissive, or clownish, or just animalistic sacredness that can be embraced in Eros. It's all a matter of finding the right time and people for that.
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        I comletely understand the logic and it makes total sense. I think emotion and attachment brings drama because of the level of intimacy created by them but it is that very intimacy that creates such a deep connection that allows yourself to completely let go and be whatever you truly are in the most purest natural form.

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