Male Beauty at the YMCA

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Dude, I remember being completely MESMERIZED when our family first started going to the local YMCA. Naked men. Hell yeah!
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  • From 6 through high school i belonged to the Y and swam nude, sunbathed nude, went to the steam room, and used the weight room all nude; and even our high school used the Y for p.e. swimming classes, in the nude. Loved it; nothing like being with guys in the nude!
    • I grew up in the Tucson YMCA and belonged to the YMCA and swam nude all the time and would go up to the sundeck and soak up the sun and loved being nude with guys older than me and "bigger" than me. A friend would go with me and sometimes we would jack off when we were by ourselves. Then, when I went to Tuscon High School my freshman and sophomore years we took nude swimming classes. What wonderful freedom. Now, I am 70 and wish that I could live that life again.
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    I belonged to the last all-male Y in Los Angeles. Swimming was totally naked all through the '80s. Women complained about not being let in, so they closed the place for three months to remodel it, adding a women's locker room, etc. (the men's locker room and workout room had been open to the pool). The place was always packed. They spent over a million bucks for the re-do, and it lasted about 2 months after reopening then closed for good. What a waste, what a shame. It was great to see all the dads and sons there every day, guys jogging around the pool naked, etc, sitting around the steam-room or sauna, idly touching their genitals as they talked about the game. Yet it was not a pickup place. What it was was a different world - and it's missed.
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      Too bad it went under. The biggest shame is that while there are plenty of women-only gyms and spaces in general, there are very very few all male spaces left in the US, and those few that exist are under fire. I'm tempted to grab a bunch of guys and go invade a Lucille Roberts!!!! ANd then people wonder why boys are growing up without an understanding of male identity!
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    I've heard about nude swimming, etc at YMCA's for over a decade, but no one has been able to tell me WHY the "Y" did that. Anyone here know? Or have a better theory than pool filters kept getting clogged up with clothing fibers from swimsuits? (Yes, that is an actual reason I have been told!)
    • From what I've read and gleaned about the Y, back in the twenties through the fourties, nudism was seen as a very healthy and theraputic thing. Not so much a lifestyle, but nudist camps and retreats were very common. The YMCA was just going with the prevailing thought on healthy living at the time. Pity it had to end, the puritanical fifties put an end to a lot of nudism and naturism with a revival of victorian repression. Anyway, my two cents worth.
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        If this had been available or around when I was growing up, I would have been swimming everyday of every week starting from when the doors opened to when they is a pity it ended.
  • I do remember the days when we swam in the nude at the Y, but that stopped when women were aloud to join. It was great to see other young men and Dads nude. it was an education for me to see different sizes and type of dicks it was also fun to see which of my buddies develop hair first. We would talk about it but never made fun of anyone even the slower developer, we just enjoy swimming and hang out nude. Today I still belong to the Y and enjoy just hanging with the guys in the over 21 locker room. What I do find that different the younger guy in their 20's. Don't like being nude in front of other guys even guys their age, What happen to these young men?
    • this is sooo HOT stuff to bear. wanna wank during reading
      • There were some dad-types. My god. And they looked so hung, big hanging dicks with some weight to 'em. Just going about their business, not thinking that other guys were finding their nudity full-blooded boner-engorged hot!

        Btw, the movie A Whole New Thing, and Indie, has a liberal family who has a steamroom, perfectly comfortable nude. How freeing that must feel.
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    The Y was incredible. From the age of 6 to about 14, I had swimming lessons there every wednesday afternoon. It was all male with an adult teacher. We were all totally naked. It was a perfect existence, I really looked forward to those classes. I loved when the teacher would help me in class, to be standing right next to a naked adult like that was incredible.
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    I used to go to the YMCA in San Francisco and the steam room and locker room was very openly playful. I havent been there in years. I think I'll have to go check it out and see if its still fun.
    • i went to the y when i was 8-10 and swam every day when i was there the changing rooms i will never forget, i allways had a hard on
      • I started going to the Y at age 6 for swimming lessons. All they boys were naked as was the swim coach and his teen assistants. Coach was a hairy stud with a big head on his cock. Eventually I was on Y swim teams, was a swim assistant, lifeguard and assistant swim coach. My uniform for all this was buck ass naked. All guys were naked for the pool with an age range of 6-90. Nudity was accepted and natural. Swim meets were naked and men watching the meets were also naked as the pool area was naked only. My dad was a Y wrestler and on the adult team - he always wrestled naked. He felt nudity was the macho way to go and always encouraged me to be a man and men were not supposed to be modest.

        Also my Y was clothing optional throughout. Guys would run the track, play basketball, lift weights, etc, totally naked if they wanted to be. Many guys who stayed overnight at the Y did not travel with gym clothes except maybe shoes for basketball. Made it easy on the packing knowing you could do anything you wanted buck naked.
  • I unfortunately missed the nude swimming era at the Y. My family never had a membership growing up. After I finished college, I joined the Y with my buddies from the office. We'd run/work out/shoot baskets/play raquetball at lunch, and I always enjoyed the open group shower after working out, reminding me of my high school sports days. I made a point of taking all of my sons there when they were growing up, and when they were old enough to use the locker room, giving the option to join. I think it really helped us bond.

    Now, both of the local branches we use have remodeled to have individual showers in the men's locker rooms, and truly think that this is a shame.

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