Happy Love Sunshine Unicorn Palace!

public - created 10/16/06
wake up on the wrong side of the bed? too much piss and vinegar for breakfast? you need an elegant and sophisticated kind of happy that makes you bounce in your seat and clap your hands! a smooth and supple like the rainbow tutu you've been hiding inside your shorts kinda happy! brush-up your smilies and get out your unicr0n - it's the HAPPY LOVE SUNSHINE UNICORN PALACE! manifest your positive thoughts of loving nature for the benefit of all earth and humanity! immerse yourself in fuzzy warm chocolatey happy goo! c'mon, everybody! RSS Feed what is XML?

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allrightfinewhatthefuckever.  topic
ooOooOOOOooo....  topic
is bewy bewy qwhyet heer!  topic
feel the exotic travel in China  topic
Vine ripened tomatoes  topic
A story a story Sunshine with the pretty glue  topic
dear mr. cuddy rainbow etc etc.....  topic
Still another great little video -a poem this time  topic
And another great little video story  topic
Nice video  topic
Kitten Huffing  topic
why god why?  topic
for example...  topic
Happy to be here!  topic
YAY!!!! YOU'RE HERE!!!! :)  topic
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