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Ultraviolet Blue

As many on the list well know November 23rd , 2006 was a pivotal
point in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. I was
told over and over a big event is coming and the peak of this event
was to be November 23rd. I was also told the negative grid was being
torn down and the support for tyranny is coming to a close. The
tyranny and its systems will begin to unravel at an accelerated pace
with the incoming of the new energies. In meditation I saw an
electric blue grid that looked much like the seams of a soccer ball.
It was firmly in place and I asked was this the big event and was
told, "Yes." I was also told the nature of the grid was to create
Heaven on Earth. The ultraviolet blue grid supports the perfect
incarnation, the perfect whole and healthy body. The more we
actively engage the grid and align with it the sooner we will
experience the blessings it has to offer. We can pull into existence
all of the attributes of the grid through prayer and meditation
literally creating your tomorrow. Surrendering, forgiving and
releasing the past is very important, the attitude of gratitude,
giving thanks will also expedite the awakening and healing process.
We are going to experience over a million years of evolution in just
one year. Between now and November 20007 you are going to see
miracles. Things you would never have dreamed will come to pass,
obstacles removed and the true plan of Creation will come forward.
Avoid fear, do not buy into the terror card, and know it is your
divine right to live a loving, joyous, abundant life in harmony with
each other and nature. That was the original plan and it is coming
back due to popular demand. We are also getting a lot of help and it
would be good to thank daily the Ascended Masters, Angelic Guides
and the Spiritually and Technologically advanced Ets better known as
the greater family of man. It is imperative that each individual
make their own Spirit, God Creator connection, develop your own
inner healer and guidance then act upon that guidance in the days to
come. Changes are upon us. Be well James Gilliland
Pass it on.
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  • Amy,

    Re; James Gilliland. I think it was in 2001, myself, Saundra Marsh (MUFON-LA) and James Gilliland went to Marina Del Rey for dinner, as I recall I was driving my Jeep Cherokee. It was a heady time. My ET research unit was in full operation, I had attracted the interest of a billionaire who's ET research unit was conducting similar contact experiments to those of mine, --there were many strange and beautiful happenings going on around me. James, felt a calling, packed his bags and followed a spiritual trail which led him to his current home, his ranch. Jame's story is a typical one in the ET contact community. There are dozens of stories similar to his, whereas James' story is unique, in that he continues to give hope, Love, and beautiful gifts back to Humanity. In addition to being a spiritual fellow he is also intelligent, a marketer, always reinventing himself in new and interesting ways. James is a healer. Earlier in that same week, we had hooked up with another typical ET contactee, this one as remarkable as Galliland's. A young woman, 'Sara' as I recall?, living in Chicago, began having recurring dreams of an old-man in the sea, who was calling to her. After months of struggling with the dreams, Sara quit her job, moved out of her apartment, and at the old-man's insistance she began a guided journey which took her all the way across the United States, finally finding herself in Los Angeles California, 2001. For several months she had no dreams or other telepathic contact with the old-man. Just as she was beginning to beleive that she had lost her senses, the old-man again contacted her telepathically. No longer needing to be asleep to 'talk' with the old-man, Sara was compelled to visit the beach, whereupon she entered the water and was greeted by a Dolphin. The old-man. I met Sara through a Discovery Channel producer who was filming a six part documentary series about ET contact experiencers. Sara, would go to the beach, and telepathically calling the Dolphin, he appear in the surf so that the Discover Channel team could film her interaction with the old-man, a wild Dolphin, her friend. Awe inspiring to witness. The old-man told her, via a series of visions, telepathically, that his specis was an ancient race which arrived on Earth millenia ago, but who had lost their culture, technologies and lost contact with the elder race. But that their ancestral lineage would soon be coming to Earth to reunite their long lost brethern. Amazing stories. Everyone who has experienced ET contact, knows that dimension/space faring ET have solved the Great-Distance-Travel and Great-Distance-Communication problems employing advanced consciousness tools and telepathy. For myself, my story is more convoluted and intertwined with ET. I became aware of the Planetary UpShift to which James Galliland frequently refers around 1992. James told me that he became aware around 1998 after having seen an Alien craft which is when he began his journey. And so it seems that people become aware of the UpShift at varying spots along the time-line? There is one thing for certain, everyone who is Spiritually turned-on, knows that something remarkable is coming.


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      hi walt--
      thank you for your story about Mr.'s cool that you have had a history with him.--and i think it would help others who read this to understand where he's coming from--thanks again--'s beyond me, the ET stuff that's out there, as i have no personal basis of understanging for it, but i figure it's really strong in others, so how can it be deniable. James has a gold-hearted intent--and some very forward thinking information---i have no clue whether it's true or not, but then again, i'm not connected like that. my twin borther once stood under a humongous UFO back in the 80's. he kept it to himself for like 15 years, but not because he was ashamed or scared, only because the whole time he figured it was somebody's science project, and didn't know how else to categorize it in his mind. he was an extremely sceptical person. he later told me the story, and because by then i had learned abot various UFO stories, and James' experiences, i was able to help him understand it differently. The thing is, tho, despite what he thought about what he saw, he became increasingly unable to hold a job down and since then has been drawn to nature more and more, always communicating with nature and animals and children at such a deep level that adults of the usual world simply don't understand him....i happen to understand him, but it doesn't help his social skills much. and as i learn about others going thru similar things, i understand more that i can't just "pshaw" the whole thing----people do that to me as well, based on all the paranormal and spirit stuff i've gone thru. like James, my brother, and all the others who are "out there".....we just have to keep speaking our truth, trying to help others.

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