Heavy or Hard CBT using Needles

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Grand Rapids
gays meetup  topic
Six pack Sunday  photo flag
first needle through cock shaft  photo flag
3 needles  photo flag
3 needles  photo flag
needle fun  photo flag
needle fun  photo flag
Tacking the Scrotum  topic
Tacking the Scrotum  topic
testicle needle play in Los Angeles  topic
any single here  topic
Phase 1 of today's phone session  photo flag
Wish you were pushing the needle.  photo flag
Picture 1.jpg  photo flag
Needles 2  photo flag
first time testicle skewering  topic
needle down my pipe  photo flag
Tingling in my glans as I post, pt 2  photo flag
North San Diego County  topic
skype now  topic -- Meet plenty of HerpesFish for...  topic
Needles?? what about Nails  topic
Minneapolis area: Push needles through my glans?  topic
Another video  topic
sweet video  topic