Heavy or Hard CBT using Needles

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Grand Rapids
Los Angeles guy into others into explore all ki...  topic
Nadelspiel/Needleplay in Germany  topic
8 needles in my balls  photo flag
Video of my nailed sack and skewered cock and b...  topic
DSCI59201.JPG  photo flag
DSCI5912.JPG  photo flag
DSCI5911.JPG  photo flag
Nuts removed after 24hr banding session  topic
Where are folks getting supplies these days?  topic
Video of me playing with needles  topic
Needle in cock  topic
IMG_1525 (Small).JPG  photo flag
IMG_1510 (Small).JPG  photo flag
IMG_1509 (Small).JPG  photo flag
IMG_1455 (Small).JPG  photo flag
IMG_1238 (Small).JPG  photo flag
A bit of my handywork  photo flag
Skewered cock shaft on skype  topic
Not a needle but spikey though!  photo flag
IMG_20160229_23229.jpg  photo flag
Kidnap me  topic
nailed cock  topic
Looking for guys in Melbourne to help each othe...  topic
Looking for CBT session in Berlin  topic
nailed cock shaft  topic

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