Heavy or Hard CBT using Needles

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Grand Rapids
Sewing my pisshole closed, or stapling it close...  topic
Needle's in cock head  topic
Awesome  topic
Behind the barbell 2  photo flag
Behind the barbell 1  photo flag
Nadelspiel/Needleplay in Germany  topic
Minneapolis area: Push needles through my glans?  topic
extreme ball skewring..  topic
For John per his request 2  photo flag
For John per his request 1  photo flag
gr5.jpg  photo flag
gr4.jpg  photo flag
ebbehoj1.jpg  photo flag
Why using needles  topic
Heading on vacation to Eastern Washington looki...  topic
Distal Duo  photo flag
2 needles  photo flag
Los Angeles Versatile into needle play - into m...  topic
Long needle  topic
Looking for a Dominant Woman or Man with a Sadi...  topic
An awesome CBT Site  topic
The Ice Cocket Challange  photo flag
Push in with finger, pull out with thumb  photo flag
Dermaroller in pussy masturbator  photo flag
SF Bay Area  topic

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