Heavy or Hard CBT using Needles

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Grand Rapids
Skewered cock shaft on skype  topic
Looking for guys in Melbourne to help each othe...  topic
Looking for CBT session in Berlin  topic
nailed cock shaft  topic
Need a session  topic
Needle's in cock head  topic
Visiting london upcoming Sunday till Tuesday . ...  topic
Like to. Set my nuts up on a bowling alley  topic
25-7 (more on my page)  photo flag
25-6  photo flag
25-1  photo flag
Almost through the other side  photo flag
One more to go  photo flag
Three of Swords  photo flag
What happened to my right nut ?  topic
Sewing my pisshole closed, or stapling it close...  topic
SF Bay Area  topic
Treena  photo flag
virgin cock 4 awaiting needles  photo flag
Awesome  topic
Behind the barbell 2  photo flag
Behind the barbell 1  photo flag
Nadelspiel/Needleplay in Germany  topic
Minneapolis area: Push needles through my glans?  topic
extreme ball skewring..  topic

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