Needles and Fish Hooks

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Veterinary needles from a farm supply store were the first needles to pushed my cock. They slice into the skin and I could feel them slowly slicing through the head. It wasn’t heavy pain but I could feel it cutting all the way through. Then I felt a sting on the bottom side of my cock and the needle sliced through the other side. The needle was left in my cock and slowly the tissue around the needle began to burn like the needle was hot. The burning sensation became stronger until I was allowed to pull the needle out. By then the tissue was gripping the needle tightly. I had to pinch the skin around the needle to hold the skin down as I pulled. The shaft of the needle racked along the inside of my cock and the point slashed along the inside as it came out.

The next time sewing needles were used. They feel sharp if your poke a finger but sewing needles have a round point to keep from cutting the threads in cloth. This also means they do not cut the skin of my cock. Instead the skin had to be pulled tight across the point until the needle tore through the skin. My cock and balls were bound tightly so my cock would swell and pull the skin tight. The needle didn’t cut through instead it pressed harder and harder until I felt a “pop” and the needle tore through and penetrated my cock. Where the medical needle sliced through the inside of my cock, the round point of the needle had to keep tearing its way through. It was difficult to get it through and I had to walk naked to the work shop with a needle sticking in my cock. There my cock was held against a piece of wood and a small hammer was used to tap the needle on through like a miniature nail.

Next was fish hooks. A lead weight were tied to several inches of line with a hook on the opposite end. With the hook set on top my cock the weight was dropped. and jerked the hook into my cock. Each time fish hooks have been used a little more weight is added. The last time three lead sinkers were tied to the line and the little barb on the hook almost went all the way in. I think next time four sinkers might be used.
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    Thu, February 3, 2011 - 7:06 AM
    excellent prose. I use needles on my boys a lot and it's amazing how even the total novices are surprised and awed at the feeling and look. I've only used fish hooks on the ball sack, pulling it in multiple directions to stretch thus exposing those lovely rounded balls for straight thru needle play... sewing needles I haven't tried, but will with the use of a thimble to push it thru... Thanks for the story, I'll load up some more pics for all.
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    Fri, March 11, 2011 - 4:52 PM
    This is a short video of a fish hook being pulled into my cock. I gradually hung six 4oz lead sinkers on the hook. The barb goes just into the skin. Unlike needles a fish hook doesn't stay still. The weightsare free to swing and the point of the hook twists and gouges around under the skin.
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    Tue, June 21, 2011 - 3:36 PM
    Have had needles,pins & smallish nails in & thru my cock many times, I have found the same, surgical needles cut thru easily whereas sewing needles really have to be forced thru. When I first had a needle shoved thru my balls I was surprised that the pain level was so much less than I was expecting. Was also surprised when like a jet of clear liquid shot out as the needles were removed.

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