How do you get to dine (or try to dine) at Hells Kitchen ...

topic posted Mon, July 16, 2007 - 9:50 PM by  Adrienne
If this has been discussed before I will apologize in advance.

I live sort of close to Los Angeles and I'd just LOVE to go eat there..... or try to lol.

Does anyone know how to sign up for future episode dinners? I realize it's probably completely too late for this season but I'd like to find out.


I love this show!
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Los Angeles
  • I've been wondering the same thing myself, it's got to be some sort of invitation from the network. Even though I'm up in Seattle, if I was invited I'd find some way to get there.
    • I looked all over the website. Not only did I not see anything the resembled an email address to inquire, the thing was explaination void all together. I'd really love to go. Honestly we arent so terribly far away. I'd love to be in there to watch while it happens. Maybe, if I'm REAAAAAAAAAAAL lucky I would get to actually eat too .... LOL!
      • I actually think that all the diners (with the exception of the armed forces episode) are friends, admirers, and hangers-on of Gordon.
        • Ok I found out the scoop on this. There are basically two ways ....

          #1 You write the show and express an interest in eating there. How you reach the show is a mystery though because I can't seem to find any 'contact us' information other than maybe sending a letter to the Hells Kitchen show C/O Fox studios.

          #2 You are a SAG member and you answer the call for casting. In this case you don't pay for dinner and if you get screen time (putting your 'tit's' on Ramsays hot plate) you get paid for that time.

          I"m going to write Fox Studios and see where that gets me. I'd truly love to eat there - or at least hope I'd get to eat. Maybe I should bring my own dinner in my purse and when it gets too long to wait I can bust out my own meal and eat while waiting for mine ..... Yeah that'd be great tv right there. Can ya just see Jean Phillipe fluff up like an indignant chicken when I pull out a ziplock baggie of hamburger helper? I could ask for a small dish of sour cream as a side so go with what I brought.....


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