Herbs for intuition and awarness.

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Hello! I pratice a bit of shamanisim and I have been working on improving my intuition and awarness, both magical and physical. I wear moonstone to help this process, but I was wondering if there are any herbs I can ingest, burn, or have the essential oils thereof to help my progress.

Thank you!

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    There are so many herbs that enhance different aspects of your awareness and intuition in different ways. Which ones to recommend would depend on whether you want something discreet and perhaps abstract, which does not alter your state of consciousness thru direct chemical releases... or something which is psychotropic and more absolute.

    As for burning of herbs, there is sage, frankincense, dragon's blood, amber and many others. These all have different frequencies which I feel affect different areas. None of these (except sage) should be directly inhaled though.

    Some essential oils definitely unlock intuitive states, especially when you make custom blends that suit you and incorporate them into meditation.

    My favorite blends for opening intuition:
    1. Amber, Francincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Vanilla, Benzoin and Oak Moss. This blend is very 6th & 7th chakra while having grounding earthiness too.

    2. Amber, Rose Absolute, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Benzoin.
    This is a heartwarming mixture.

    3. Amber, Rose-Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Vanilla and Sandalwood is a great heart opening blend.

    Obviously, you can smoke herbs. Other than common ones like ganja and its derivatives... there is Salvia Divinorum which you may have heard of. It is not a light experience at all. It will blow the lid off completely. Maybe a bit more intense than an acid trip, but also lasts only a short while (less than an hour).

    As for ingestion of herbs for intuition, again there are so many. Beta Carbolines (like Ayahuasca) are probably the most effective for gaining obvious results.

    All of that said, other than the herbs that actually take you on a journey, it is all very abstract and there is no real supplement for experimentation.
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      I am big fan of mugwort tea. Mugwort does have a pregancy precaution (Can cause miscarriage if taken internally during pregnancy).
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        I suggest making a tea of Juniper berry and thyme, or grinding said 2 herbs into a powder and burning on charcoal. This is a traditional druidic incense to cause visions. I also agree with Siobhan on the mugwort. It too can be burned as incense.
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      has a bunch of shamanistic herbs
      many of which and entheogenic
      other herbs can include
      copal, cucumber fruit and seed, poppy flower and seed, lavender, rosemary, mastic gum, bay leaf, rose orris, dream herb, salvia divinorum and on and on and on
  • Hi Seb,

    I have used Cannabis as a Sacrament for over 30 years with no other side effect than maybe getting a bit spaced out (and falling asleep) and/or short term memory lapses (well that also seems to happen to others that dont smoke cannabis), it might work for you.

    In Oness,

    • It gives me seizures, and I like to keep my memory.
      • Hi Seb,

        Cannabis causes seizures; Cannabis can treat seizures.

        Cannabis causes panic attacks; Cannabis relieves anxiety.

        Cannabis may precipitate schizophrenia and causes depression; Cannabis improves moods.

        The problem seems to be that an individual's acceptance of one side of these statements over the other is more dependent on belief and perspective than on scientific evidence, of which there is a little.

        Check this link

        Information on Cannabis, Seizures and related issues.

        About Mem loss, i can tell you im happy to forget many things, i just make sure i put my cars keys in the same places always.


        • <<The problem seems to be that an individual's acceptance of one side of these statements over the other is more dependent on belief and perspective than on scientific evidence, of which there is a little. >>

          cannabis was once a close sister to me. now it is the wrong medicine - most of the time ;). for many people this seems to be the case, that there is a time and place in their life when it is appropriate and helpful, and other points when it is not.

          then, there are some who can be with it for most or all of their lives, and some for whom it is never the right plant.

          people are complex. so are plants. cannabis, perhaps, especially so.
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          Our "memories" are an illusion anyway. Often, especialy over the years and given whatever causes and conditions solidified them in our minds, they are often inacurate and unsubstantial beyond their self-serving emotions and feelings they give us. I'm much more concerned with this very moment, right now, right this second. Kind-of a Zen thing I guess. Anyway...

          Cannabis is just one of those things that can be used or abused just like anything else. You can have one tiny, tiny little itsy-bitsy puff and feel quite nice, or you can have more and feel even better, or you can get stoned out of your head to the point where you have short term memory loss for several hours. And who's to say what is right or wrong.

          Bottome line, I think there is this stigma out there that you are either stonned out of your gord, or not. There are so many varying levels inbetween though!

          Good stuff Ozai.

          I will agree though... some folks are actualy alergic to it. And there are so many interesting herbs out there to try, but Pot is definately one of the stronger ones!

  • Mugwort is great for ritual and healing use. You can put it into a pillow for intensifying dreamwork, burn moxa sticks to activate accupuncture points, or add to your favorite smoking blend. Very clarifying.
    • Exelent, I had no idea that mugwort was good for much of anything. lol.
      • I drank a whole tea pot full of mugwort a couple of nights ago. I had a feeling of groundedness and wellbeing, but I didn't have vivid dreams that night..which is what I wanted! I'll try again, and I'll put a satchel of mugwort leaves in my pillow. It most definitely carries a nice vibration.

      • when i used to live in western mass, i knew of a wonderful patch of mugwort i would just go and lie in.

        its the key part of one of my favorite bedtime teas as well - mugwort, with small amounts of white sage and lavendar. sometimes i would add licorice or marshamallow root, or...
        i always like it as a '3' (just the first 3 ingredients) or a '5' (5 ingredients).
  • Yerba Santa tea works well for me. Both grounding and sensitizing.
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      I really like the mental feelings I have when smelling Rosemarry Essential Oil. When it's in an oil form, it seems to bring out it's magical and perfume-y side more, while in it's regular herbal form, it smells more astrengent-like. Same thing with Lavender, in my personal opinion.

      My favorite form of enjoying incense is vaporizing oils with a candle underneith. But this method burns through the oil quite quick and that can get very expensive.

      I also strongly agree with what the other guy said earlier: Experament with one at a time, get to know it, physicaly, mentaly and spiritualy before doing all these silly mixes.

      Again, just my opinion.

      • Basil e.o. is supposed to be great for mental clarity. I often use vetiver and/or ylang-ylang oils to move myself to a more energetic, receptive state. They have a slight sedative effect that seems to calm my intellect and allow my deeper intelligence to emerge. Just a suggestion...

        aslo, I'm new to this group, so hi all. Glad to find others who think like me :)

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