Bartholin Gland or Sebaceous cyst

topic posted Sat, February 24, 2007 - 9:33 PM by  Rocky
Bartholin Gland Cyst or a sebaceous cyst

It is nothing dangerous, it gets out when oily material blocks a sebaceous duct or gland in the skin. Sebaceous cyst are benign and usually ignored unless they become infected or painful. It can disappear spontaneously or remain in place without causing any problems

possible but doubtful - infected Bartholin’s gland or even Bartholin's cyst

What are the Naturopathic or herbal remedies for these???
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    Sun, February 25, 2007 - 10:17 AM
    I'm sure that there are women out there that have experienced these types of issues since they are fairly common...I wonder what natural & herbal remedies would be?

    Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.
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      Sun, February 25, 2007 - 4:48 PM
      Damn! I just wrote a long reply, but looks like it got lost with tribe's "maintenance issues."


      (They may not be dangerous, but they're painful like nothing else in the world!!!!!!)

      The homeopathic remedy Silicea/Silica 30c helps them drain, as do acupuncture. (you don't have to take off your pants for treatment! they just work your liver channel, I think it was...)

      Ice packs will help with the swelling and pain to buy you some time.

      They say warm water with sea salt soaks, and/or kaolin clay poultices help, but I never got a chance to try those before I was disfigured by a very nice man who is an incompetent gynecologist.

      If the above doesn't resolve it, having a doc put in a Word catheter is effective and not too bad, provided it's a ****COMPETENT**** doctor. Print this out, read it carefully, bring it in, and make sure your doc already planned on doing exactly what is described. If not, find someone else who will do it right. Trust me, you don't want it done wrong. :(

      Best of luck. Feel free to ask any specific questions. I've got a colorful six-year ordeal to draw from. Blech.

      (but once it got fixed by a good doc, all is well now- no pain, no weird lumps, good as new- rest assured!)
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    Mon, February 26, 2007 - 12:03 PM
    I just had my first (and hopefully last) sebaceous cyst a couple months ago. I thought about using tea tree oil on it, but due to the sensitive location was too chicken. I'm wondering if colloidal silver would be effective here, too.

    So, no answers from me, just more questions. ; )
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      Sun, April 29, 2007 - 7:59 PM
      Hey there, i've been having a lump on the back of my neck for around 10 years now, once i popepd it and got about a tea spoon of stinky stuff that smelt like romano cheese. the lump was flat and had an indention in the back of my neck. Well over the years it has gotten larger again, no where near as large as it was before, so just tonight, got a needle stuck into it about a half an inch in there, and i didn't feel it, so was poking around, squeezed got some out, then it liek exploded and alto of stinky stuff busted out of there, i also use colloidal silver for certain things, read this site on colloidal silver studies - , after we got a good bit opf stuff out, we took a spray bottle of the silver and sprayed it on the area, took a cotton ball and soaked it with colloidal silver and taped it on the woulnd, an hour later, it still has a warm sensation, that tells you the silver is working.

      I am tired of this cyst on the back of my neck and am researchign to get rid of it without having to pay a huge Dr. bill. Wil post in a few more days to let you all know how the silver is working. Later gang. ;P Im gonna start reading through this forum, i also study on herbs and there uses for sickness disease and etc etc, will post any ideas that will help anyone out as i read em, later on. peace --- Cherokee Nation! ;P
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        Mon, April 30, 2007 - 1:41 PM
        I have personally run into the problem of cysts in the lower region on three occations so far and taken care of them myself. What I used was a hot saltwater soak (a face cloth dipped in it ) making sure the water was not hot enought to burn but as hot as I was able to stand. I held the face cloth to the area (occationally rewetting) for 15 minutes. Then I rubbed some clove oil on the area (pure clove oil is an antiseptic and numbing agent). After about 5 minutes I reapplied the cloth (being sure it was wrung out as much as possible. Your looking for the hear not to wash the clove oil off) for about a minute. Then ising a sewing machine sized needle (streilized) inserted it into a lower edge.
        It's a little painful at first but if it's not solid (some can be) a liquid goo will come out. When I've drained as much as I can, I wash it again and put more clove oil on.
        Keeping the area clean is a big thing. Every time you go to the bathroom and sometimes more often if you can. I did have to squeeze one of them out a few times, but with in a couple of days they were healing fine. The biggest ution I can stress as someone said, the area can bleed easily. Be aware of any cyst near or around a blood vessel, as you want to be sure not to rupture it and cause even more problems.
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    Fri, June 15, 2007 - 5:52 AM
    Having just recovered from my second cyst in 7 years I would like to offer my experience:
    The first time I went to a female doctor who prescribed very powerful antibiotics which did not help at all (and caused years of candida since). The cyst grew until I was eventually bedridden in excrutiating pain for days. Then I took a strong painkiller and a hot bath and alternated that with the pouring of cold water over the cyst to try to get the duct to open up(with heat expansion and cold contraction). When I got out it ruptured and drained instantly.
    This time I knew what I was in for. I read up about it again on the net with only stories about recurrence after medical intervention. So I had 3 hot sitzbaths a day alternating with the cold water and it took 11 days(only the last 2 days required painkillers) for the duct to open and drain spontaneously. The body really does know how to heal itself -one just needs to be patient....get someone to feed you and run the house and book yourself off for about 10 days and let your body cure itself...
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      Re: Bartholin cyst

      Sun, September 9, 2007 - 8:07 PM
      I am working on treating sebaceous cysts (not bartholin cyst) with a naturopathic doctor.

      My doctor prescribed Iodine sski, which is by prescription only. I just picked up my order at Elephant pharmacy and will know soon if it works. It is easy to use and definitely reduces the pain.

      I am also doing poultices mixing together bentonite clay, goldenseal, comfrey, and plantain to form a paste and leaving it on until dry. Again, this was prescribed by my naturopathic doctor but you can buy all this stuff over the counter. Helps to pull out the toxins and encourage lymph flow.

      Also, I was given a recipe for a potato and herb poultice which sounds interesting but time consuming. I did tape a potato slice to the cyst! Same premise as the bentonite clay.

      There are many facets of treatment here: 1. Preventing them from starting, 2. treating a newly erupting cyst, 3. treating a lingering and or infected cyst.

      All require a different approach and piecing together a plan from net research is great but having an ND break it down for you, write a personalized treatment plan for all 3 conditions, and write herbal/pharm Rx-all in one visit. I highly recommend professional help.

      Good luck and will update on the treatment progress!

      My doc is Dr Coleen Murphy;

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