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I BRUSH MY TEETH WITH APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND A LITTLE PINCH OF BAKED SODA...AND RINSE WITH WATER MIXED WITH BAKED SODA...TO BALANCE THE PH. I have a problem with my dental flossing make my gums bleed I have been using the Johnson&Johnson REACH dental flossing brand for many years but I think that maybe the quality of the dental floss tape has decline (you know marketing buy something better and bla bla) BRUSHING MY TEETH WITH THESE INGREDIENTS HAVE BEEN FOR LONG TIME WITH NO PROBLEMS BUT RECENTLY I THINK THAT THE ONLY COMMERCIAL STUFF FOR THE MEDIA I HAD BEEN USING IS THE johnson&johnson reach brand tape.

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  • I'm questioning whether it's the floss or other dental health issue that is causing the bleeding. How often do you floss? Are you gums inflamed at all? Do you regularly have your teeth cleaned by a dentist? Are you taking any herbs or food that causes inflammation, thins the blood, or is allergenic?

    Other causes, folks?
    • I have found that as long as I get my teeth cleaned every 6 months and religiously floss every day my gums don't bleed, but if I stop flossing for any great period of time, they bleed when I floss only takes a few days of regular flossing for the bleeding to stop, but that is my gums and my mouth...there may be some other underlying issue with you!

  • I really think you need to talk with your dentist about what happens when you floss - he or she may have some recommendations for you, and be able to tell if it is a health problem rather than a sensitivity to the floss you are using causing the bleeding. But there are all kinds of other things to use to clean between teeth than Reach Dental Floss - here is a link that shows many of those different ways, one of them might be right for you - .
    • I don't love flossing either but use one of these rubber-tipped tools to massage the gums between teeth, and then I discovered these tiny brushes that go under bridgework - those are great. I'm with the consensus here about the fact that the more you floss, the less you bleed. My favorite toothpaste is Weleda Seasalt based, most refreshing of them all. =)
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      after talking to you dentist, another option you might want to consider as an alternative to dental floss, could be oil pulling.
  • my dentists have always told me that bleeding gums is absolutely normal if you haven't flossed for a while. . .like the others have said, it does stop after a few days. there are lots of more natural flosses on the markets these days & your local health food store ought to carry at least one.
    • I have experienced sore and weakened gums from using baking soda(sodium bicarbonate) in my homemade toothpaste. A simple alternative is using (chalk)calcium carbonate instead. I have noticed a vast improvement in my gum health since making this switch. I remember making a post about my toothpaste maybe 6 months ago.......if you can't find it and want my recipe message me and i will try to be quick about it......but this is the first time i've signed on tribe in a while.

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