something called "Knock-Out Drops"

topic posted Thu, May 29, 2008 - 8:17 PM by  Karen
so.....i was reading a random book on herbal medicine at some random bookstore, and i ran across a recipe for something called Knock Out Drops, which is a tincture made out of several herbs good for treating insomnia/anxiety/tension. Just a couple of drops, and you're good, apparently. i quite like this idea for many reasons, not the least of which is that i have fibromyalgia, and i hate having to take so many pills for relief AND i'm sensitive to alcohol, so just a few drops of a single tincture sounds just fine :)

i lost track of time in this bookstore, and had to leave before i had the chance to write it down.

has anyone here heard of this? perhaps you might share the recipe with me? my internet search proved fruitless. :(
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    Thu, May 29, 2008 - 8:53 PM
    Wow, never heard of that - OH Fibromyalgia is such a cruel condition! :-( Besides having help with herbal/food cleansing/nourishing, I would attempt to eliminate any chemicals from your foods, as well as your medicines, since they are likely gathering in your body - often, these toxins are trapped with no where to go (and if birth control is an issue, visit for helping yourself create a regimen)! In any case, you can try some of these herbs in the meantime for pain: the artemisias like mugwort and wormwood (go easy on that), wild lettuce (my favorite), hops, valerian (again, watch that one), and scullcap. Also, I had a friend who is an herbalist who used Bugleweed for his wife's post-surgery pain, by administering it before and after - they thought she would need morphine, and she did fine without it! I do not know what surgery it was, but I know it was pretty major, something abdominal or reproductive, not like a foot or something.

    This may or may not be related, but I thought I would share this with you, and see if this "hits home" with you. I have come to understand that many cases of Fibromyalgia and even Arthritis are really common with those who are being "called by Spirit" to be shamanic healers. So I guess instead of a "shamanic crisis" (i.e. near-death accident, etc.), some people go through a slower process, termed "shamanic illness" instead. It is also a challenge because one must heal themselves before they are to heal others. Many who get this (women in particular) are approaching or are in their 40's because by then, usually kids have been born and are old enough so that one can in fact embark toward a healing journey. I just learned about this, and though I didn't have Fibromyalgia, I had something sort of related, Fibercitis - as well as an undiagnosed case of Scoliosis (and these came to my attention in my early 40's). These things I am now making much headway with (my kick in the pants was a surgery removing my right ovary and healthy appendix, making my hormones utterly wacky). If any of this "rings true" to you, I would suggest investigating the "shamanism" (for lack of a better word) of any of your ancestral background for best results. Often, they may have already shown up in your life. Be open to this, since I have now been made aware of a few cases of Fibromyalgia as being a shamanic illness, and the only cure if that is the case is to answer the call! Best of luck to you Karen!
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      Fri, May 30, 2008 - 8:27 AM
      Lots to say about this........I will respond later....must go now....peace, Julie
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        Sat, May 31, 2008 - 6:14 AM
        Hello Karen,
        I have not heard of knock-out drops.
        I am also intrigued with what Elven is suggesting.
        What I have heard about fibromialgia is that people with some kind of trauma seem to have it.
        that in countries where there is a great deal of violence and/or war that even children have it.
        So I think the shamanism idea is something to consider.
        I don't like the term "shamanic illness"
        I like the expression "call to shamanism" better.
        But what it actually is referring to is a call to something deeper within yourself.
        That a great deal of pain is a message brought through to the physical realm from the unseen world.
        And to listen to this message is in a sense waking us up to who we are and what we are being called to.
        There are a number of herbs that can help you with sleeplessness and anxiety.
        I hear that you don't like tinctures. You can actually make teas and vinegars to help with this.
        Oatstraw infusion has helped so many people who have fibromialgia. It has helped me so many times through
        stressful times, support the nervous system to bring us back to our center. It also support heart health and nourishes
        connective tissue.
        You can make a nourishing herbal vinegar from plants in your garden like dandelion leaf, lavender, rosemary, sage,
        motherwort, etc by simply chopping up herbs in a jar and pouring apple cider vinegar over them.
        Another thing that has helped me on occassion is a seaweed bath. Quite therpeutic and calming.
        A few herbs in tincture form that I use for calming anxiety and for nervous system help.....
        St. John's Wort
        Dandelion Flower or root
        Sweet Violet
        Hawthorne Flower
        In the wise woman tradition that I practice, I use one herb at a time to develop a relationship with each plant.
        Then I know the plants well and know what will help me.
        One more plant that I would suggest that is anti-immflammatory and is the most nourishing of all plants is Stinging Nettle.
        We just took down all the nettle that was hanging from our ceiling.
        It was so beautiful and my fingers still itch a bit from its vibrant energy.
        Peace and well being to you all,
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    Tue, June 22, 2010 - 5:11 AM
    First Point,,,when reading herbal books you have to watch out for such things like
    recipies for Knock out drops!!!
    In the USA Herbal Knock out drops have been around for decades,in the 1970's they were even sold in mens magazines in the product section along with other sexual improvement products,and they did work very effectively,and became known as the herbal date rape drug that replaced the illegal and more dangerous chloral hydrate and chloroform....<spelling ?

    The main dangers with many of the so called herbal knock out drops is that they use a combination of several seditives like valerian,skullcap,California Poppy,kava kava
    wild dagga,blue lotus,kratom,salvia,and a few others (some of which are now illegal in some states) two or three of these herbs mixed with a nice tea will give you a good nights sleep,but when the EXTRACTS from all of these herbs are combined in a concentrated form like a tincture it is no longer a sedative,it then falls into the class of a general anestetic...Which means when its used the person does go to sleep within about 10-20 minutes but they become unresponsive even to pain and will not wake up until the affects of the drug wear off,usually about 90 minutes depending on the dosage level...

    Another danger is that you have herbs that are a sedative and they make you sleepy but you have other herbs that are actually muscle relaxers,and combining several herbal sedatives and herbal muscle relaxers together in such a tincture can compromise your air way,which means your throat/tounge relaxes so much to point that it cuts off your breathing and since you are unresponsive even to pain you dont know that you are not breathing and you simply DIE IN YOUR SLEEP...5-8 minutes without oxygen and your brain dead...herbal sedatives and herbal muscle relaxers should only be combined in concentate form by a professionally trained herbalist......

    As for the post of using WILD LETTUCE ( Lactuca virosa ) I would also caution on its use as well, Wild lettuce is also know as Bitter lettuce, Laitue vireuse, Opium Lettuce, Poisonous Lettuce, or Rakutu-Karyumu-So......
    And yes it said POISONOUS LETTUCE because it does contain alkaloids which are poison to humans!!!! The effects of ingesting L. virosa are similar to opium, although no opiates are present in the plant. A resin however exists as an extract of the stem secretion of Lactuca virosa, a simple preparation in a manner resembling opium, which is called lactucarium. Effects are felt quickly but do not last long, between half an hour to a couple of hours. They dwindle slowly.

    The plant has been used as an general anesthetic and in small doses as a sleep aid, the plant contains flavonoids, which do have strong anti-oxidant properties. BUT L. virosa has also been found to contain N-methylphenethylamine which has very similair drug properties to Methamphetamine (METH,CRANK ECT). It also contains coumarin and When ingested, coumarin acts as a blood thinner with the same principles as the prescription drug coumadin... Wild lettuce is mostly used in concentrate/tincture form for its psychotropic (specifically hypnotic or hallucagenic) effects...In smaller doses its sedative effects are like that of opium....
    Ingesting the wrong amount of L. virosa or a concentrated tincture thereof can send you on a hallucigenic trip similair to LSD/PCP and all the while you are tripping out the plants alkaloids are being absorbed into your system in increasing levels once a toxic level has been reached your hypnotic trip ends with Cardiac arrest,and because of the plants coumarin (blood thinning) effects the intense physical strain of a full blown heart attack can burst blood vessels in your lungs,,so not only are you dying of a heart attack your lungs are hemmoraging and your choking on your own blood....

    Now all this is a little on the extreme side,but with the wrong dose it can and does happen to people,And in 23 years as an mortician I have personally had about 34 adults and young teens on my prep table that have died from these very same herbal concoctions from either seeking a high or some form of relief from some illness......

    Now I approve of herbal medicines 100% I use them myself,but too many people think that just because something is herbal that it wont harm or kill you in the wrong dose...
    so I would use extreme caution with anything herbal that was labeled as Knock out drops..
    see a professional herbalist thats licensed is the best thing to do..and research everything thats in any nerbal mix you buy....
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      Tue, June 22, 2010 - 7:49 AM
      Greetings. all. Thanks Darius for your input here. I have to say I am simpler and agree that anything that is called "knock out drops" should be suspect. As a simpler I prefer to introduce one herb at a time in small doses to see how that herb interacts with my body. The difference between a medicine and a poison is the dosage. The herbs that are being mentioned here are potent and can easily become poision if taken in large doses and/or if is does not resonate with your body. If you introduce one herb at a time in small doses, you can safetly find the best herb for your situation.

      An example, recently a former student visited me at fair where I was vending my wares. She told me she had trouble sleeping the night before and remembered a hops tincture we had made in class. She remembered that it could help with sleep, she also remembered that is is a very potent herb. So she ingested 3 drops, notice I said drops...a very small amount. And off to sleep she went. She reported that she slept well through the night. Note here, if she needed it she could have always ingested a little more. I was really glad she had taken this message with her. This is the strategy of a simpler.
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      Tue, June 22, 2010 - 6:16 PM
      Let's say, rather, a hypnotic, a sedative or something else. Many of these things won't reduce the sensation of pain.
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        Tue, June 22, 2010 - 7:45 PM
        Yes, I was not insinuating that hops are necessarily a pain reliever. Just using it as an example of how simpling works. I would consider Willow for example to be an herb that actually reduces the sensation of pain. Do you want to mention some others?

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