Color Therapy in Hawaii

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Wherever we are, whatever we do, colors are always part of our lives, even in dreams. Every color has its own spectrum, intensities, and hues which can be measured scientifically. Colors even have their own language, like, “she has the blues,” he “sees red.” In Ayurveda colors have a healing force, and the energies of the colors can be used to influence various disturbances and conditions.

We all remember Isaac Newton and his experiments with color. He discovered that a prism can break white light into the various pretty rainbow colors in a dark room. Raindrops also have the capacity to break light into various rainbow colors. Have you ever noticed the green grass in the morning shining with tiny dew drops or left over raindrops? When the sun hits these droplets in the right way, they turn into millions of tiny little rainbows, which are pleasant to the eye to look at and nice to walk through barefoot.

The history of color therapy has been complex. In Egypt people had rooms which broke the spectrum of the colors into their various wavelength. The patient had to bath in various colors. In India, color therapy was widely practiced to balance the various disturbances of the different constitutions. They used colored gem stones, metals, cloth, flowers, foods and other materials to decorate the environment hoping to harmonize conflicted doshas (metabolic body type).

There are many ways in which colors can be used to restore harmony. During my recent visit to Hawaii, the massage practitioners practiced seeing our hand as a rainbow colored paintbrush when we applied massage strokes. The inside of the hand is considered the sun, and the fingers radiate the rainbow light with their various wavelengths caressing the body into deep relaxation. These kind of expansive thoughts are helpful to bring the practitioner into an especially relaxed and positive state of mind, which I am sure the client benefits from.

I wonder what other kinds of color therapies are used in Hawaii and for ho'oponopono?
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    Aloha mai e Moody,
    Wonderful post!!! Mahalo! I love the idea of using the rainbow hand for massage and healing! Yes!!!

    In Morrnah Simeona's version of Ho'oponopono, part of her teaching includes using a wash of indigo, emerald green, ice blue and white (each color seven times) to transmute negative energy to positive.

    She also specifies protective layers of indigo lined with ice blue and pink to wrap around our "basic self" (or unihipili). I believe indigo is protective, emerald green is healing, ice blue is antiseptic, and white is transformative. I'd better check my notes, however!

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