My tongue is heated

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My tongue is heated

My tongue is heated
and my brain burns purple
by a need for lust
for sweaty ballsacks
and fragrant pucker holes
I want the ripeness
of young and old men
in my gray goatee
but this is not enough
my throat too calls out
for you and my ass
for one for all
bind me blind fold me
fill me with cum
and golden piss
that I may be transfigured.

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    The Darkness of your Shadow calls for Caress

    How shall I speak of your light
    or the molecules of your being
    or the darkness of your shadow
    that calls for caress?
    I am drawn to you figure of hero,
    figure of bear berserker
    hairy were-wolf
    old man wizard
    King on your throne
    I a slave in your dungeon
    servant of pleasure, master for your command.
    I, a changeling
    follower of Pan
    on sheets of white
    among bills of green
    and petals of roses
    let us flower and deflower
    one another
    with bearded manly kisses
    and Marine core gruntings.

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      Now in this Greyness

      Now in this Greyness
      am I bound and gagged
      am i shaved and naked
      collared a slave
      with a ball-gag and a butt-plug
      not in light, not in dark
      hanging waiting
      with expectations
      for the unknown
      no forwards, no backwards
      non- mobile
      ready for urine
      ready for man cum
      flesh burning
      into grey ashes of lust.

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        Is there Deep?
        i submit!
        From my atoms craving
        From my strings
        these attachments of desire
        I project fantasies outward
        like a film onto a screen
        who has popcorn and butter?
        I remember once a lover
        in a theater stuck his cock into the box
        quite the handful.
        Is it too Vanilla to want deeper?
        Is it too Whatever to want something that lasts?
        perhaps this is where ropes, collars, hoods
        give the brief sensation
        of being owned if not cared for
        just another entry in the blog
        for introspection.

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          White Lava I call you! Golden Shower I invoke!
          Can you feel it?
          perhaps it is the rut of spring
          Come like a fissure
          in the earth
          Out from which new things crawl
          White lava I call you!
          Golden Shower I invoke!
          My flesh bound with ropes
          quivers under imaginations lash
          I have unzipped my Silkie fur
          and am naked and wet
          Run your hands over me
          I am no longer young
          but a ruin of a well spent youth
          feel all the nights of pizza
          and bar smoke
          hear the juke box
          or the speakers from the empty dancefloor
          too long in shadows cloak
          they have dwelt.
          Now they crawl forth seeking a bathhouse
          the fever of the steam room
          beckons them to abandon
          their towels.
          So I too abandon my towel.


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