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Who are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are beings who having ascended previously on planet earth, who have cut the pathway for us and who now support us on higher dimensional realms (from the high 4th, 5th, 6th... dimension and from Shamballa, their home which is a grand Light City that you may visit). They are assisting us with the embodiment of our Christed Selves and our Ascension. They are part of the Celestial mission of the Ascension of Planet Earth into a Star and Ascension of Humanity into our Immortal Bodies of Light. Call upon any or all of the Ascended Master's as you feel drawn by your spirit to do so.There is much help available to you from them to assist your awakening, all that is needed is for you to request their assistance.

Because of the cosmic non-interference directive, the honoring of individual sovereignty and free-will, no one on the higher dimensions can assist you without your request. These awesome beings including the Angels are anxiously awaiting your requests for assistance and divine communion.

Ascended Masters, in general and each specific one, are and have an energy that is available to everyone to access and work with. You may feel more aligned to certain Ascended Masters because you work with that specific Ascended Master. They are part of your Soul Group, Councils... Essentially, these beings are your friends. They are not beings to worship, but to bring their energy into your fields and life, and to bring yourself to them on higher levels, including Shamballa. The purpose of bringing yourself to them and inviting them into your life is to be entrained to their Divine Vibration, which is always the gift of communing with any master, incarnate or discarnate, as your energy is increased just by being in their presence and very strong picture of Divine Reality.

You may have already ascended on other planets, if this is the case, then you are an Ascended Master. You may have already ascended on this one, and have returned to assist your brothers and sisters in their awakening process. Regardless, everyone is ascending in this lifetime, and eventually, this entire planet will be filled with Ascended Masters.

The use of their names and surrounding yourself with their images, sparks a remembrance and a knowing of their vibration, the Christ vibration, and accelerates your own vibration to similar levels.

Ascended Masters: "Masters who have served several incarnations in the lower heavens teaching the Cosmic Law of the Universe and who have ascended back into the presence of the Father from whence they receive new assignments to teach a wide variety of worlds because of their greater love." (Reference: “The Keys of Enoch” by James J. Hurtak)

Call upon these Ascended Masters, Bodhisattvas, Whole Light Beings... that you resonate with, for Assistance with everything and anything, and to merge with you:

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, Goddess, Christ, Universal Mother Spirit, I AM, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to beloved Alpha and Omega in the heart of God in our Great Central Sun, the Entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, the Masters of Shamballa, the Mahatma, Lord Melchizedek (Universal Logos), Machiventa Melchizedek, the Grand Master Melchizedek, Sathya Sai Baba, Lord Metatron (Gateway to Source), Vywamus, Sanat Kumara, Venus Kumara, Lord Kuthumi, St. Germain, Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar, Lady Athena, Lord Krishna, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, Lord ZaKaiRan, Lenduce, Quan Yin, Lady Nada, Lao Tzu, Sanaka, Paul the Venetian Master, Saint Germain, Goddess ISIS, Goddess Liberty, Pallas Athena, Lady Portia, Mother Mary, Lady Mary Magdalene, Lord Lanto, Master Rakoczy, Serapis Bey, Master El Morya, Master Djwhal Khul, Master Hilarion, Maha Chohan, ShaVrill, Adama & Rosalea (of Agartha), Quan Yin, Lady Nada, Ishtara, Vista, Lakshmi, Tara, Amaya (the Galactic Mother), Melchior (Galactic Logos), Atlanto, Adonis, Helios and Vesta, Lord and Lady Buddha, Guatama Buddha, IlliaEm - Elohim of Arcturus, Lanello, Lady Helena, Sanaka Kumara, Master Marko, Avatar of Synthesis, Allah Gobi, Lady Portia, the Great Divine Director (Karmic Absorber), the Lord of Sirius, Lord and Lady Arcturus and the Archturians, the Seven Mighty Elohim (Hercules, Apollo, Heros, Purity, Cyclopia, Peace, Arcturus), Lady of the Sun, Lady Liberty, Lady of the Night, Isis, Osiris, Anubis, Horus, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, Rama, Krishna, Rada, Vishnu, Hanuman, Ganesha, Saraswati (Goddess of Fire), the Six Buddhas of Activity, Hyos Ha Kodoish, Paradise Sons, Holy Amethyst, Arcturus and Victoria, Goddess of Mercy, Oromasis and Diana, Omri-Tas - ruler of the violet planet, Shekinah, the Hathors, Madame Blavatasky, Alice Bailey, Ramtha, Mafu, Bartholomew, Lazarus, Alarius, Polaria, Qua Sa Ra, Elihu, Zorga', Krishnamurti, Manly P. Hall, Babaji, Yogananda, Amachi, Baba Muktananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Guru Nanak, Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Avalokitesvara, Patanjali, Appolonius of Tyanna, Sri Sankara, Swami Nityananda, Kabir, Confucius, Lao Tse, Mahavira, Meishu-Sama, Mahatma Gandhi, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Zoroaster, Dalai Lama, Mohammed, Shirdi Sai Baba, Osho Rajneesh, Mata Amritanandamayi, Supreme Master Ching Hai, Adi Da Samraj, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sri Karunamayi, Sri Chinmoy, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Nichinanda


The Platinum Angels, Archangels of the Tree of Life, All the Archangels and Angels of the Light of God, Archangel Michael and Faith, Archangel Jophiel and Christine, Archangel Chamuel and Charity, Archangel Gabriel and Hope, Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, Archangel Uriel and Auroria, Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst, Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, Apollo and Lumina, Heros and Amora, Purity and Astrea, Cyclopia and Virginia, Peace and Aloha, Arcturus and Victoria

Archangels: Adonael, Ariel, Barachiel, Chamuel (Angel of Tolerance), Gabriel (The Bright and Morning Star), Iaoth, Jehediel, Jeremiel, Jophiel (Angel of Enlightenment), Metatron - aka Lord Metatron (Angel of God's Presence), Michael (Angel of Miracles, Angel of Truth), Orifiel, Raguel, Raphael (Angel of Healing), Sabrael, Sandalphon, Sealtiel, Uriel (Angel of Creativity), Zachariel, Zadkiel (Angel of Solace), Zerachiel

Angels: Afriel (Angel of Youth), Ambriel (Angel of Communication), Anael (Angel of Romantic Love), Anahita (Angel of Fertility), Anauel (Angel of Prosperity), Arad (Angel of Science and Religion), Armaita (Angel of Truth), Baglis (Angel of Moderation), Balthiel (Angel of Forgiveness), Barakiel (Angel of Good Fortune), Barbelo (Angel of Goodness), Bath Kol (Angel of Prophecy), Camael (Angel of Joy), Cathetel (Angel of the Garden), Colopatiron (Angel of Liberation), Dina (Angel of Learning), Ecanus (Angel of Writers), Elemiah (Angel of Inward Journeys), Haamiah (Angel of Integrity), Hael (Angel of Kindness), Haniel (Angel of Harmonious Love), Harahel (Angel of Knowledge), Hayyel (Angel of Wild Animals), Iahhel (Angel of Meditation), Israfel (Angel of Song), Liwet (Angel of Inventions), Manakel (Angel of the Oceans), Mihr (Angel of Friendship), Mumiah (Angel of Longevity), Muriel (Angel of Emotions), Nemamiah (Angel of Just Causes), Omniel (Angel of Oneness), Perpetiel (Angel of Success), Raziel (Angel of Mysteries), Rhamiel (Angel of Empathy), Sachael (Angel of Water), Samandiriel ( Angel of Imagination), Shakinah (Angel of Unconditional Love), Shamael (Angel of Gratitude), Sofiel (Angel of Nature), Taharial (Angel of Purification), Trgiaob (Angel of Wild Birds), Valoel (Angel of Peace), Vohamanah (Angel of Optimism), Zuphlas (Angel of Trees)


The Arcturian Light Body teams, the Melchizedek order, Order of Enoch, Order of Adams and Eves, Order of Metatron, Order of the Golden Robe, Order of the New Jeruselem, Sisterhood of the Rose, Office of the Christ, Office of the Divine Mother, all Initiates and Disciples fro the Elohim Council, the Synthesis Ashram and All Seven Ray Ashrams of the Christ, the second ray department of the spiritual hierarchy, the Council of Ein Soph, Multi-Universal Logos


The entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, All Elohim Councils of the Light of God, Vector 3, Cosmic Council of Twelve, Twenty Four Elders that surround the Throne of Grace, all the Monads and Oversouls of the Six Billion Souls incarnated on Earth at this time, the Masters of the Seventh Golden Age, the Sirian Archangelic Light League, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, the Chiron Temple Workers, the Andromedan Galactic Light Council, the Venusian Temple Workers, the Beings of the Central Sun, The Masters of the Great Central Sun, the Sound Masters of the Great Great Central Sun, the Elohim Masters of the Unified Love Matrix, the Love Matrix Beings of the Heart of God/Goddess, Central Sun Emissaries of Mission Activation Council, the Silon Council of Light Language, the Emissaries of the Happiness Ray, the Emissaries of the Joy Ray, the Emissaries of the Fun Ray, the Emissaries of the Creative Ray of God Presence, the God Presence Council of Sirius, the God Presence Council of Arcturus, the God Presence Council of the Great Central Sun, the Mayan Emissary Councils and the Time Keepers of the Mayan Councils of Light and Sound, the Laughter Angels and the Glory Angels of Sound, the Angels of Sound and the Angels of Dance, The Angels of the Jupiter Spheres of Love and Inner Harmonics of Light and Sound, the Angels and Archangels of Sound and Light and Love, the Sound Council of Love, the Sounds of the Spheres and the Cosmic Sound Masters of Silence, the Light Council of the Universal Matrix of Love, the Light Council of the Galactic Federation of the All Beings, the Central Committee for Divine Truth and Wisdom, the Emissaries of the Alliance of All Galaxies, the Diamond Matrix Geometry Beings of Sound and Light, the Lords of Celestial Art, the Ladys of Celestial Art, the Archturian Sound Masters of Love and Light, the Templeworkers of the Multidimensional Universe of Sound and Light, the Love Peace Emissary Council of Earth, Great Karmic Board, the Inner Earth Temple Workers, the Templeworkers of the City of Janua, the Lemurian Light Council, Kamud, the Atlantean Light Council, the Maldekian council of Love, the Manifestation Council, the Silent Watcher of the Cosmos, Eagle Command, Celestial Command, Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, Silver Fleet of Agartha, Mission Control MASH Teams (mobile astral surgical hospital), Interplanetary Confederation of Light and Love, the Extraterrestrial Guardian Alliance, Tribunal Council of the Galactic Command, the Karmic Board, Dr. Lorphan and all the Galactic Federation of Healers, the Ascend Council of 24, the Ascend Foundation, the High Council of Water Beings

Earth Spirits

Mother Gaia, the Dolphin's and Whales, Pan and the Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom, the Devic and Nature Spirits, the Elemental Kingdom, (elemental life-fire, air, water, earth and ether). Fairy Queens: Queen Diganda, Queen Titania

Water Spirits

Spirit of the Ganges (Mother Ganga), Spirit of the Nile, Spirit of the Amazon, Spirit of the Mississippi, Spirit of the Colorado, Spirit of the Ohio, Spirit of the Rio Grande, Spirit of the Great Lakes, Spirit of Great Salt Lake… Spirit of the Nymboida, Spirit of the Snowy River, Spirit of the Murray River, Spirit of Lake Eyre… Spirit of the Aral Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea… Lake Victoria… Spirit of the Atlantic, Spirit of the Pacific Ocean, Oceania (Spirit of South Pacific Ocean)

Indigenous Nations

The Native Americans and Elders, the Aboriginals and Elders of Australia, Native Africans and the African Elders, Native Asians, Native Japanese, South Pacific Natives, Maori, Innuit, Sami, the Ancient Mayan Elders

Mountains, Subterranean Cities…

The Mountain of Wollumbin and the City of Light within, Uluru and Katajuta and the Cities of Love Within, Mt. Shasta and the Subterranean City of Telos within, and the complete Agartha Network of subterranean cities within Earth


There are several great mother ships easily the size of planet Earth. Some of these great ships are the New Jerusalem, the Phoenix, the Ashtar Command Fleet, Tetros (which is also known by many other names), the Blue Nova, and many others

More Angel Stuff:

Atrugiel is a “Piercing” Angel and has a sword of light to cut through negativity and ignorance. He works under Archangel Michael. Michael works with his blue sword of light. Michael can release your negative attachments and transmute them into love. He has a sword of light to pierce negativity and ignorance. Call on the Destroyer Angels to spin energies out of your fields i.e. Shame, guilt, suffering etc. Many Angels names end with el - in Sumerian el is translated to 'shining' or brightness' - shining one. I will define el to mean Light-Love. Call upon the Messenger Angels for manifestation; to send out a message; to find something or for sending out a clarion call to meet like minded family members

Definitions: all of these definitions are really basically the same thing. (Avatars are fully realized beings, or beings becoming fully realized - like us. We are the White Flame Avatars, the way showers of the New Divine Realiy of Christ-Unity Consciousness, we are the royalty (as Bryan de Flores calls us, because we have unconditionally come to planeet earth to offer our magnificence and mastery to ascendd this planet and all of humanity). Ascended Masters are beings who have incarnated on this planet who have become so fully realized that they left this dimension and ascended to the higher dimensions. Shamballa, on the 6th dimension, of our planet, is the grand and awesome residence of these ascended masters. Rishi - is a sanscrit word having a similar meaning to Saint. These beings did not necessarily ascend, but have become fully realized, or were acknowledged for their greatness after leaving. They have generally reincarnated over and over again, to teach us the way the truth and the light. Boddhisatvas are similar, except that these beings have generally taken a vow to keep returning over and over again till everyone comes home. Boddhisattvas will never give up. Prophets generally connotes one who represents a certain high being or teaching, but I would say that any true prophet is one who teaches the truth, regardless of their race, spiritual origin or bias. Angels are generally beings who have never incarnated into physical bodies, nor have descended into the lower dimensions. This enables them to operate from a very compassionate and completely unconditionaly level. They are our bridge from these lower dimensions to the higher dimensions. Some times angels do incarnate. You might be an angel. For more info about Angels, see my articles on this subject on my website.

Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angels

Invoke and request assistance from your Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angels to help you with specific tasks. For instance I have 3 guides that assist me with publishing. Everyone has guides for the many things that you do or need to do, and for your general well being, awakening and spiritual growth. By asking for their assistance, you are inviting them to descend and be available to you. You have opened yourself to their energies, they can now be available for you to get to know.

(For additional info about Angels, see my article “Angels and the Universe Aids” on my website, and “Angels” by Dolphyn. Angel list taken from this book. Reference for Atrugiel from Lois Noonan).

This page is taken from a section of my book "The Ascension Master's Toolkit" by ZaKaiRan
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