Black guys are Hot

public - created 07/18/05
this is a Man2man Tribe for those of us who love black men .
a place where white guys and black guys can come to together

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undies, cum, voyeur  topic
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Question for Black Men  topic
Seeking Black Master  photo flag
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fuck, I love sexing with black guys  topic
What the fuck do you mean saying no to me ... a...  photo flag
My mouth is watering & I think I'm about to swo...  photo flag
I just love dark chocolate ... it just melts in...  photo flag
Get down on it now you fucking faggot bitch pun...  photo flag
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A cheater on chat - real story  topic
Real story: Text and Video chat with Black Pumper  topic
WHITE BOTTOM lokking for a TOP  topic
Hi from boston  topic
What's the trick?  topic
NEW TRIBE!  topic
white bottom man in sc seeks group of black to...  topic
White guy in control  topic
no more dullsville for me  topic
white masochistic bottom in CT looking to serve...  topic

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