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Dressed in his pink satin panties under his unassuming khaki pants, Eli headed out to the adult bookstore to get his fix. He needed to have his mouth fucked hard, he needed to eat thick loads of hot cum from nameless, faceless, anonymous Black men. The light flickered through the glory hole to indicate movement in the booth next to Eli. The black man in the booth next to him had his pants off and was jacking his impressive, massive tool: waiting for a hot, wet hole to stick it in. Eli put his eye first to the hole first, then his tongue. The black man didn’t bother putting his cock through the glory hole, rather he reached back and unlocked the door and pushed it open a few inches. Within seconds, Eli was kneeling at his feet ready for whatever he gave him. Eli was just your average white boi hungry for some black cum and he didn’t care who gave it to him.

Leaning back and spreading his legs, the black man made Eli work his tongue up his dirty, funky asshole first. He licked it like he wanted to get every scent, every flavor that gorgeous ebony ass held. Eli could tell the guy was really enjoying his tongue by the way he was moaning, grabbing his head, pushing it deeper and deeper between those thick ass cheeks, trying to feel that tongue deep in his colon. Eli could also tell that the beautiful cock just inches from his face was as hard as a rock. Grabbing Eli by the hair, he pushed his wet mouth down on his dick. “Damn, white boys always amaze me at how they can take all 10 rock hard inches of my cock so deep in their throats. Yeah bitchboi, suck my midnight black fuck stick. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you feel it up that fag pussy of yours.” Eli moaned in pleasure and sucked him that much harder; his eyes were pleading to be used like a sissy, cocksucking whore.

There was no question about it, Eli got his hot mouthpussy fucked hard. The studly, top, Black dude wanted to see him choke on it so he grabbed his head and made Eli fear for his life. He sucked and swallowed all that dark man meat like a pro. Eli closed his eyes and did the best possible job licking, sucking, and stroking that black cock like he was a $3.00 whore. “Oh yeah, white boy, suck this fucking big, black dick. Eat it. Choke on it bitch. Swallow that fucking cock and take my nut. Oh yeah you little white cunt, I’m gonna spew my baby juice all the way down your throat, fill your stomach with my creamy sperm. Want it? Do you want this fucking load of sweet cream I got for you?”

Eli couldn’t answer. His mouth was full, spit was dripping from the corners of his mouth and, a gigantic dick was shoved down his throat, blocking his airway. He thought he was going to pass out. It didn’t matter; he kept sucking like his life depended on it. In that moment, he was experiencing the realization of his dreams, all his fantasies. In that moment, he was a white sissy, cocksucking faggot devouring the man flesh of an incredibly sexy Black man. His role in life, his mission, was to serve, to suck, to be used relentlessly. Just as the man yelled out, unafraid to let anyone hear, “Ahhhh, take my fucking cum you white cunt,” Eli’s tiny cock erupted and soiled his pretty, satin pink panties. The night was young and Eli was looking forward to many more loads of hot cum deposited in him before the night was over.

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    My master i like to suck black cock i am a white sissy boy craving to suck black cock i even suck the black paper boys cock he is 13 and a bigger cock than me and taller he is 6'5"
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    Re: Cocksucking Cum Whore

    Fri, January 21, 2011 - 5:13 PM
    There is nothing better than sucking black cock i suck the paper boys cock he is black and i love him

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