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Especially those that began as children and continued in adulthood especially through marriages to other people. Also, any brother/sister who have managed to live as married couples.
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  • My brother and I still have sex when ever we can. My hubby doesn't mind at all. He even lived with us for a few years. Now he is married, but he comes over once a week. We agreed that we would never stop having fun, no matter who is in our lives.
    • How old were the two of you when you started?
      • I was about 7 and he was 9. We played around for a couple years but when he started going thru puberty he wanted a lot more. We finally had sex when I was 11. I loved it! and we have been crazy for each other all these years.
        • "Crazy for each other" pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? My ex started with her half-brother when she was in her teens and he was in his late twenties. She's now in her early fifties, he in his sixties, and when they have the opportunity to get together - they live some distance from each other - it's appears to be a sex fest just like when they were young. After her last visit - she stayed for a full week - she wouldn't tell me the details other than he wanted head and she refused; she is strictly a cock in cunt girl - but when I suggested that went at it three or four times a day, she didn't deny it. One thing for certain; her cunt was still bright pink and swollen a week later. And still constantly producing her juices.
    • # By any chance you are still out there? My sister Debra & I would like to hear from you and go into detail about your relationship. We are
      # brother/sister,into incest,smoothie nudists,over age 21,single.
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    My brother started touching me when i was about 5-6 yrs old and he was 7-8 yrs old, it went on for years, i always knew it was wrong but i always loved it. we never fucked as children but did finally fuck for the 1st and so far only time about 5 yrs ago. he did fuck our sister while they were kids. and when he stopped while in high school and finally had a gf my sister and i messed around a few times. i'm a huge incest lover. i really wish i were a little girl and had a daddy to fuck me like a daddy should.
    • that is sooo hot! wish I could have a fam like that. would love to meet a woman who was into it that would raise our family that way
      • i had a good buddy in college..he was a horny fucking hound dog perv. he had a very yng sis that he fucked all the time...when i went to his house for spring break, that was the first thing he did...he fucked his lil sis like a dude that had not fucked in 10 years...brutal fuck session. but they both loved it...and i watched too..of course i had to try out his lil sis too...she had a sweet cunt.
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      Really would love to be a Daddy to you.
      So sorry we live so far apart.
      I'm okay with a 'daughter' whose either married or single.
      I'll still want to cuddle, make love and fuck your sweet pussy.

      East Bay SF California
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    My brother and I became brother and sister sex partners out of desperation and necessity.I am a fat girl and I have never had a steady boyfriend.Boys just do not find me all that attractive.My brother is only fourteen months younger than me, and s a good looking guy,but he is very shy around girls.My brother is so shy that he is scared to even say hello to a girl,let alone ask her out on a date.

    Since we both have issues meeting people of the opposite sex,we sort of drifted into consensual incest.We started going around the house nude when our parents weren't home,masturbating together,and after awhile we started masturbating each other.This eventually led to us having intercourse.Our rational at the time was simply become friends with benefits that just happen to be brother and sister.

    The first few times we did it we both felt very ashamed and guilty."This is incest and it's wrong".But our sexual urges were much stronger than the feelings of shame and guilt and we continued to have sex whenever our parents were out of the house.

    Thanks to a now defunct consensual incest message board,we read stories about other incestuous people my brother and I began to loose to those awful feelings.We chatted online with other brother/sister sex partners and found we weren't alone.We are no longer ashamed of our relationship.

    My brother and I have been sex partners now for almost two years.I am on the pill so me getting pregnant is not an issue.We have grown closer to each other than we ever could of imagined.

    Although neither of us have given up on seeking Mr. Right me me or Miss Right for my brother.However, any future boyfriend or girlfriend will have to be tolerant and understand that my brother and I have no intention of giving up our wonderful relationship.We are not saying that incest is for everybody,but for us it have been very rewarding.
  • my mom sended me n my sister 2bath when she was 7 n me8 n we would scub each others back n at 11 n 12 i haded2 use the bathroom n she haded2 use it bad2 so she ended up sayin bet i can piss standin i yea rite we was naked mom was not home we was close2eachother n we pissed n my dick was getin hard she was lookin we was watchin each other piss n she said that my dick was growin she touched i said no its wrong she said cum on its wierd n i said how u like if i grab ur butt go ahead so i grabed at 13n14 my friend n me my sister n her girl friend wanted2try new things we all kissed n fucked each other in the ass only n my 1st time fuckin my sis in the ass n french kissin n her girl friend was pretty gd like fuckin n kissin her2 sis friend she kissed my sis n they asked2c me n my friend kiss my1st kissin male n at 17 n 18 me n my sis lived alone 1 time i was layin on the sofa watchin tv she sat on my face n said how u like that i dnt know u have2 try naked n c she laughed n 1time she let me c her takin a bath she has nice big tits n nipples am now 40 n she is 39 i think she stills want2 fuck again
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    when my youngest sister was 11and I was 14 I was heading for the bathroom and she was naked in he room. I saw and was looking at her when she said to come in. I did and we closed the door. and i got naked. I had played 'doctor' with her before, but this time there was more touching and i stuck my finger in her she wriggled and i kept it up.. then i asked her to suck my dick and she did, making me hard. then she asked me to lick her pussy. I did and she was loving it. I asked if she wanted to fuck...she said uh huh and so we slipped to the bathroom and I sat on the stool and she straddled me and put her pussy on my dick... when it touched her hymen, she started to get off e, but I stood up and her weight forced her down and my dick went all the way in her to the base and she was no longer a virgin. she let me continue fucking her til we both came. after that we sneaked away and fucked when we were alone together. She eventually married but now she is divorced and moved out of town, but I still fuck her when she's in my town.
  • My brother and I became sex partners out of necessity. I am a fat girl and most boys don't find me all that attractive.

    My brother (19 months younger than me) is a good looking guy, but is very shy around girls. He is so shy he has difficulty saying hello to a girl, let alone asking her out on a date.

    Because we both have difficulty meeting others of the opposite gender my brother and I became brother and sister sex partners..

    Yea we knows it is incest. But so what. We are happy in our relationship and see nothing wrong with it, and we enjoy some great sex.

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