my story as a sexually curious kid

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As long as I could remeber I have always been kinda kinky horny kid. Even when I was veryyoung. My first actual sexual experience was when I was 5. I stayed with mh uncle and aunt during the week. My cousin was 12 or 13 and I remeber he always meanbut I kinda likde him. And my uncle was always really nice. He would drink a lot and always like to hold me when he was drunk. I was always younger looking than I am. I still am like that. So ne ways one night everyone was going to sleep and my cus was taking a shower. I accidentally walked in on him naked and he kicked me out. It was the first time I saw another dick and I liked it. I stayed up and went back to his room later. He was sleeping in his underwear and I would always walk around in my tightys all day. I go on his bed and started trying to pull his underwear down. I did and saw his dick so soft. I started touching it and I saw it got harder. When I noticed that he woke up but I didn't notice so I kept toucing him. Then he said suck it. I got scared but he got my head amd pulled it ckoser. He told me to just lik it so.I did. He got really turned on so he pulled me up to him and started kissing me. He rolled me over and gt on top of me. He then took off my undew
rwear. He started putting two fingers up my little tight ass but I didn't think I hurt. He said it would feel like that so he was going to fuck me. I got on my knees and he climbed on me doggie style. Heput it in slowly but I felt a very intense pain. I made a loud noice so he put his hand on my mouth. He said not to screanm. Then he started fucking my hard while I screamed into his hand
After like 30 secs. I was crying begging him to stop but he kept goimg for lile 10 mins. He had just started cumming as a preteen. He finished and let me go. I was laying on the bed tearing from the pain. The he started kissing me and made me clean his dick with mu tounge. I did it and kinda liked the pain for some reason. We kept doing it for abiut a year until his dad caught us once. Then my cuz never talkes again :( .but my uncle then started playing with me and sharing me with his driking buddies on occasion. When I was around 9 it was the last time I ever played with him. I stopped staying at they're house. But at 11 I suduced my 6 yo cuz at a family party and messed with him. He loved it too. For a long time I didn't have anyone to play with so I got I.into the internet like porn and chats. I would and show pics at 12 then I started using things in my house as sex toys and give shows. I also got into k9 and started messing with my dog. @ 15 I had ny first annonomous sex. I was home alone playing with myself when a handy
Man. Then at 16 I sucked off a guy at a bus station. Then lastly when I turned 18 I started goinv to adult theaters to find men when I'm in the mood. I've messed with like 4 guys there.a lot of the guys there are scared cause I look underage but I mean I inside already duh. But yea I guyss I've always been bout you
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    ive always been kinky i started having sex with my cousin at the age of four or five and i loved every minute of it then when i was 12-13 i startedmessingaround with my younger cousins they loved it andwe did it for like three or four years every weekend
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    My story as a sexually curious kid
    My curiosity started when i was about 10. you see my whole family is really really close and whenever i would sleep over my nans he would come down to spend time with me for bonding reasons nothing funny he would take me to the beach and park and buy me icecream and stuff like that he is like a father figure. anyway we were out on a walk close to my nans theres this massive forest we must have been half way through our walk and my uncle said "hold on a sec i need a pee" so we walked over to some bushes and he had a pee i dont know what came over me but i couldnt help but look i sore his 5 1/2 inch cut cock i guess i kind of liked it but it didnt really bother me and we finished our walk.
    because my nans house was kinda old it was cold so whenever i would stay over my uncle would cuddle me in and he would do this thing we would call rocking he would hug me and he would just roll back and for. but this one night after our walk i was thinking about his cock he would only wear pants to bed i remember feeling his rock hard nipples on my back and his flacid penis slightly pocking me in my ass through my PJ's.
    obviously i couldnt get to sleep and when my uncle sleeps he lightly snores so when he started to snore i thought i would just feel his cock so i gently slid my hand down to my ass and over to his flacid cock making sure not to wake him up i started by poking it once or twice and then i stroked it and held it then he stopped snoring so i quickly moved my hand and pretended i was sleeping nothing else happend that night.
    the next night i did the same thing but i noticed it was moving every now and again and then i stopped. also when he would rock he would smooth my back and my side and my legs again nothing funny. but this night he woke up and he began to rock i pretended to sleep and i noticed when he was smothing me he put his hand under my top and started to feel my chest he rubbed my nippels and then he began to smooth my waist line then he pulled the eleastic back and let it go i think he was checking to see if i was in a deep sleep then he put his hand down my pants and rested his hand on my bum he gently smoothed it and felt my ass crack. then he put his arm around my waist and lifted my back towards him him pulled my tight onto his flacid cock wich was pulsing on my ass he pulled the pack of my pants down and rubbed his cock on my ass. i dont know how he didnt know i was awake as i was breathing really really deeply. he then pulled my pants all the way down at took them off of me he began to play with my small cock streching it and rubbing it he pulled my foreskin back and grabbed my balls he then put his hand between my legs and rubbed me. i think he might of gotton scared as he turned around and whent to sleep.
    the next day i thought i would be over loving to see if he would go any further in the night so when he was laying down on the couch i got ontop of him and layed on his chest i gently moved my hips trying to arouse him hoping he would get really horny for me i got him hard and i felt his cock between my legs but thenhe went to the toilet.

    that night he didnt do anything i couldnt hear him snoring either i waited about half an hour aswell and normally hes flat out sleeping after an hour snoring but i got impationt so i put my hand down his pants and began to play with him like he did to me he got hard and i heard him breathing diferantly so i stopped my heart was beating like mad and so i just laid there he must have thought i was sleeping he grabbed my hand and rested it on his cock i got reallly hard he then pulled my pants down and rubbed his cock on my ass he began to push it in my ass and i screamed a little he quickly turned around i thought that he knows im awake i know he tried to fuck me so what the hell i turned around and began to hug him i put my tiny hand on his npple and rubbed it i slipped my hand down to his still hard cock and grabbed it my uncle turned around knowing i am awake and turned a side light on he asked me if i liked what i was doing i said ye and wrapped my legs around him he laid on his back and put my on top of him i laid on him and he held both my ass cheeks in his hands and kissed me on the lips i didnt know how ti kiss so i just let him kiss me he started to push my ass up and down on his cock making himself even harder.
    he asked me to get up so i did he said will you do something for me will you put my willy in your mouth i moved down and i put my mouth over his cock he began to move up and down making me gag.
    he then began to fuck me making me scream we kept doing this for years and years eventually when i hit puberty he asked me if i could fuck him he is the best uncle anyone could ever ask for.

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