Jacking Off in Your Daughter's Panties

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I love to JO in my daughter's dirty panties and on her photos. Any other kinky dad's do this? I started as a teen jacking off in my sister's panites. I even used to eat her boyfirend's cum out of her panties after she put them in the hamper after a date
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    Re: Jacking Off in Your Daughter's Panties

    Tue, May 1, 2012 - 1:23 PM
    i too have taken my daughters panties from the wash basket and have pushed the crotch area into my face smelling her lovely cunt smell and i also lick her cunt and arsehole area on her panties.. i rub her panties over my inflamed throbbing cock and spurt my cum into them....i also love to blow my cum onto pics of her and sometimes get to masturbate while she is in the shower... i have a secret little peep hole and love watching her wash herself especially between her legs and over her budding titties....

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