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topic posted Thu, August 17, 2006 - 6:05 PM by  Vanessa
Hi there,

I'm in the San Francisco area and I'm increasingly interested in learning to coach people through heavy metal detox, as well as cleansing programs (liver/colon/parasite) - does anyone have any leads on good training programs or information? (I owuld prefer some formal training, though, to make sure that I'm getting it right). Thanks!
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    Thu, August 17, 2006 - 6:20 PM
    I have personally gone through the 28 day metabolic detoxification program using the metagenic's Ultra Clear formula. ( I feel like it worked very well. I plan on spending some time looking into Stanley Burroughs "master cleanser" as a more economically feasible cleanse. I am also preparing myself to go through metagenics GI restoration / dysbosis program. Its nice to hear about your increasing interest in these processes, hopefully our increasing interest is contagious.
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    Fri, August 18, 2006 - 12:34 PM
    parasites - - i've been studying and am doing a cleanse.
    i did 15 days of paragone and am now doing humaworm which will be 30 days.

    with humaworm they are *very concerned with freshness* - they will not sell to stores so that the herbs do not sit in bottles, they are fresh, and you are encouraged to only order when you are going to use them right away.

    his family has been mixing herbs to get rid of parasites for like generations (started with his grandmother). they publish their formula right on the web site. site has alot of good info:

    his forum on - he just started on curezone so there aren't tons of posts yet but he's super helpful.

    liver cleansing -- ive heard great things about these products for preparing the liver for cleansing - have not used them myself yet

    and there is tons of info on curezone on liver and colon cleansing --
    whats great is there are lots of opinions, and lots of people posting their experiences, whether things worked or not.

    i would caution against thinking that 'formal' training is going to really be of much help. the problem is that people learn something, they develop a 'system' and then they teach that its the only way. you'll learn alot more reading and interacting with people who are actually doing it so you can learn all the possibilities. like for the liver cleanse -- it works for a lot of people but not everyone.

    at this point my opinion is -- how you prepare the body for the cleanse is at least, if not more important - then the actual cleanse itself.
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      Re: Training in Detox/Cleansing

      Fri, August 18, 2006 - 2:26 PM
      my real question with cleansing especially for worms and such is how do you know if you have anything in the first place? some people seem to think we all have lots of harmful parasites in our guts and we need cleanse them out, but how do we know we are not just experimenting with our bodies for no reason?
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        Fri, August 18, 2006 - 2:55 PM
        I've done cleansing on my own, too - my question was, does anyone know how I can get some training to become qualified to charge people for a living and counsel them in cleansing?
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          Re: Training in Detox/Cleansing

          Fri, August 18, 2006 - 4:29 PM
          that is a good question and i apologize for the thread digression. hopefully you will get your answer and we can also discuss cleansing here without to much distraction.
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        Fri, August 18, 2006 - 3:04 PM
        yeah...and how do we really know if they are harmful (if they are even present)? How do with know if these "parasites" are not just symbiotic organisms...? I would love to see / hear about the increase and improvement of diagnostic techniques in this field.
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          Fri, August 18, 2006 - 4:58 PM
          "How do with know if these "parasites" are not just symbiotic organisms...? "

          uh -- you just have to do the research. if you look at that first link i posted you'll get the background in a few minutes of reading.

          i can only talk from my personal experience -- doing this parasite cleanse has been amazing, and i can feel the difference. besides the physical improvements, there was one day where i felt 'something' leave me and i was much better. it sounds weird but i've read other people say the same thing. and just like fasting can induce spiritual changes - i think there are some spiritual implications to this if you look at your body as a temple. when i read that the parasites can actually cause cravings for things like sugar -- something in me just clicked and said 'yes' -- that is what is happening to me.

          some people get really freaked out and paranoid which is not necessary. parasites have been around and will be around. and there is a long tradition of getting rid of them. doctors used to prescribe parasite cleanses. and you dont have to go off one website - do a search on tribe for parasites -- there are some personal stories. go to -- there are at least hundreds of personal stories, there are many many photos, etc etc.

          the biggest problem is the parasites also contribute to other diseases. the information is out there.
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            Sat, August 19, 2006 - 1:57 AM
            my main issue with the parasite thang is that i haven't found many scientific studies in regards to so many people having parasites and then proving that they are actually a problem. Or any studies that confirm that using things like wormwood is safe.

            Here is a clipping from an interview taken from ( ) with Dr. Weil that caught my attention in regards to parasites....

            MH: What about parasites?

            AW: I have to tell you there are a lot of people walking around thinking they have parasites when they don't, and there are some holistic physicians who are diagnosing parasites on the basis of very shaky evidence.

            MH: I've heard there are thousands of parasites, but most hospitals test for only a fraction of them, say twelve or so.

            AW: Right. There's a lab called Great Smoky Lab where everybody sends samples to be tested and sometimes they tell people they have are organisms that regular medicine does not consider to be disease-causing. Again this is an area that can be very confusing. What does it really mean for you to have these organisms. That may not be causing any harm to your system, whereas the ones that are known to commonly cause disease are tested by your local hospital. Unless someone has been out of the country in areas where parasites are common, parasites are not the likeliest explanation of illness.

            MH: Did you get parasites when you went to the Amazon?

            AW: Once. I got giardia and it was very distinctive. I got rid of it by taking a drug for five days.

            MH: We have seen a long list of symptoms that are attributable to parasites.

            AW: Yes, I'm very, very suspicious of that. I think it's part of our obsession with foreign things getting into our system.

            MH : What about the colon cleansers that are so popular now. What do you think of them?

            AW: I think the best way to keep your bowels clean is by eating lots of fiber and drinking plenty of water and exercising. There's nothing wrong with colonics, but most people don't really need them.
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              Sat, August 19, 2006 - 1:13 PM
              Ok Chris - I guess I have to be more blunt for you.
              People, including me, have seen them in their poop while they are doing a cleanse.
              Is that evidence enough for ya or do i need to send you some in the mail?

              Do the research man. Go to and look yourself. There are a few forums where the people are selling things, but there are hundreds of posts from people who have done the cleanse and they are not connected with any commercial organization. so why would all these people be posting if it was some big hoax? maybe you can claim placebo but i can tell you -- its not a placebo that comes out of you.

              Different people have it to different degrees, and many of the parasites are microscopic. but some of them get bigger and can be years old - and there are many instances of this -- again this is all on curezone and even on tribe if you took a minute away from reading dr weill -- where people describe what they see - and its not pretty.
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                Re: Training in Detox/Cleansing

                Sun, August 20, 2006 - 1:11 PM
                yes buck i'm not stupid just skeptical. what i wonder is if these thing that come out of you are doing harm to your system or is they might be symbiotic like many living creatures we host. I'd just like to see some evidence of some scientific studies rather then just stories from people pooping out worms. On the other hand I will admit that if an worm in my system is bigger then about an inch and wider then my pinky I would probably assume it isn't supposed to be there.

                I read plenty of thing besides Dr Weil but i do find his research and stances on things is very reasonable so I often check back with what he has to say on any subject.

                Buck, do not start coping an attitude in this tribe, it will not be tolerated as it is in places like the herbal medicine tribe. if you want to talk down to people you can do it elsewhere. This is your only warning on the subject, play nice or go home.
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        Fri, August 18, 2006 - 5:21 PM
        Here is where to find out if you have parasites and what kind.

        You will need a doctor of some type to be able to do the tests and some of them are very expensive.

        This is the site of the leading parasitologist in the US, he does tests too and they are much cheaper. There is also a lot of really good info on his site.
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          Re: Training in Detox/Cleansing

          Sun, August 20, 2006 - 1:18 PM
          thanks for the links, i might go ahead and send off a sample to that second group since it's affordable. i once thought i might have parasites and started doing a wormwood/clove/black walnut mix but i didn't keep it up for long enough since i was questioning if i really needed it. if i knew i had something in me, something that might be harming me, i might do it again assuming the treatment doesn't affect the intestinal flora and such).

          Once again, sorry to hijack or detour this trhead, next time I'll start a new one.
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            Mon, August 21, 2006 - 11:41 AM
            sorry i wasnt trying to be harsh. if you are interested take a look at the links i posted. i dont have any other sources at this time.

            personally i have not had any ill effects from either paragone or humaworm, i actually feel much better then i have in years - but some people do have intense reactions. i had been doing a cleansing diet for a couple weeks before hand and i think that made a huge difference. depending on the herbal formula, people could be releasing toxins, etc at the same time which could definitely overload their system. so preparation is really important.

            the other thing people have to be aware of is there is a first dieoff -- the eggs hatch - and then you have to get rid of those. so thats why most programs are 30 days long.
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              Re: Training in Detox/Cleansing

              Mon, August 21, 2006 - 12:10 PM
              Buck, no prob, it just seemed a little harsh so maybe be extra polite around me since i tend to be a sensitive little flower :)

              the problem i had last time in trying to cleanse for parasites was that it seemed like i didn't have enough times in the day when my stomach was truly empty so i could take the medicine. i eat frequently so it's tough to fit things in. although it looks like products like humaworm are easier to deal with.

              part of me figures maybe i'll just treat myself like a test subject and do the stuff rather then pay the money for the fecal test first and then maybe do the cleanse. being that i suffer from some anxiety i'm always looking for culprits and miracle cures so i'm an easy sell sometimes. so long as this stuff won't hurt my system maybe i'll give it a go. I have to admit that i would be kind of excited to crap out some worms, i'm sure it would feel very relieving.
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                Mon, August 21, 2006 - 6:00 PM
                the problem with the fecal test is that it can only test for a very small percentage of what is out there so imho its not really worth it

                i had alot of the signs, so for me it was immediately obvious that i should do it.

                i did 15 days of paragone first - which is 3 times a day and a little rougher on your system - its both a tincture and pills - i think the tincture was great but the pills seemed old. with humaworm you only have to take it twice a day -- so if you take it when you get up, and 30 minutes before dinner you should be fine. humaworm is half the cost for 30 days - i also respect the fact that its a family business and they dont sell to stores to keep the cost down and the freshness up. i also like that they basically give you the recipie for how its made on the site. for the amount of herbs they pack in them, it seems like a good price.

                the humaworm guy says in general that you can eat anything you want. i think he says that because his family were dealing with ranch and country people for years before they started selling it to the general public -- and ranchers weren't about to change their diet (i think doing a cleansing diet before and while you are doing it just makes sense if you can). but the flip side of that is that the country people are used to giving their animals deworm/parasite medicine on a regular basis -- so its not such a shock to them to think that they might need it as well!
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    Fri, August 18, 2006 - 7:47 PM
    As a naturopathic doctor, I tend to think there is a big difference between heavy metal detox, parasite cleanse, and general cleansing programs. I am just beginning to learn how to detox heavy metals safely, and there is a lot to know; some of the chelating agents are particularly hard on the kidney, for example, so kidney function should be tested before hand. That part is more complicated. Also, CDSA (comprehensive digestive/stool analysis) + blood testing for parasites or the labs to determine heavy metals are also a bit more complicated and often require some type of medical degree to have access to those labs.

    So I'm simplifying my response to : How to learn about liver and colon cleansing programs? Unless you're interested in a four year specialized medical experience to become a naturopathic doctor, I would start reading. One very informative book "the seven day detox miracle" teaches about the physiology/biochemistry of a liver cleanse in a way that health practitioners and lay people can understand. I also like the first 4 chapters of Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Murray and Pizzorno. One of them is about detox...Also, the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine has a lot of continuing education, and of the naturopathic med schools, they have a big focus on environmental medicine and detox. You might want to check out their website. But around here, I have no idea. In one year, hopefully, I look forward to having enough patients that I will be able to utilize students/learners! Until then, good luck and let us know what you find!

    Rebecca Wilhelm
    Naturopathic Doctor

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