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Remember "Choose Your Own Ending" stories? Submit the beginning of an erotic tale for others to embellish upon - or add your own sensual twists to the tittilating tales of other members. Each thread will be a naughty new direction for the story - another kinky climax . Eventually we'll be able to co-create at least a few finished Erotic Tales. Feel free to submit completed stories, quotes, tidbits, anecdotes, visions, dreams, utterances and you wish.

To begin, submit the first few ideas, words, sentences, paragraphs, or chapters of a sumptuous erotic tale, and watch as others add their own sensual twists - OR you can add to one of the stories already posted.

Submit the sexiest prose you can. Recommendations for books, writers and other tribes that explore EROS in writing are also very welcome.

Be creative, have fun, and USE YOUR IMAGINATION. What is the most pleasure you can imagine? Share your delicious dreams. Let's see how sexy the 26 letters in the alphabet can get... Muah! RSS Feed what is XML?

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