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Mature tribes are hidden from non-members. Please invite members of this tribe!
This is NOT a mature tribe, but a portal into them. Post no mature content here!

TO REQUEST AN INVITATION, put the tribe name or subject matter in the subject line of a new (or relevant pre-existing) Topic. Make it painless for people to invite you! They're lending you a try to think like they might think.

TO SEND AN INVITATION, double-click on the member's name or photo, right-click on "more options" and choose "invite to tribe". DON'T bother posting the address of your censored tribe...access is denied to non-members!

A pain in the donkey, I know, but what are we supposed to do???
By the way, here's a lousy poem I found...
I have a fuzzy pussy cat named Fluffy. She plays with the barnyard ass in a gay manner. The rooster said cock a doodle's the naked truth! The rooster's sex is male and his name is Dick. My favorite book is "Of Human Bondage". I am no slave to the man! At the bottom of the barrel you find the boot. The Virgin Mary would agree. The domination of woman over beast, like sexuality, is complex. The deadline for oral exams passed. Have you seen ads for the "napster of free porn"? [Yup, it's lousy...feel free to submit your brilliant, concise, and thorough poem so people can find our tribe...] RSS Feed what is XML?

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