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Prescription of Gems: When and Whom?
The gems are mainly given according to the Yogakaraks for each Lagna. The yogakarak for Dhanu lagna will not be the same for Tula Lagna. So, it differs widely according to the Lagna. Not only that, we have to ascertain the enmity between Lord of the Lagna of the native and the gem’s lord. Planetary position also comes to the point while recommending any gem to a native. There are primarily nine gems in our Hindu Astrology which are known as “NavRatna” or nine jewels. They are:-
i. Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj
ii. Ruby
iii. Red Coral or Moonga
iv. Pearl or Mukta
v. Diamond or Heera
vi. Emerald or Panna
vii. Blue Sapphire or Neelam
viii. Hessonite or Gomedh
ix. Cat’s eye
The rulers of these gems are:-Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu respectively. However, there are many substitutes for these original gems. But we recommend original as they have full potential to strengthen the planet for which it is recommended. There are certain rules on which finger to wear and on which day of the weak and whether it is to be set in gold ring or silver ring. We are just giving general conditions below against each gem, results and finally the suitability of each gem for each Lagna.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is given to pacify or reduce the malefic nature of Jupiter or to strengthen Jupiter. This gem is one of the most expensive gem and finally given for those female who are not getting married or for education of students. We are giving some general conditions which should be considered.
The general conditions for recommending Yellow Sapphire: -
(I)For Meen or Dhanu Lagna,
(II)Jupiter being a benefic is posted in 6/8/12 houses from Lagna,
(III)Jupiter being a benefic is posted in Capricorn (Makara),
(IV)Jupiter being a benefic is placed in 6 & 8 houses from its own house and / or afflicted by Saturn,
(V)Jupiter being 2nd Lord in 9th place or being 4th Lord in 11th place or 7th lord in 2nd house or as 9th lord in 4th house or being 10th lord in 5th house,
(VI)Retrograde Jupiter who is benefic in chart is placed in Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces (where it has no benefic strength).
These are the combinations for recommending Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj. Now we are giving below the suitability of Yellow Sapphire for each Lagna:-
1. Aries –Yellow sapphire is an auspicious gem for ascendants of Aries, Jupiter being 9th &12th Lord. Moreover, Jupiter will lead the native to the top if he is in 4th from Lagna, if Yellow Sapphire is in its period.
2. Taurus –Jupiter is the lord of 8th &11th house. So it is not auspicious.
3. Gemini –Jupiter suffers from Kendradhipati Dosha. Jupiter in 5th house can confer great yoga if Pukhraj is used. Jupiter in 1/2/4/7/9/10 houses from Lagna with the use of Pukhraj promote professional life.
4. Cancer –Jupiter being the lord of Bhagya is auspicious and for people of this Lagna, Yellow Sapphire is highly recommended.
5. Leo –Use of Pukhraj during the Dasa of Jupiter if Jupiter is afflicted or ill-disposed.
6. Virgo –Jupiter suffers from Kendradhipati Dosha. Jupiter’s placement in star of Venus makes a yogakarak. If Jupiter in 1/2/4/5/7/11 houses from Lagna, one may wear a Pukhraj.
7. Libra –Not auspicious, but if Jupiter posted in Cancer or own house & during the Mahadasa of Jupiter.
8. Scorpio –It’s Auspicious. Jupiter’s placement in Leo or Cancer is good.
9. Sagittarius –Jupiter becomes the Lagna Lord and 4th Lord. Placement in the star of Sun, Mercury or Jupiter makes a yogakarak.
10. Capricorn –Inauspicious.
11. Aquarius –With Caution.
12. Pisces –Benefic in the star of Moon. It is always for this ascendant.

General Rules for wearing this gem:-
This gem must be set in gold, to be worn on Thursday after an hour of sunrise or before an hour of sunset. The weight should not be less than 3 rattis but should not 6/11/5 rattis. The gem to be worn either on index finger or ring finger.

Ruby is given to strengthen Sun or to pacify the malefic nature of Sun. It is also one of the expensive gems, and considered as a hot gem for women. Ruby is also given for political success, good health and professional success. We are giving some general indications for recommending Ruby.
The general indications for recommending Ruby:-
(I)It is recommended for Ascendant of Leo,
(II)Sun being a benefic if placed in Libra,
(III)Sun, being a benefic if placed in 6/8/12 houses from Lagna,
(IV) For highly afflicted Sun by close aspects of Saturn / Rahu.
The above combinations have to be noted before recommending Ruby. However we must check the suitability of Ruby for each Lagna.
1. Aries –Sun, being the lord of the 5th house, when placed in the star of Moon, Sun or Jupiter or aspect by or conjunction of Jupiter creates good yoga. So ruby is recommended.
2. Taurus –Placement of Sun in own house or in 10th house from Lagna or Mars posted with 7th with Sun and 9th Lord in 11th house. So it can be recommended if such a thing occurs.
3. Gemini –Sun in Leo with Mercury while the Mahadasa of Sun is running, then recommended.
4. Cancer –Sun’s placing in the stars of Moon, Sun or Jupiter create good yogas. Placing of Mars+Sun in 10th house from Lagna or Sun+Mercury in Lagna with Venus in 4th house from Lagna, can create good yogas and Ruby is suggested for them. Afflicted Sun and Mahadasa of Sun are indications of recommending Ruby.
5. Leo –Useful, when posted in star of Jupiter & Sun. Placing of Sun, Mercury & Mars in 1/4/9/11 houses from lagna or Sun, Mercury & Jupiter from 1/4/5/9/11 houses from Lagna or Sun & Mercury in 1/9/11 houses from Lagna creates a Yoga. Afflicted Sun or Ill-disposed Sun is also another reason.
6. Virgo –Creates Yoga when related to Moon and Venus. Ruby with emerald to be recommended if Sun is in his own sign during the Mahadasa of Sun.
7. Libra –Placing of Sun in own house during the Sun Mahadasa.
8. Scorpio –Placing of Sun in the stars of Sun, Moon or Jupiter is good. Sun, Mercury with Venus in 7th creates good yoga. Sun in 10th, and it will be enhanced if Ruby is worn during its period.
9. Sagittarius –Placing of Sun in the Stars of Sun, Moon or Jupiter makes it suitable.
10. Capricorn –If Sun is placed in own house and Mahadasa of Sun is running.
11. Aquarius –If Sun in Leo, then only it is recommended.
12. Pisces –Position of Sun in own house with its Mahadasa running is an indicator of recommending Ruby.
General Rules for wearing this gem:-
If Sun is highly afflicted or weakly placed then the gem should be set in gold else in silver. The ideal weight should be 2.25 to 2.75 carats. The gem must be worn either in the index finger or ring finger after an hour of Sun rise.

Red Coral or Moonga is given for strengthening Mars, one of the natural malefics. This gem is cheaper than Ruby or Pukhraj. However, price depends upon quality. Mainly Moonga makes a person active and for those who are weak. It is also given for good health and to pacify weak Mars. We are giving some general indications for recommending Moonga or Pukhraj.
The General Indications for recommending Red Coral are: -
(I)For people born of Aries or Scorpio Ascendant,
(II)Mars being the 2nd Lord posted in 9th house or 7th house, 3rd lord in 10th house, 4th lord in11th or 9th house, 5th lord in 12th or 10th house, 9th lord in 4th or 2nd house, 10th lord in 5th or 3rd house,
(III)Mars being a benefic in Cancer,
(IV)Mars being a benefic in 6/8/12 houses from Lagna,
(V)Retro Mars being a benefic posted in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces.
The above indications to be noted before recommending Moonga or Red Coral. However, the Lagnas must be consulted, as given below:-
1. Aries -Mars in 2nd with Jupiter and/ Venus or in 4th with Jupiter or in 5th Alone or in 7th with Venus or in 9th with Sun and Mahadasa of Mars are general indications.
2. Taurus –Placing of Mars in own house and Mahadasa of Mars.
3. Gemini –Not recommended.
4. Cancer –Good. More if placed in the stars of Moon or Jupiter.
5. Leo –Moonga to be recommended with Ruby and Pukhraj.
6. Virgo –Not Recommended.
7. Libra –If placed in 7th from lagna (thus Ruchaka yoga) or in its own house in (2nd house from Lagna) is good and while Mahadasa of Mars is running.
8. Scorpio –Mars if placed in the stars of Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Moreover, Mars in own house & the Mahadasa of Mars are common indications of recommending Red Coral.
9. Sagittarius –If Mars is posted in stars of Sun, Mercury or Jupiter. Can be recommended in the Mahadasa of Mars with Ruby and Pukhraj.
10. Capricorn –If placed in stars of Mercury and Mahadasa of Mars.
11 .Aquarius –Placing Mars in Scorpio and Mahadasa of Mars.
12 .Pisces –Placing of Mars in stars of Mercury, Moon and Jupiter and the Mahadasa of Mars.
General Rules for wearing this gem:-
The ideal weight of this gem must not be less than 4 rattis or carats (preferably 6 carats). The gem to be set in gold-copper mixture of mars is weak or weakly placed else in silver. The gem to be worn on Monday or Tuesday morning.

Pearl or Mukta is recommended for strengthening Moon, the lord of Mukta. Natural pearl is cheaper but everything depends upon quality. Pearl is given for good health and other health problems like falling sick frequently, concentration, and other health related problems and mental problems. We are giving some general indications for recommending Pearl.
The general indications of recommending Pearl are:-
(I)For Cancer ascendant,
(II)If Jupiter is weakly placed,
(III)Moon in Scorpio and benefic too, &
(IV)Moon being a benefic is posted in 6/8/12 houses.
However, the suitability of Pearl must be seen for each lagna and indications for each lagna:-
1. Aries –Sun in Lagna with Moon in own house creates yoga and Pearl will do well if used either with Ruby or Moonga.
2. Taurus –Moon in own house and Mahadasa of moon is an indication. Moon aspected by Jupiter, Mercury or Moon with Venus in 6th house with Mercury with Jupiter in 11th and Mahadasa of Moon are few indications.
3. Gemini –Moon in the stars of Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus. Moon in 12th/2nd/11th/10th/9th houses from Lagna or Moon and Mars in 11th house with Saturn in 9th house are few conditions.
4. Cancer –Moon in stars of Moon, Jupiter or Sun. Moon is in 6/8/12 houses from Lagna or afflicted or in Scorpio.
5. Leo –Placing of Moon in 12th from lagna and Moon Mahadasa.
6. Virgo –Placed with Venus in 7th from Lagna along with Jupiter in 11th and Sun in 8th.Moon if in 9th or 11th from Lagna while the Mahadasa of moon is running.
7. Libra –If placed in stars of Mercury or Moon or placed in 7th house from Lagna with Moon or Moon in its own house while the Mahadasa of Moon is running.
8. Scorpio –Moon placed in stars of Sun, Moon, or Jupiter.
9. Sagittarius –Moon when placed in Cancer with Mahadasa of moon running.
10. Capricorn –Moon placed in Cancer with mars in Capricorn is an indication.
11. Aquarius –Not recommended.
12. Pisces –If Moon ill-disposed. However, other indications are Moon in 11th +Saturn in 5th OR Moon in 2nd house +Mars in 5th OR Moon +Mercury +Mars in 10th OR Moon +Mercury +Mars + Jupiter in 4th OR Moon +Saturn in Lagna + Mars in 11th + Venus in 8th.
General Rules for wearing this gem:-
This gem should be set in silver if born in the brighter half of the Moon & in gold if born in the darker half of the Moon. The weight is 2, 4, 6, 11 carats and to be worn either in Index finger, ring finger or little finger on Monday from 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning.


Panna or Emerald is a cold gem and given preferably for strengthening Mercury who suffers from Kendradhipatya Dosha for Pisces and Sagittarius Ascendants. As all knows that Mercury Represents education, it is advised for education and concentration as well. Emerald, being a cold gem, lessens the vigour of ones life. It is moderately priced.
The Indications for advising Panna are:-
(I)For Virgo or Gemini Ascendant
(II)Mercury, being a benefic, is combusted or Debilitated.
(III)Being a benefic, Mercury is posted in 6/8/12 houses from lagna.
(IV)Retrograde Mercury is placed in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.
Now we shall see the suitability of this gem for each lagna:-
1. Aries –If placed in 11th with Sun & Venus. If in 2/4/6/7/8/9 from Lagna use of Panna of 2 carats during Mahadasa of Mercury with yellow sapphire will do well.
2. Taurus –Panna is good for this Lagna. Panna will do more well if placed in 7/8/9/11/12 from Lagna.
3. Gemini –Mercury in 6/7/8/10/12 from Lagna are conditions for advising Panna. Panna is a must for this Lagna.
4. Cancer –When Mercury is in own house and Mahadasa of Mercury running is a condition for advising Panna.
5. Leo –In 4/5/6/7/10/12 houses from Lagna are indications of advising Mercury. The weight should be of 4-5 rattis.
6. Virgo –It’s highly recommended for Virgo.
7. Libra –When strong or in own house. Sun in 12th or Sun +Mercury +Venus in Lagna or Mercury +Venus +Saturn in Lagna are indications of using Panna with Diamond.
8. Scorpio –It is not good.
9. Sagittarius –If Mercury is posted in stars of Mercury, Sun or Jupiter then Panna is recommended. Moreover, Mercury if posted in 1/2/4/5/7/9/10 houses from Lagna are other indications for advising Panna.
10. Capricorn –When Mercury placed in stars of Venus, then Panna should be recommended. However, the gem should be avoided in the Mahadasa of Mars or Jupiter.
11. Aquarius –If Mercury is posted in the stars of Venus or Mercury is posted with Jupiter and Sun in 3rd house. For this Lagna, Panna to be used with Blue Sapphire.
12. Pisces –Mercury in own sign or in 2/5/9/10/11 houses from Lagna are good.
General Rules for wearing this gem:-
The weight should be preferably more than 3 rattis in Silver or in gold if Mercury is weak on a mid-day of Wednesday in the second or ring finger.

Diamond is given for strengthening Venus who is weakly posted in the chart. It is a gem for passion, status and as all of you know that it is the most expensive than any other gem in the world. This gem is considered to be a hot gem. Below I am giving general Indications for recommending this gem. Later on, I am writing about its suitability for each lagna.
The indications for advising Diamond are:-
(1)For Taurus or Libra Lagna,
(2)Being a benefic, Venus is situated in Virgo sign,
(3)Being a benefic, Venus is retrograde and placed in Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn signs.
(4)Benefic Venus is afflicted by Rahu, Sun and/or Mars or combusted.
Now we shall consider the suitability of this gem for each lagna.
1. Aries –Not recommended until Venus is posted in own house and the Mahadasa of Venus are running.
2. Taurus –This gem is recommended with emerald always.
3. Gemini –Venus in Stars of Venus or in own house and Mahadasa is running. Recommend it with an emerald.
4. Cancer –Placing of Venus in stars of Jupiter else not recommended.
5. Leo –An inauspicious gem for this Lagna.
6. Virgo –This gem will do good and more if recommended with emerald.
7. Libra –It’s a good gem. Its usage with Neelam (Blue Sapphire) is even better.
8. Scorpio –Inauspicious.
9. Sagittarius –Only if the Mahadasa of Venus is running and Venus is posted in own house.
10. Capricorn –Recommended.
11. Aquarius –A must gem for this lagna.
12. Pisces –Not recommended.
General Rules for wearing this gem: -
This gem should be set in platinum, gold or white gold. The ring to be worn on Friday and the time should be between 10:30 to 12:00 hrs in the daytime. The preferable weight should be 10 cent to 30 cent. This gem to be worn in the 2nd finger of right hand or left hand.
The Lord of Blue Sapphire is Saturn and this gem is typically sensitive like his Lord. So this gem should be recommended with many precautions. If it does not suit one, then it will turn a rich into a pauper within a night and vice-versa. Neelam or Blue Sapphire is given to strengthen Saturn or to mitigate the evil effects of it. This gem is also expensive. Below we are giving the general indications for recommending Neelam after which we will discuss its suitability with each Lagna.
The General indications for Neelam are:-
(1)For Aquarius or Capricorn Ascendant,
(2)Being a benefic, Saturn is retrograde and situated in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn signs,
(3)Being a benefic Saturn is posted in Aries.
Now we shall consider the suitability of this gem with each Lagna.
1. Aries –When in 2/4/5/7/9/10 houses from Lagna, then only this gem is recommended.
2. Taurus –This gem is highly recommended.
3. Gemini –It is recommended during the major period of Saturn when Saturn is in own sign or debilitated.
4. Cancer –Not recommended.
5. Leo –Not recommended.
6. Virgo –Same as for Gemini.
7. Libra –Highly recommended with diamond or emerald.
8. Scorpio –Not suggested.
9. Sagittarius –Not advised.
10. Capricorn –Its usage with emerald or diamond will be more beneficial, else it is good.
11. Aquarius –It is always recommended for this Lagna.
12. Pisces –Not recommended at all.
General rules for wearing this gem: -
The gem being a sensitive one should be tested for a trial period of 10 days. If inauspicious things take place, then don’t wear the gem else good. During the trial period don’t wear it directly rather keep it in below the pillow of the bed. The weight should be 4 or 5 carats and should be set in Gold or steel or Ashtadhatu (a mixture of 8 different kind of metals). The gem should be worn either on the 2nd finger or little finger of right hand or left hand.
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