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the seed
The conditioned is the flower and the fruit
Knowledge is the branch
and the truth is the root
Look and see where the root is;
happiness shall be yours when
you come to the root
it will lead you to the branch, the leaf, the flower, and the fruit. :-)

It began before KMT, but this is where we'll start...

The Greeks are known for their contributions to science, mathematics, and philosophy. Yet they knew nothing about any of this before studying these concepts from the Ancient Egyptians from Kemet (KMT). Aristotle acknowledged that his own teachings came from Ancient Egypt. All the known theories of Pythagoras, Plato, and Democritus came from the education they received in the Ancient Egyptian temples.

Egypt, from very early times had been the University of Greece. It had been visited, according to tradition, by Orpheus and Homer. Most of the so-called Greek intellectuals reportedly made the voyage to Ancient Egypt. It was regarded as a pilgrimage to the cradle land of their mythology.

When we examine the Kemetic civilization of Africa's Nile Valley, we examine perhaps the proudest and loftiest accomplishment in the whole of human annals.

It should be stated early on that from the very beginning of the predynastic Period to the first Kemetic Dynasty and through the mass of her Dynastic Period African people endowed with dark complexions, full lips, broad noses and tightly-curled hair were overwhelmingly dominant in both the general population and the royal families.

The efforts of numerous scholars including Cheikh Anta Diop, Chancellor Williams, Theophile Obenga, Yosef ben-Jochannan, Asa Hilliard, Jacob Carruthers, Charles Finch and many others have demonstrated this beyond sane rebuttal.

This tribe is intended merely as a brief introduction and synopsis of Kmt's history, significance royal dynasties...and it's metaphysics

"We must be a better, aware, awake, spiritually people and process a higher consciousness than those who have stolen our history and birthright and have removed the female principle and our true history from the universe."

The ancient Kemetian considered themselves the record keepers of spiritual rules communicated to humanity at the time of creation in a moment of Divine revelation by the ancient ones who said they came from the area of Orion having the Dog Stars, Sirius A. B. and C. These recorded principles are the oldest sacred documents in existence filled with the wisdom of the ages.

These divine instructions for creating Cosmos, bliss, joy, love, harmony, balance prosperity, enlightenment, celebration and health in their daily life can be used again today. The African Dagon still process vast knowledge related to this Dog Star story.

We teach and stress a return to our original elevated estate of highly evolved spiritual consciousness individual by individual. We believe that truth and a return to the spiritual disciplines can and will change this distorted, created, fake history buttressed by the academic community and pseudo religions we have been forced to learn and worship under.

We shall shine the light of truth on all historical mendacity to accomplish our goals with the light of historical truth to awaken new and powerful stalwart beings in all women and children of Africa and the world as in the days of old. Spiritual beings not bound by drugs, alcohol, tobacco, religion, illiteracy, fear, hopelessness and a determination that can not be vanquished.

Only a spiritual solution, and higher and better education will cure this spiritually bankrupt malady. We must be a better, aware, awake, spiritually people and process a higher consciousness than those who have stolen our history and birthright and have removed the female principle and our true history from the universe.

Knowledge is more than information it is transformation.

Maat' represents the autochthonous in beliefs, creeds and the practice of spiritual principles as opposed to adopting and being guided by foreign influences in the formative years of it's development.

Over thousands of years after importation to other cultures who changed and omitted portions that expressed their particular customs and beliefs such as male domination, female exclusion and submissive subordination of the feminine values, human equality and principles has presented the world with a far different perspective from the philosophical system which was developed in Africa many thousands of years ago.

This ancient path is one that provided a new way to look at life, spirituality, the disciplines of psychology and the way to divine spiritual development leading to spiritual Enlightenment for the individual soul in union with the Universal Soul or Supreme Consciousness with individual insight into their own divine nature. Maat' has five dimensions and five realities at it's rudimentary base for first time students/seekers whom wish to just get started on this path to enlightenment.

In the past Golden Age the Ancient Kemetian wise men and women understood the universal unity in all things, spiritual and temporal, in their world and universe.

The Kemetian made this knowledge an inseparable part of their daily lives to help create one of the greatest spiritual driven metaphysical systems in recorded history called Maat'."
The straight Path."

African Maat' (and the real meaning of Tantra) practices are founded on two cosmological conceptions common throughout the whole of ancient Kemet. Maat (Libra) was the unique principle that regulated the complementary forces; these are the female principle, and the male principles. Everything in nature participates in this dualism.

The destiny of every creature is determined by it. Day is followed by night, life leads to death, in has out, up has down, front has back, good has bad, light has it's shadow happiness has sadness, etc. To overcome the contrary pull of the two principles and to harmonize them into the absolute and eternal Maat' (the straight path) was the way and the aim and practice of the millions of adherents in the ancient Africans of Kemet and is our aim and focus today.

In Kemet there was no separation of the body and the spirit, or church and state. First and foremost the aim of ancient Kemet and our Maat is the development of the total person Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and the Body. They the Kemetian were trained to direct all their power and energies toward the conquest of self first and then the Eternal.

Maat' teaches that there were four parts in humans to be developed and all must be healed in both harmony and balance at the same time. That is one of the basic dimensions of Maat',

Four levels of healing leading to enlightenment along with a clear moral imperative. Four levels in perfect balance, awareness, and consciousness directed toward scientific continuous growth and expansion until one leaves the body (death). Maat' says that the total human is wonderful, divine and sacred and don't go looking for a salvation that was never lost..

An important building block is the total inclusion, respecting, honoring and equality of women and the feminine principle

To all the children of Africa especially here in America where we are in bondage to this plagiarized, bastardized concept that had it’s beginning in it's pure form in early Kemet Africa.

We extend our hands in fellowship to all spiritual systems who wish to stand as a vanguard to usher in the NEW AGE; THE AGE OF TRUTH where all the children of Mother Africa shall again rise in higher consciousness and spiritual power, and the feminine Goddess fires will again start to reawaken and then roar into a mighty flame to help dispel this Dark Age of human history. We extend fellowship to all who wish to help humankind accomplish Supreme Divinity and spiritual enlightenment.

The ancients were aware of the power of the raising and nature of Kundalini and this information was well understood as nothing was greater, nothing more beautiful and sublime than this awakened blazing effulgence to help us grow as spiritual human beings. She is the Absolute Being as represented by the Cobra on the crown of the pharaohs as a symbol of this path to higher consciousness and power that the Pharaoh as the high priest or priestess was obliged to fellow within the Maat' system of human growth and spirituality.

We teach nothing new, but are going back to the very beginning; the pre -history, before what we call modern human history today existed. Our pride is not puffed up because of these truths of Mother Africa's great pass, but are humble in the fact that other great civilizations pre-dated Kemet, India, and China and are lost forever to history. Kemet, India and China were not the first to receive the sacred light but carried it well in ancient times.

To the children of the place we call Africa "we waxed mighty within these great spiritual and metaphysical systems of the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and are now lost in the deep mire of religiosity worshiping a dead Hebrew man called Jesus in this backward disoriented Romanized and Hebrewized patriarchal age. These hoary, superannuated, archaic, old men have murdered humanitarian values, clemency, social justice and our much needed goddess and feminine values.

With the soon to be public debunking "and collapse of the Moses story the entire foundation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam collapses. There simply is no basis for them absent Moses. Even Abraham collapses as since there was no leaving Egypt there was no going there in the first place. But that has been obvious to anyone who ever bothered to critically consider the story".

It matters not who was first to receive the spiritual Maat' the spiritual Tantric light, but very important to know that the one true Great mystery of the universal was moving within the consciousness and super consciousness of other beings and

Africa's great part in history was cut out and hidden but we shall return it back to it's rightful place. This is not about race pride, but truth. People came from all over the then known world to worship, study and learn in Kemet. All were welcome and later Kemet became a melting pot just like the United States Of America..

But unlike America ancient Kemet never choose to be an oppressive slave nation or castigate it's citizens and visitors because of their skin color, religious beliefs or national origin. In spite of the fact that the United States had been blessed by great documents called the Constitution and the bill of Rights which were and still are ignored for profit and gain and have caused a vast illimitable schism between it's citizens based on color alone Black, White, Yellow and Red.

The vision of the United States freedom and equality under the law has failed!

The Unites States of America is tainted and unless a new awareness and elevated consciousness is somehow developed. The U.S.A will not survive in the coming age of spiritual truth and light.

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