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first an introduction...

Also this is the origins of the Tarot, Astrology, I-Ching, Yoga, sabian symbols, and how they built the Pyramids

Nu (infinite energy) paired with Nut (infinite matter). Though fused they formed the basis for the eventual Yang & Yin polarities famous in Chinese Taoist philosophy.

Hehu (temporal infinity) paired with Hehut (spacial infinity). Kerh (darkness) paired with Kerhet and Kekui (inertia) paired with Kekuit (stillness).

Those 8 attributes, forces or "deities" formed the spiritual template for all differentiated phenomena:

8 DNA strands, 8 lunar phases, 8 bits per computer byte, octal number system, 8 brain circuits, 8 chakras, 8 solar directions and 8 I Ching trigrams.

The Nun or Oracle responds to the life force (sex force or libido) in people. When we shuffle cards or cast stones, minute changes in our nervous system determines what statement the Oracle will show us.

Sex is a transformative energy. The initiate harnesses that mighty force to empower a transformation into the embodiment (shrine) of a particular aspect of divine.

The tree is one of knowledge of positive and negative ("Yang and Yin") polarities.

Confucius (Ka’ung Fu-zi or Ka' ung Fu Tzu) or Master Ka ung (Ka) *was not a person (ka ung fu and the martial art originated out of Africa)

In Taoist philosophy Ching is sexual energy. The I Ching -- Book of Transformations -- is related to sexual force.

Life force (Chi, Ra, Kundalini) is inherently sexual) (electromagnetic). All oracles function in conjunction with the life force.

The 64 hexagram I Ching is the most complete oracle extant.

The 64 lessons of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam comprise a replica of the I Ching oracle, though NOI members are currently unaware of the Lesson's oracular function.

Nun! By the Oracle and
what they write. .

The Letter Nun is, in fact, spiritual code for oracle. Nu/Nun is the highest oracle.

To the Egyptians Nun meant water. The Hebrews made it mean "fish."

Nu represents the highest state of consciousness achieved via meditation. There is no thinking or objectification at the Nu (Samadhi/Nirvana) level and thus the Egyptians referred to that consciousness as Atem (no thing).

The Being at that ontological plateau is undifferentiated and therefore it is Amen (Hidden).

The Amen/Nu mind is Not Moving (Nirvana) for nothing exists but consciousness of being conscious.

That original unconditioned, undifferentiated state underlies all object and phenomena in the world. It is the Great Void or Wu Chi of Taoism and the Samadhi of Yoga. Tibetan Buddhists refer to it as the Unborn.

Will (Hu) at the Amen level is totally fused with consciousness (Sa).

People incorrectly take their personalities -- their complex of emotions, habits and physical traits -- for their true selves.

True spirituality recognizes those as ephemeral, transitory and fictitious selves, lower selves. The True Self is Atman, Amen, Ausar, Brahman or Allah.

In astrology the parts of being include the Personality and the Emotional body (Rising Sign), and reflections of feelings (Moon) and the Identity (Sun).

The Sun is regarded as indicative of the Self spirit. The Ascendant (Rising Sign) and Moon are properties of the lower self, the false self which deceives us into thinking it is the true self. Thus the Tarot Moon Card denotes "deception, hidden enemies."

Personality comes from persona, i.e., a mask. In Greek theatre the actors wore masks (personae). In life we wear such masks and confuse the mask with our True Selves, our Ba or Atman. The masks are so glued onto our beings that we go to our graves without ever once encountering who we really are.

At the Amen/Nu level we strip off all personae and see ourselves and others "naked and not ashamed."

The initiate must submit his Face, his lower, conditioned personality, (jiva) to the Higher part of Being (Allah).

Muslims think they have to submit their wills to Allah. That notion comes from a mistranslation of verses like the one above. "

The Self is the Atman. But the Arabic word in the verse is wajh (face).

When an initiate reaches the Ba plane of development she can put on and take off faces at will. That is the Great Liberation of spiritual tradition.

Let us say that you are a woman with Libra rising. You are naturally equipped to handle any problems whose solutions are in accord with the nature of Libra. You are charming, sociable, attractive and can bring harmony into any environment.

Your Libran gifts, however, are also an imprisonment. You're hooked into Libran methods of operation. But life will conspire to throw problems at you that have nothing to do with Libra.

Liberation involves being able to naturally assume the persona that's appropriate for the occasion, realizing that your true self has not, will not and cannot change.

The sweet Libran may find herself pulled into a war situation. Her gifts of art and socializing may do little to keep her alive on the battlefield. What she needs is some Aries, some Mars to deal with the horrific nature of war.

An initiate could chant "Aung Hlring," heka of Mars, to instantly transform into Herukhuti, the archetype ("god") of war. Or she could evoke ("call at") the latent Neith or Inanna (female warrior) characteristics within herself.

We become very attached to our persona because we don't realize we were born with certain traits as a development phase: "He created the man from an attaching thing."

Eventually, we are given no choice but to sacrifice our inner animal, to knock over our current idols.

A verse in the Quran says that everything will eventually perish except Allah's Face. The only real Face (personality) is God.

Kalimaat: Oracle Letters

The oracular statements of the Yoruba Ifa oracle are called Odu (letters).

In many places in the Quran when the word kalimaat is used oracular letters is the occult meaning of the word.

The Adam here represents the Atman or inner divinity. That level of consciousness "fell" and "forgot." It fell from a spiritual to an illusory material focus of consciousness and forgot the universal wisdom each life has stored within.

This "descent" refers to humanity collectively and individually. Every life incarnates knowing all things and then forgets.

Adam was shown mercy by being taught oracle letters (kalimaat) so he could still access the divine wisdom stored in his subconscious (Ausar at the bottom of the Nile) despite his diminished capacity.

Oracle letters also provide words of power and mantric letters which are expressions or modalities of the energies of particular chakras.

The letter Tam ("T" or Ta in Arabic) is a "petal letter" of the anahata (heart) chakra. A Metu Neter oracle reading regarding health that brings in the Heru (Sun/heart) card would also include the letter Tam. One could therefore chant "Om Tam Hrim," wear or visualize the color yellow and activate healing forces.

Mary holds the position of Isis for the Semetic wisdom traditions. Like Mary, Isis was also accused of being a whore.

When Heru challenged Set for the throne of Egypt Set assented that Heru had to have been born illegitimately since Ausar was dead before Heru was conceived.

Mary represents the receptive plateau of the subconscious mind and the mediumistic trance states.

The meditator's objective is to plant the image and letter (mantra) of an oracular statement into that receptive state (alpha state) so that it will then take root inside the subconscious and grow.

Tarot Letters

Each major Arcana Tarot Card provides one of the 22 Hebrew letters (kalimaat) which can be used as a mantra.

The mantra (and associated image) will eventually unfold and download information that could not likely or easily be obtained by ordinary means. Such downloaded knowledge is "revelation."

The Nun, we have shown, corresponds with the Death card.

Using the Tarot oracle, one could obtain higher knowledge -- having received the Death card as a reading -- by visualizing the card and chanting Nun.

But there's more. Scorpio is the astrological sign of the Death card and Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio. So a meditator would visualize the Death card and chant Mars' heka, and include the Nun letter in the chant: "Aung Hlring Nun Hrah."

A Living Oracle

When a person's focus of consciousness is at the Khu (Chia) level of the spirit, that person becomes a prophet or a living oracle. Such a one does not have to consult external oracles and others can consult him or her for divine guidance.

He "told me everything I ever did."

He was a living oracle.

As Kalimat can also be translated "word," the New Testament refers to "the word," meaning "the (living) oracle."

When the mantra and image are taken into the meditative state (Mary/Isis) a new consciousness (Jesus/Horus) is born "divine father" (the seed or mantra which is the condensed essence of God).

When that new consciousness emerges it has to be nurtured (Madonna with baby at her breast) until it grows to maturity. At that point the new intelligence (Ruh + spirit, same as Hebrew Ruach or intellect) can "be about my fathers work" (act in the world according to the nature of the mantra that created it).

The Nun Fish

In Hebrew Nun means "fish." In the Nazarene and Essene orders an initiate was called a fish.

Such a new initiate faces death (Death card) of the old persona and rebirth and transformation (Scorpio) into a new consciousness.

Jesus of Nazareth

During Jesus' time the town of Nazareth did not exist. The Bible translators erred. The New Testament refers to Jesus the Nazarene.

The Nazarenes were a spiritual order. The actual spelling is "Nasara." It actually means of the order of Ausar.

Each full initiate of the Egyptian "the Ausar Ani" or "the Ausar Nefert," etc.

Jesus the Nazarene actually conveys his initiation in the Nazarene/Ausarian order.

MA'at = Tao

"Ma'at" (mah-'-ot with the ' signifying a glottal stop) doesn't translate adequately into English. The best definition is an amalgam of words, ranging from "truth" to "harmony" to "stability", and the best correlation to Ma'at we can think of outside Kemet is the Taoist understanding of Tao, "The Way". Ma'at is what is right -- what is correct. The Straight Path When your life is in Ma'at, you can feel it.

"Tantra means "the writings", the Tantras, are the "Scriptures" (Scribes) by which knowledge (Jñana) is spread" ... the word 'Tao' is derived from the sanskrit word 'Tantra'

Likewise the Japanese word zen is derived from Sanskrit dhyana (inda by way of Africa)

Asian wisdom comes from India byway of Africa (KMT)

Black Davidians, Black Tartars and other Black Negroid and Australoid types who lived in Asia in ancient times (and who still do today),

The first people of India were Africans! The word India itself means
Black. Yoga & other so-called Eastern teachings originated in Africa!

The Latin word "India" is from the Greek word Indus (or Indos) which
means Black. The earliest people of India were Black Africans! It is
believed that many of them came from Ethiopia. Often called Dravidians,
these Africans founded the great Indus Valley Civilization around 3000
B.C. They brought with them many spiritual sciences which originated in
Africa, such as those of Yoga, Marital arts, Kundalini & Reflexology.

They were masters of urban planning and architecture: their homes & cities had
running water, toilets, and an underground sewage system! - evidenced at
the Mohenjo Daro ruins (2000 B.C.). It is believed that the Ganges, the
sacered river of India, is named after an Ethiopian king of that name who
conquered Asia as far as this river. Buddha, Krishna, and other great
Black sages arose from their successive civilizations, including the
great King Asoka.

The a great nation of Blacks* formerly possessed the dominion of Asia, and held the seat of empire at Sidon. These people were called Cushites or Cuthites, described in Genesis; and the opinion that they were Blacks is corroborated by the translators of the Pentateuch, called the Seventy, constantly rendering the word Cush by Ethiopia. …

The religion of Buddha, of India, is well known to have been very ancient. In the most ancient temples scattered throughout Asia, where his worship is yet continued, he is found black as jet, with the flat face, thick lips, and curly hair of the Negro.

There are two exemplars of him brooding on the face of the deep, upon a coiled serpent. To what time are we to allot this Negro? He will be proved to have been prior to Cristna. He must have been prior to or contemporaneous with the black empire, supposed by Sir William Jones to have flourished at Sidon.

AFRICANS IN ASIA (Really Good) Documentary

The living presence, cultural heritage and physical remains of African people with physical characteristics such as dark complexions, broad noses and full lips have been found virtually everywhere on earth including many places where an African presence is seldom even considered. Central Asia is a prime example.


The story of the African presence in early Asia is as fascinating as it is obscure. We now know, based on recent scientific studies of DNA, that modern humanity originated in Africa, that African people are the world's original people, and that all modern humans can ultimately trace their ancestral roots back to Africa. Were it not for the primordial migrations of early African people, humanity would have remained physically Africoid, and the rest of the world outside of the African continent absent of human life.

Since the first modern humans in Asia were of African birth, the African presence in ancient Asia can therefore be demonstrated through the history of the Black populations that have inhabited the Asian land mass within the span of modern humanity. But not only were African people the first inhabitants of Asia. There is abundant evidence to show that Black people within documented historical periods created, nurtured or influenced some of ancient Asia's most important and enduring classical civilizations. This includes the Sumerian civilization of early Iraq, the Indus Valley civilization and the civilizations of Angkor and Champa in Southeast Asia.

For well over a century, Western historians, ethnologists, anthropologists, archaeologists and other such specialists have generally and often arbitrarily used such terms as Negroid, Proto-Negroid, Proto-Australoid, Negritic and Negrito in labeling populations in Asia with Africoid phenotypes and African cultural traits and historical traditions.

The has especially been the case with Black populations in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Far East Asia. In Southwest Asia, on the other hand, terms like Hamites, Eurafricans, Mediterraneans and the Brown Race have commonly been employed in denoting clearly discernible Black populations. In this work, we have chosen to reject such deliberately confusing nomenclature as obsolete and invalid, unscientific and racially motivated, and it is our intention to comprehensively explore the full impact and extent of the African presence in the human cultures and classical civilizations of early Asia.

In summation, in brief, we contend that the history of the African presence in Asia, including the African presence in classical Asian civilization, is one of the most significant, challenging and least written about aspects of the global African experience, and that even today, after an entire series of holocausts and calamities, the African presence in Asia may exceed three hundred million people. The works of historians and scholars like W.E.B. DuBois, Drusilla Dunjee Houston, Joel A. Rogers, John G. Jackson, Cheikh Anta Diop, Chancellor James Williams and others have stressed this for years. We intend to continue to energetically carry this work forward.
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  • This part could skipped - goes into Tantra

    Tantra is far more than just what the modern woman and man in their misguided confusion call sex today. It is a way of life and an uncompromising spiritual discipline amalgamated with a spiritual way of being. That is why the Kemetian term Maat' means “the strabe ight path.

    [MA'at origin of the Tao, Yoga, Libra, etc]

    We formed to use ancient cosmic wisdom to help stem the escalating tide of divorces in our world; Peace/War, Love/Fear, Black/White, Man/Woman, Rich/Poor, Parent/Child etc.

    We believe we can make a lasting impact with some of our ancient scientific answers to today's perplexing questions and esp. geared toward relating and helping couples to stay together as a family in joy unity and harmony…

    "Maat' is the personification of the basic laws and secrets of life and all existence. She is Truth and Justice as her name embodies the highest spiritual philosophy and forms one of the two central concepts of ancient Kemet."

    "The second is Tehuti/Thoth, "Master of knowledge, divine words and sacred intelligence") with all it's powers of speech and writing. Together with Maat' (Cosmic law/Kundalini) and Tehuti her male counterpart and Divine intelligence."

    "Both when combined in balance produce minds that are centered in the heart."

    Neither Maat' or Tehuti can be successfully detached from each other. When linked both concepts form a homogeneous perfect cosmic marriage."

    "the Tantras" The teachings ...Tantra is no different that saying the teachings of the "TAO" or "The way", the bible teachings, MAAT or Zen, etc

    Many will tell you means enlightened sex

    The meanings of these words have shifted over time. The scriptural definition of tantra is Tam jadyat tarayet yastu sah tantrah parikirttitah

    ["Tantra is that which liberates a person from the bondages of staticity"].

    The majority of India's indigenous tribal people are Dravidian, a linguistic group that includes Tamil, Telegu, Khond and Oraon languages.

    They are of "Australoid" racial stock, related to the aborigines of Australia who first migrated there from India at least 60,000 years ago. The territory controlled by Dravidian tribes once extended from Southern Iran to Australia. Originally, in the distant archaic past, these people migrated out of Africa.

    As in Africa, the culture of ancient India was very matriarchal. Its people celebrated the spiritual mysteries of birth, the seasons and lunar cycles, renewal, rebirth and transcendence. The diverse dark-skinned Indian aboriginal tribes worshipped spiritual powers associated with fertility, virility and the after-life. They have done so since the dawn of history.

    What Are the Tantras and Their Significance?

    A VERY common expression in English writings is "The Tantra"; but its use is often due to a misconception and leads to others. For what does Tantra mean? The word denotes injunction (Vidhi), regulation (Niyama), Shastra generally or treatise.

    *Thus Shamkara calls the Samkhya a Tantra. A secular writing may be called Tantra.

    "The word 'Tantra' has been derived in the Kashika-Vritti (7-2-9) from the root 'Tan' 'to spread' by the Aunadika rule Sarvadhatubhyah tran, with the addition of the suffix 'tran'. Vacaspati, Anandagiri, and Govindananda, however, derive the word from the root 'Tatri' of 'Tantri' in the sense of Vyutpadana, origination or knowledge.

    In Ganapatha, however, 'Tantri' has the same meaning as 'Tan' 'to spread' and it is probable that the former root is a modification of the latter. The meaning Vyutpadana is also probably derived by narrowing the general sense of Vistara which is the meaning of the root 'Tan'."

    According to the derivation of 'Tantra' from Tan, to spread, Tantra is that (Scripture) by which knowledge (Jñana) is spread (Tanyate, vistaryate jñanam anena, iti Tantram).

    The Suffix Tra is from the root 'to save'.

    That knowledge is spread which saves. What is that but religious knowledge? Therefore, as here and generally used, Tantra means a particular kind of religious scripture.

    The Kamika Agama of the Shaiva Siddhanta (Tantrantara Patala) says:

    (It is called Tantra because it promulgates great knowledge concerning Tattva and Mantra and because it saves.)

    It is a common misconception that Tantra is the name only of the Scripture of the Shaktas or worshippers of Shakti. This is not so.

    There are Tantras of other sects of the Agama, Tantras of Shaivas, Vaishnavas and so forth.

    • let's go back to the mama...

      it started before Kemet (Ancient Egypt) but, this is where i will begin

      At this time in history there was No Sumer, No Greece, No Rome, No Europe, No Hebrews, No Moses, No Jesus, No Islam, No Buddha, No Zen, No Tantra, No Space Aliens, No Christianity, No Torah, No Pentateuch, No Bible. But there were other highly advanced cultures like India and China both were already fully developed within a very close time period.

      That is why we tell our seekers to look to Africa and then to the other Eastern cultures for true spiritual answers. Western culture is still very young and immature as ancient wisdom, spirituality and history goes.

      The Kemetian (Africans) understood the laws of Cosmogony and astrophysical study, spiritual magic and the secrets of the universe. THE LAW OF OPPOSITES (TAO) was not only a universal law, but the principle means of understanding reality. This is the GREAT LAW of the manifest universe. It is a law of reflections: to distinguish what is real, what is not real. It makes manifest that which is un-manifest. It displays itself in everything in this world, our lives and the universe."

      They called it MAAT... which is also the Tao, Libra, Tantra,

      Us westerns think it’s about balancing, Like our modern day version of Libra and the "scales of judgment" …which couldn’t be further from the truth (see) western corruption of MAat and Libra is not about the swinging back and forth to try to find some type of equilibrium. it’s about letting go of the scales of judgment altogether MAAT was called the "straight path" the Tao is not about yin and yang …yin and yang are the problem

      Bruce Lee says it best; "Be like water my friend"

      NOTE: this is not about race or me being racist, i'm not a social activist for race or nationaity...

      It matters not who was first to receive the spiritual Maat' and spiritual Tantric light, but very important to know that the one true Great mystery of the universal was moving within the consciousness and super consciousness of other beings and ancients at the same time. This spiritual path is very old and is one without limits of expansion and growth called the science of Maat' and the Tantric arts by the ancients of the host nations.

      Africa's great part in history was cut out and hidden but we shall return it back to her rightful place. This is not about race pride, but truth.

      People from all, COME! study and learn with me

      • MA'at (Tao)

        Everywhere in Kemet
        is god speaking.
        why not be polite and
        Listen to Her?

        stop the chase and be a witness

        The unnamable is the eternally real.

        Free from Knowledge, you realize the mystery.
        Caught in Science, you see only her manifestations.

        Yet mystery and manifestations
        arise from the same source.
        This source is called darkness or your inner blackness [KMT - ancient black metaphysical egypt]

        Darkness within darkness.
        The gateway to all understanding.

        Do the Tao Now - Maat

        Look for her, and she can't be seen.
        Listen for her, and she can't be heard.
        Reach for her, and she can't be grasped.

        Above, it isn't bright.
        Below, it isn't dark.
        Seamless, unnamable,
        she returns to the realm of nothing.
        Form that includes all forms,
        image without an image,
        subtle, beyond all conception.

        Approach her and there is no beginning;
        follow her and there is no end.
        You can't know her, but you can be in her,
        at ease in your own life.
        Just realize where you come from:
        this is the essence of wisdom.

        • The God Genes Decoded

          "The God Genes Decode" by R.A. Waldron aka Nu Heri Mensa Ogun, is a book that takes a look at Hepy / Nile valley philosophy from the perspective of a priest of the modern Haitian Vodoun tradition.

          The author, given this perspective, does an analysis of the Classical Nile Valley philosophy and compares it to elements that have survived in posterior/later traditions such as Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, I Ching, Yoga, Dogon, Ifa, Akan, Vodoun and other traditions. Being as I the reviewer, am in the Nation of Gods and Earths, my interest in this subject is strictly Scientific and Cultural, and not religious or "spiritual", so I am trying to gauge the sophistication, accuracy, and originality with which the author is exposing the mental paradigm of a Classical Black Society such as the Nile Valley.

          If you are looking for a primer for the core Haitian Vodoun philosophy, you will be wasting your time and unsatisfied (We do not practice this Paganistic Witchery or any other), showing the FORM of the Haitian Vodoun philosophy as inspired by the Nile Valley culture, as the form is expressed in various other wisdom traditions, WITHOUT exposing actual Haitian Vodoun EXPLICIT RITUALS themselves. (Seth came to these religions during slavery)

          We're interacting with Mental Principles from other cultural backgrounds such as Kali from the Hindu tradition. The Pantheon of central Lwa/Loa figures in Haitian Vodoun are briefly compared to corresponding Neteru or combinations of Neteru in the Nile Valley school of thought, such as Damballah Wedo's comparison to Atum.

          Central themes of analysis of the Nile valley philosophy in relation to other modern cultures that show ubiquitous or pervading elements include:

          - Shamanism (conscious altering substances) to assist altering of consciousness.
          - Words of Power - Hekau - incantations to alter conscious and the environment.
          - Oracle via binary or powers of two casting of die/"chance" devices (binary, hexadecimal, hexagram) as a method to gauge personal and macroscopic rhythms to aid in prescribing future courses of action (a system to me which is too simplified for such a task, but has a basis with the physical underpinnings via chaos dynamics and initial condition gauging and phase space diagrams in Physics).
          - Identifying with various Fundamental Principles through a relationship akin to "marriage" to a complementary Fundamental Principle. This is related to trance, "channelling" and altered consciousness self identification with a Primary Principle or Force. In other words, the aspirant identifies his True Self as being the Supreme Being, God, or an Angel or Supreme Personality or Force.
          - The necessity of a rites of passage or initiation to qualify to be a proponent of a wisdom philosophy.

          Positives and exclusive qualities:

          1) There is a rendering of the Paut Neteru / Kabbalah using the 9 actual classical mental/physical bodies (Ba Ka Akhu Ren Sekhem Sahu Ab Khaibit Khat) in addition to what most people do which is just render the Neteru. They are also compared to the chakra ("endocrine") system. In addition there is a rendering the Annu Paut Neteru or Peseju (Atum Ra, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Ausar, Auset, Set, Nebt Het) into Kabbalistic mandala form with I / Yi ching hexagrams around the Primary sphere Atum Ra.

          2) There is a breaking down of the Udjet / Eye of Djehuty into the various aspects of the Annu Paut Neteru such as Atum Ra, Ausar, Heru, etc.. I've never thought of it that way before.

          3) 64 possible DNA codons based on combinations of the 4 amino acids A C G T into 64 possible 3 unit combinations is related to the64 I Ching Hexagrams with motivation of this connection from the cited classical texts and the function of the Udjet Eye of Djehuty fractions down to 1/64 part.

          This motivates the function of the Djehuty principle as writing and encoding the Book Of Life in people via DNA code, making people their own Book of Life, with various forms of meditations and exercises designed to cause the brain and body to resonate and bring the potential of these DNA instructions to manifestation mentally and physically. To me, this illustrates the fundamental MATHEMATICAL format on which Life is
          based and can be scientifically enhanced.

          4) There is an identification of the Neteru as elements of the PSYCHOLOGICAL make up of Man, as opposed to just "spirits" "deities" and other "religious" devices.

          5) This is a very well put together book, including the relevant excerpts or complete english reproductions of the traditional texts that the author cites, such as Book of Knowing the Transformations of Ra and overthrowing Aupep/Apep, Shabaka Stone (Men Nefer philosphy), Precepts of Ptah-Hetep, and others. It also includes relevant charts and diagrams to further assist identifying key points and concepts discussed in the book.

          1) In the work, the author referred to the element Shu as Air AND Light, exercising a more esoteric comparison than just "Earth Wind Fire Water etc."

          2) The atomic comparisons to the KMNW, comparing Amen and Amenet to Hydrogen and Helium and relating it one of the 4 "cardinal elements" of "fire".

          3) Traditional linguists employs the method of "word reflection" and "word transformation" quite liberally in the book, For instance, linking the word Olmec with Kem by reversing the consonants and implied vowels. Or transforming the word Paut or Group or Company into the word Ptah for the Builder Neteru by shuffling the P and T consonants. Or even transforming the Vodoun word "wedo" into "medu" by flipping the ENGLISH LETTER W into the ENGLISH LETTER M to form medo and then medu. This is related and parallels the assertion that words of power or Hekau can be synthesized from primary power consonants-vowel word fragments, in a similar way that genetic instructions can be synthesized from fundamental amino acids.

          4) Dialogue expressing the affinity of Dogon Cosmology to Nile Valley Cosmology, that gives to much credence and emphasis to an assertion that the Sirius Star system serves as some form of "life" for the mentality of people on earth,the physical properties of the white dwarf of that particular stellar system in comparison to the local interstellar space, in addition to identifying it as a 3rd extra "black dwarf" of the system, based on the Po tolo anomaly of Dogon tradition of the observable Sig Tolo and Emme Ya Tola elements (Sirius A and B) of the stellar system.


          to expose and linking of I / Yi Ching and the Bodies of Man (Ba,Ka ,etc.) into the Khemenu or Ogdoad of Men Nefer philosphy.

          • Ma'at as a Principle

            Ma'at as a principle was at least partially codified into a set of laws, and expressed a ubiquitous concept of correct from wrong characterized by concepts of truth and a respect for, and adherence to, this divine order believed to be set forth by her at the time of the world's creation. This divine order was primarily conceived of as being modeled in various environmental, agricultural, and social relationships.

            In addition to the importance of the Ma'at, several other principles within Ancient Egyptian law were essential, including an adherence to tradition as opposed to change, the importance of rhetorical skill, and the significance of achieving impartiality, and social equality. Thus, to the Egyptian mind, Ma'at bound all things together in an indestructible unity: the universe, the natural world, the state, and the individual were all seen as parts of the wider order generated by Ma'at!

            During the Greek period in Egyptian history, Greek law existed alongside that of the Egyptian law, but usually these laws favored the Greeks. When the Romans took control of Egypt, the Roman legal system which existed throughout the Roman empire was imposed in Egypt.

            The underlying concepts of Taoism and Confucianism are Ma'at. Many of these concepts were codified into laws, and many of the concepts often were discussed by ancient Egyptian philosophers and officials who referred to the spiritual text known as the Book of the Dead.

            Later scholars and philosophers also would embody concepts from the wisdom literature, or seboyet. These spiritual texts dealt with common social or professional situations and how each was best to be resolved or addressed in the spirit of Ma'at- it was very practical advice, and highly case-based, so that few specific and general rules could be derived from them.

            • Taoism
              The Way
              of Balance (MA'at)

              There is external, historical evidence of the creation of Taoism — a finite starting point, a tangible point of inscription in the 6th century BCE. But that date probably differs from what was created esoterically. There is an otherworldliness to the inception of Taoism. Its history and origins are complex.

              The esoteric portion is 7-10,000 years old and comes out of a huge shamanic component in the Chinese culture that is not normally known. There also is an interdimensional component — a cosmic realm or interface. This view of Taoism is not commonly discussed, but it can be found in the interchange of energy in the exercises and in the art itself.

              This shamanic component interprets the relationship of macrocosm and microcosm and the way in which they interact. The workings of the Universe, yin and yang, correlate to each other. The same forces that drive the Universe are what develop us into who we are.

              Taoism has a unique interpretation of the cosmos, and yet this interpretation has many parallels with others.

              And Taoism has many branches, including the shamanic and alchemical; holistic patterns of physical living; ceremony and rituals; a basis in nature, numerology, music, and art; and its own laws of regulation for protection against the world. This makes it a very rich culture.

              • There are many texts, not just one. There is great disagreement as to Lao Tzu actually writting the Tao te Ching it was written by many scibes from verbal knowledge passing through the ages. There are many canons and great texts as well as masterpiece literary works. Many of the texts were destroyed relatively recently by Mao. A contemporary writer is Eva Wong.

                If we discuss the otherworldliness, we talk about remnants of knowledge from humans who knew the extraterrestrial Beings (not what you think) in Kemet that were called the Sons of Light.

                The teachings reach back to the cosmos, by way of KMT and India who came to China and taught about culture, food, healing, and other subjects.

                The discrepancies point to an intervention where humanity was seeded. These Beings had a vision and an agenda. They altered the human genetic makeup or DNA in some fashion to change the way we process knowledge. The Kemeties became keepers of the interchange of the Light and the Path.

                If you are a good farmer, you plant more than one kind of plant in a patch, and in the same way, the Beings seeded humanity with this knowledge in more than one place. They passed on their knowledge with the Kemeties, Africans, Egyptians, India, Asia, the Druids and Celts, and in South America and with the Native Americans. There is some universality of evolution, brotherhood, and a Divine Plan working itself out.


                • Where they stole their Kalimatt (Kali-Maat)

                  Learn to read the I-Ching through coins or sticks, without a book. Discover the elemental flow of experiences, and the cycles of Yin and Yang (Auset/Ausar) as they dance through life.

                  It's no "coin-cidence" that the I-Ching contains 64 Hexagrams, each describing a specific flow of experience, and our DNA contains 64 codons. Wouldn't it be nice if you could quickly scan the energy of experiences in any period of time with a few coins? Interpret the potential of the future, understand the details of the past, explore your present changes and choices, and learn to do so in any location with nothing but three coins. Sacred Geometry, the Chakras, a Kemetic workshop recommended as a prerequisite for comprehensive study.

                  Come with an open mind, and discover deeper threads in the human story. Understand the complexities of Galactic politics, planetary evolution, and the fantastic potential we have in approaching our Galactic Solstice.

                  "The Guardian's Spirit is that sword which pierces the veil, filling the cosmos. It refers to the vitality of actions, and the quality of inactions. The Guardian's Spirit is not really a possession at all, but rather the force of the vital energy in which the totality of the Self mobilizes and takes its repose." -Light of the Kensai*

                  The Guardian Training Intensive (Level I) provides an integrative series of exercises and hands-on practices for Self-Discovery and empowerment. This is an opportunity to explore the fundamentals and dynamics of the Human Energy Field and its relationship to consciousness, the physical body and other bodies, as well as receive training in a diverse selection of practical applications.

                  The first phase of the Intensive explores Energy. Enhance your sensitivity to Energy in its many forms, and bring conceptual Energetics into your physical experience. Develop a deeper familiarity with each of the layers of the Energy Body, and learn techniques for moving Energy in very specific and precise ways. Work with others to link, braid, and co-create tangible fields and circles. The Art of the Jedi is knowing the Force in all its Forms.

                  The second phase of the Intensive awakens the Body. Discover methods for building up charge in the Body, raising the Kundalini and applying it for magical, martial, or sensual purposes. Move energy through each part of your Body, and focus it to heal, clear, or release Force. Become proficient in holding states of Yang or Yin, balancing the Body, and allowing real Power to emerge in your movements through proper grounding and relaxation. The Body of the Jedi is true Temple.

                  The third phase of the Intensive expands Consciousness. Step outside the physical, and recognize the way that Consciousness acts and interacts in other Dimensions. Identify and focus your Consciousness on the Etheric and Astral Planes, and explore techniques for enhancing your awareness, enabling higher-sensory perception, and remote viewing. Develop the fundamental skills for lucid dreaming, teleportation, and accessing causal realms. The Consciousness of the Jedi contains all Locks, and holds all Keys.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    "For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire."-Obi-Wan

                    Discover D'Jedi:

                    The "Djedi" were the "stable ones"--wisdom keepers of one mind and one spirit who, as initiates of the Osirian mysteries, comprised the living, terrestrial body of the archetypal, celestial Osiris. Contemporary Djedi are self-selecting regenerators of cosmos. They are those who, regardless of race or creed, are awakening to mission in service to the planet and the epochal imperatives of stability, continuity and regeneration.


                    Originally the Djed represented Netjer: Ptah (Original Buddha) who was called "Noble Djed", but later on it came to represent Netjer: Asir. Djed pillars were painted along the bottom of the coffin to symbolize "becoming Ausar" in the after life and associating the deceased with the royal house of Khem/Kemet. Netjer: Asir was known as the "Djedi" (see the resemblance to Jedi?).

                    The Djedi were called "the stable ones" who were entered into the Order of Asir (see Moira Timms Djed History). As she says they are the "wisdom keepers" being the physical representation of Asir on Ta/Earth. The Djedi come forth during the changing of the cycles (sun cycle, moon cycle...) in means to stabilize a chaotic planet & set everything to order before the coming or with the coming of the "New Age". As the celestial Asir resurrects so must the physical Djedi (Asir-ites) come forth...


                    We, too, have equal opportunity to make it or break it. The discoveries emerging from Egypt, describe the existence of a world wide pyramid temple system in prehistory, mounted like antennae on the key energy meridians, which were employed by ancient priest- scientists as a musical system to stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet... cataclysmic geology at it's finest. From the mother tongue word JEDAIAH, meaning "the way of the Word" or "the power of the Word", the ancient JEDAI (is this where Lucas got his inspiration for the Jedi knights?) priests used the language of Light to tune the planet like a giant harmonic bell.


                    "There is a tale of the Djedi from Egyptian mythology at around the time of the Pyramid Age. The Djedi was a wise magician who was believed to possess all of the secrets of Thoth, the god of wisdom, as well as hold the numerical mysteries that were hidden within the chambers of Thoth's temple. There is a very well known story about the Djedi being called on by King Khufu/Cheops, who wanted to obtain all the secrets of Thoth's chamber so he could incorporate the mysteries into his own tomb within the pyramids he was erecting."

                    • :: Starseed Crystallization Series:::

                      The Galactic Ambassador Initiation will explore the nature of our place as a species within the Universe, as well as the many possibilities, potentials, and purposes behind existing information about Extraterrestrial contact, interplanetary politics, and Galactic relationships.
                      In the first phase, we will take a historical journey through key Astronomical and Astrological information contained within many cultures.

                      For phase two, exploration will delve into the nature of the Self, and the experiences and intuitive connections that have emerged for individuals within the group. Hear stories of direct contact, memory retrieval, and gain new planetary perspective. To complete this evening session, take a field trip to a local observatory and be inspired by beautiful visions of Galaxies, Stars, and Planets within our own Solar System.

                      In phase three, we will focus on developing and refining a more complete understanding of a series of different Species within the Galaxy, and looking at the most dramatic changes that may come in the next few years. Develop a grounded perpective on massive Earth changes, and the variety of ways in which those changes may manifest, including revolutionary new technologies on the way. Prepare a Vision plan for your own Path, and bring forward the gifts within you that will maintain their value and purpose throughout planetary transformation on any scale. ;-)

                      • Confucius (Ka’ung Fu-zi or Ka' ung Fu Tzu) or Master Kung (Ka)

                        Much of the West today is taught a watered down form of health energy management systems which can be loosely termed and translated are the Art of War and the Martial arts. There are a great many reasons for this, all of which are too complicated to explain here.

                        MAAT = Tao

                        Kemetic Amen Ra Way A Ra is a system which functions as it was intended thousands of years ago when a person took care of his own health and defended his or her own home and land against the aggressive forces of the world. In sum, there is no watered down martial art in A Ra of ancient Kemet. Through breathing practices and daily living habits, the practitioner digs deep into his Ra, chi, Kundalini, or simply life force or energy, finds it, cultivates it, revitalizes it, and then strengthens it beyond his very own imagination until it becomes a force which he or she can externalize. It then serves him in his or her every day life in miracles of inner and outer strength. This is the projection of Ra in the energy management ofKemet The Amen Ra Way which is on display in the legends of Heru, Heru Ra Ur, which the legends of the world later called Herucules and Thor to name a few, and which the practioner attempts to emulate in combat.

                        Kemet, The Amen Ra Way

                        About A Ra

                        While this Tribe concerns one of the greatest spiritual systems, The Amen Ra Way, and its accompanying energy management system (martial art) named A Ra (pronounced Aw Ra) ever known to man, there is no plead for violence nor any need for such. Any individual who reads this work believing that it calls for any war or other physical confrontation in the name of any God has not understood the meaning nor the intent of the work.

                        You see this Tribe is intended for the height of service in Godâ s work upon the earth. The intent is no more than to create spiritually strong individuals who can do the work needed to unify people, who can teach other people to love each other; all while suffering those of us still upon the earth who have not grown strong enough to let go the faint heart and all the other emotional bondage which creates the misery and war and strife and disease and starvation and poverty and waste and...on this planet. There is no Jihad or any other such so called external holy war here. No offensive (without actual real threat) physical blow can ever be struck righteously in the name of Amen-Ra while using A Ra. However it is the work for God which will empower the practitioner to commit the great miracles while practicing the management system. No, there is no war here.

                        But there are two great battles here. There is one within the practitioner while he fights within himself to over come the illusion of separateness and emotionality which will keep him from becoming a better human being (read spiritually stronger) and then there is the battle between the practitioner who becomes an adept and those who would keep the adept from helping the world to be a better place when the adept helps others understand that illusion of separateness and emotionality in his efforts of unification of the world. In this second battle, it is only the spirit of the adept which fights on planes unseen by human eyes against forces which the untrained believe either don't exist or can't be fought. The adept knows that a single blow struck nor myriad blows thrown would never undo what has been created within the collective spirit of those who stand against unity and love, the essence of spirituality, on this planet.

                        Lastly there is combat here. Glorious strength of will and spirit pitted against challenges to be overcome. Here you will learn how to love and that love will become a glowing force within your spirit. That love will become the power within you that you can heal yourself and others and literally project out of your body to shield you, to strike an opponent who attacks you, to stop an opponent in his tracks before he can attack you. And none of these methods will work if they are used offensively; for that is the method God chooses to control this energy management system. Understand this is called an energy management system because you will be taught how to manage your internal spirit to become an external force.

                        This is the highest level of martial arts, made easy between these Blogs. But it is a holistic system. Once you achieve It, then you will be a spectator watching within your own body as you watch the punch that your body blocks without attempting, willing to block. You will punch at people and they will feel the energy of your punch without the fist ever touching them.

                        They will hit you and skid on your body as they strike your energy shield around your body and the hardest thrown punch will feel light as softly thrown pillow. But all of your own ability will start with how much love is in your heal the world. This is the truth behind that ancient martial arts saying that the power to hurt is the power to heal. Lastly this is a culture and system of love. As such it is not relegated to white, black, or purple people. All are welcome to practice love and give rise to strength. Amen Ra.

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