True stories of LOA WORKING to bring you something you desired.

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I want to hear about tangible results.
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    about a year ago i was in a really bad job. i hated it. i mean i really hated it. i used to leave the office at lunch and cry and then go back to work and hold back the tears for another four hours.

    a friend told me that she had written down what she wanted in her next job and two weeks later she received a job offer. it sounded crazy but i had seen the secret and what the bleep so i figured what the hell. i used the secret visualization tool (on youtube) every day multiple times a day to raise my vibration.

    an amazing job appeared on craigslist and i applied with a completely over the top cover letter. my opening line was "working for this organization would thrill my soul." i figured i didn't have anything to lose.

    they received 100 applications for the job and it was narrowed down to one other person (15 years my senior) and to me. while interviewing they told me about another job opportunity in the same organization. i realized in my last interview i wanted the other job and not the original one i'd been called in to do. i ended up with the second job which was perfect for me because it's project based and will end next year rather than being a long-term gig.

    these were all things that I wanted. A job working for an organization that I respect. A big project that is important to my community. An end date so I can figure out what I REALLY want to do in my next decade (I'm experiencing a mid-life re-creation, formerly known as a crisis).

    i went from my lowest career point to my highest in a few months time. i delight in this every day. i have lots of smaller examples but this one has the biggest WOW factor.

    i can and do have everything i want. so can you. i think i've just scratched the surface of my manifestation capabilities. my dreams keep getting bigger and while it still scares me (due to old programming) it also excites me!

    dreams and love,
    • That's awesome!!! Thank you for your post.
      Que mas? Anyone?
      • i manifested:
        - 3 unexpected moneyinflows and one half (:oP) expected
        -a steady income while doing what i love in life
        -5 dance workshops that i led and 2 big ones i wanted to attend
        -amazing relationship with my ex-husband
        -piano that i wanted to start playing again
        -becoming free from smoking

        what was already there but didn't see them:
        -childhood dream of living (not just visiting) in a foreign country and learning the languages, customs, ways of living
        -living in a house with 3 art atteliers and a graphic studio
        -having an artist as a neighbour, friend and a tutor for my son
        -the privilege to stay at home with my son during his most important first 3 years

        and these are only side products of one true intentio i had after watching the secret:
        -to become happy ( i worded it - raised serotonine levels)

        i dont know if my serotonine levels have actually increased and dont know that much about biochemistry to know that this would make me feel happy :o))) but i know that i happines is the musical key in which my life is played...

        the processes i used mostly:

        -daily gratitude journal ( a must have for anyone seriously into deliberate use of LOA)
        -the work of byron katie for releasing painful beliefs
        -positive affirmations by louise hay
        -genpo roshi 'big heart-big mind" meditations (check them out for free on youtube)
        -slight usage of collages and visualisations
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          great stories kaalii and really good, tangible tools.

          i don't have tools so much as i have inspiriational quotes (aside from the youtube visualization tool). i think i heard these from rob brezny's free will astrology. now they're on my desk at home and at work.

          almost everything comes from almost nothing - henri-frederic amiel
          the best way to predict your future is to create it - peter drucker
          leap and the net will appear - zen saying (i'm still struggling with this one, but it's a beautiful idea.)

          sweet dreams all,
        • I really am in awe of your positive energy and also those others responding to this thread...and the "I am curious to..." affirmation which i must have read on another thread...
          what often stops me from working with LOA is my doubt that what I ask for, what I want, might be ultimately against my dharma, that although it may be a good thing from my small life's point of view (for example, a life partner), it may take me off my true path. I guess I am assuming that I am here to learn certain lessons and accomplish certain tasks in this lifetime and if I don't get it done, it will carry on and on and on... Do you ever have such doubts? And how do you work with them?
  • I got the movie, The Secret, and watched it a couple of times and shared it with friends. but wasn't doing any particular practice of visualizing or doing positive affirmations or anything. Still, perhaps by some cosmic coincidence, within the next year I was freely gifted with a new roof on my house, new energy efficient windows, my house got scraped down and repainted, I was given a fancy new computer and extra wide monitor, a large chunk of cash to start a retirement fund for myself, all the dental work I had been needing (which was lots). Gosh, I can't remember what all, but it just seemed like heaven opened up and was raining down blessings on me. I made sure to express all the thankfulness in my heart.

    I do sort of pray every morning in the car on my way to work and ask to be "In the Flow" and as much as possible to be more popular. I rationalized this as OK to ask for because it would be a sign that I am noticing other people more and in good relationship with my fellow humans. It's a bit intangible but I have definitely felt more noticed and people laugh with me more and pay more attention to my opinions and jokes.

    I also ask to be full of concentrated Spirit, overflowing with it and that I want to be a blessing to all I come in contact with (people at work, customers I talk to on the phone all day, family and friends, people in shops, just everybody) and since then I have been having a lot more neat short conversations with people, even those quickie elevator type conversations where I hear someone's life story and get a chance to practice being sympathetic and understanding or others where there are witty remarks or I learn something or we both get to laughing. The cumulative result seems to be an increase of my self confidence which is having a positive impact on all my socializing in sort of an upward spiral.
  • Had a couple of good pieces of news today at work (in addition to making holiday pay the whole shift). Firstly I have an interview for a mentor position with the new hire training classes. I have a passion for teaching and even if I don't get the position I am just so pleased to be putting myself into the notice of the powers that be so they can start thinking of me in that way.

    Nextly, my previous manager came up to me and said, "I suppose no one has told you yet." There's one of the regular Grand Reshuffling of the Teams going on as people make bids for different shifts. I'm going back on to her team (Yes! Picture me making the lawnmower pull motion) and will be sitting next to this red haired chick that seems pretty neat. I had been thinking it might be kind of cool to get to know her better should the occasion arise and it can make a difference at work if you are around cool peeps day in and day out. All around touchdown, Alleluia. The former boss is a pretty laid back manager as well. She was so cute about the way she informed me. She said she had to trade _two_ of her people to get me.

    I am blessed, thanks be.
  • All good stuff. Any more?
    • I don't mean to hog this thread, but I thought of another thing from a couple of months ago. I was thinking in a sort of offhand way that maybe I should get a bicycle for a touch of exercise and quickie little local trips to the store to save on gas. I didn't even get a chance to start shopping around for one. A girlfriend gave me hers as a thank you for helping her move. She ordered it over the internet, new, and it came with a little stand you can put under the back wheel in order to turn it into an exercise bike. The only way she ever used it was in the living room in front of the TV. She only used it for maybe a couple of weeks. It's basically new. I'm feeling hideously guilty cause I haven't even pumped up the tires and tried it out yet. Seems like I ought to be utilizing the gifts I've been given.
      • Wow, that's really cool! Those are the kinds of things that give me hope.
        • have to add something great here:

          i attracted an amazing man in my life after being single for two years!!
          almost spooky how perfectly he suits me...

          • Haha, Kaalii, I too am attracting someone into my life that I truly needed. He's not at all what I thought I wanted, but I had a major shift in my attitude towards relationships last April, that involved surrendering my idea of the perfect mate and being willing to let God take the reigns for a change, and now I find I am in love with someone who is more of what I needed that what I wanted. He loves me and does it in a manner that no one ever has, and I have fallen in love with him because I has two qualities that I now recognize as invaluable to me, he is generous of spirit and he is humble. I thought I wanted someone who had things in common with me, but I am finding that it is the qualities a person has, and their approach to the world that is important to me, and not what they may or may not have in common with me. What a wonderful world we live in!
  • I have found my manifestation process far differant then that of the "secret "and other techniques I have witnessed, For me a constant thought process of having my desire ( imagining it has happened, such as my wallet full of mone, my room full of money etc.etc..) this method of bombarding the thoughts of the desires I need always backfires on me, what does work is One pure thought and wording of the desire when I am at calmness. Often I look back to the manifestations I have had and it is always just One clear thought then they manifest. even if im not aware I am doing it

    my successfull manifestation that I can truely say were from this process.
    -moving cross country ,and starting my owm business. I stated "I want to find a niche clientele for plant care in Manhattan beach Ca." never been to or heard of Manhattan beach. I was in MA. 1 year to date owned my own co. w/ high end clientele in manhattan beach.
    -My truck , which i stated "I need a truck cheeap 2,000.00 that is automatic" after looking for 3 weeks at all junk for that price and all being stick shift. next day found right truck.
    -stated I wanted a "Luxury car" came up on a saab turbo se that month
    -living situation.
    numerous girls. these I conciosly stated sort of testing my one thought method
    stated " I want a girl well off with a career and money" met a girl that night owned own business/had a brand new range rover. she turned out to be a cheat
    stated - I want a girl so into me" met a girl that night crazy for me goo goo eyed lol never had that before, but she was truely infatuated with me. kinda strange. but she was very young, did not work
    -stated:" I want a girl into me sexually and mentally" turns out that night found a girl so into, kissing my neck on first meeting etc. and met a girl that night that was into me mentally. opted for the second girl. had a second date, and talked for 2 hrs.
    So for me it works but "careful what you wish for" type thing b/c the thought needs to be complete. the universe will answer but it comes with other things that you were not aware of perhaps.
    Has anyone else got this result? manifesting in ways that the books etc. do not speak of? Im very in tune w/ surrounding and universe so the constant sending of vibrations may not work but the one clear direct seems to....
    one more. I manifested the "ask and it is given book" as well stated to a friend before I knew what loa was that there must be something written.b/c i was already manifesting things without the knowledge of any resources etc. next day I found myself driving to a spiritual bookstore,closed.., so I was compelled to go the next day. in the window at the door was the book."ask and it is given. woman said it just came in she did not even know it was there.(another worker put it out0. so that may be my best ..manifesting the book on manifestations lol.

    all the best,

    and may the journey be blessed.

    • THings I have manifested using LOA,

      no job but an income of $1200/month
      an amazing home where I don't pay rent
      and intership in hawaii starting in two weeks
      finding my soul partners
      the ability to psychically communicate

      and lots more.....remember if you don't believe you can't accept your abundance....

    • Sez, this sort of proves my point and the point that Lynn Grabhorn makes in her book, that it isn't the thoughts that will help you manifest anything. But the 'purity' you speak of is the purity of you emotions behind those thoughts. It's the other end of that battery that is attracting what you want into your life. Creative visualizing only works when you can achieve the pure emotions of feeling that you already have what you want, even when you don't have it yet!

      Lynn's four basic steps to manifesting:
      1. Figure out what you DON"T want to attract anymore.

      2 Figure out what you DO want.

      3. Find the FEELINGS of what it will be like to have it. Visualize having it till you can taste it, feel it, smell it and touch it.

      4. Don't focus on not having it yet, Trust the Universe is bringing it to you, even as we speak.

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