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topic posted Thu, July 31, 2008 - 2:33 PM by  marquis
hello i am new. i have watched the movie the secret and i was excited about it. i have done my visualizations about manifesting what i want. i have asked the universe about new friends, decreasing the amount of arguing and tardiness of my fiance, winning the jackpot from the lottery, etc. ive asked once and waited, to be quiet honest; i havent even seen anything at all. my fiance and i still argue when im mad at him and he is still comes late. what is the proper way of speaking to the universe? ppl on the law of attraction group on yahoo were saying to say dear universe, when in the movie, they didnt say anything about speaking like that.

its sad to hear other ppl's stories about how they are getting stuff from the universe and i am not. i even wrote down the kinds of friends i want, the ethnicities, personality types, etc.
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  • I think the law of attraction is not easy to see the results, rather below your awareness the magic occurs like miracles. Another great book on LOA is ACIM, A course in miracles...

    Anyways. I use a different approach to the law of attraction, I want the universe to help me, but not just give me what I want....

    I declare a possibility I want to create in words, speak it out loud, and share it with other human beings that will hold me accountable in creating this new possibility.

    The miracle to me occurs when everything lines up beyond the intentional things I did to make the possibility come about. A sort of quantum leap if you will, I think of people who will help my possibility, I might call some of them, but others will just call me up like the "speak of the devil phenomena". I set out to accomplish things, maybe inspire someone to also work on my possibility making it their possibility also, and things begin to manifest really fast, almost beyond my capacity and the others, as if we had some magical extra people who are helping with the possibility I created.

    LOA or Miracles are not the magic in the sense that I can wish for a million dollars and poof its their, rather, if you focus on something it will be attracted to you, it might come in the form of a job that will someday allow you to earn a million dollars but maybe over 20 years time, you have to be really specific with wish, hope, dreams because there is a lot more to any given moment then you can imagine. You universe may fill your wish, but the old saying is, "be careful what you wish for", and the reason why is we often thing we know what we want only later to discover our wants change and our preception of something was different then the actual desire results. If you wish for something, and you are not specific how will the universe know.

    IN the book think and grow rich, the affirmation programming of the subconscious mind is very specific to have you make the repeat decarations be in the positive and not written with the sense of time. Declaration like "I am not fat" are not good because the subcounscious mind cant program in double negative concepts like "not", the subcounscious mind is the mind that controls the heart beat, breathing, its very simple, yet it allow us when we really want something to remember like long term memory a desire to have something, and make that one crucial phone call that we might typically forget to make that make the dream possible. The conscious mind can only focus on about 7-9 subjects at a time, its very simple yet has the ability to think of complex thoughts and analyze, even declare possibilty of a new something in our life with the power of words.

    Anyways, the law of attraction doesnt want you to know its helping you, and you speaking isnt specific enough, and finally its just an attraction, which doesnt guarantee a result, just a tendency to possibility, the rest is up to you.
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    it is your state of being, your vibrational state which creation responds to..
    maintain the state of being you prefer and take steps (action) towards your desired reality.

    If you KNOW you are in the state you prefer and you KNOW that you will automatically real-eyes that manifestation because that is how creation works then you will see it happen.

    more often than not it is our sub-conscious doubts which over-ride our ability to attract what we prefer...

    it is all very well believing that you will receive a new job or whatever, but if you have an over-riding belief that says that either you won't get the job or something related like 'me receiving what I want will not happen because I don't deserve it because x,y,z' then you won't see it happen...

    be unconditional in all things just as the love is that creation has for you.. ;)
  • thought it might seem that way, the law of attraction is not a vending machine from the universe.

    what it says is that what you think, believe and hold to be true is what you will attract to you. that means that when you visualize what you want, in terms of new friends, or a peaceful relationship with your fiance (that's a big one, and worth working on with different actions, i think), a new job, whatever... you are calling it into being.

    the catch is that you won't get it until you already vibrate at the same level as it... in other words, until you believe you have it. and generally, asking once, and then going about one's daily life filled with doubts and concerns, just isn't enough to shift your own vibrational level about it.

    i'm not sure about saying "dear universe" but hey, whatever works. sometimes i use a technique i think i learned through abraham, where i delegate what i want to my manager in the universe... like calling them in and saying "here's what i want you to take care of for me" -- i did it with a chunk of money, and in a fairly short time, it began to come to me. that works because i had a complete belief that it was all being taken care of by someone i completely trusted.

    the movie "the secret" is just an introduction, and it doesn't even have some of the best teachers in it. i highly recommend reading some abraham books and watching some abraham videos on youtube. one of my dvds has a great session with a woman who was worried it was all taking too long, and the coaching about it was both funny and inspiring. it takes as long as it takes for us to believe we have it, and really, what's the rush?

    for me, the process of seeing how easily i can control my own emotional state and beliefs, and how that then shifts what happens for me, and how i perceive what happens for me, is the good stuff. ;^)
    • saying dear universe isnt really helping me one bit, thats why i am looking for other ways to approach the universe. LOA reminds me of making a wish, its true be careful what u wish for. i mean i would ask and in my visualizations, i would walk like i have xyz. the reason i am getting this doubtful feeling is becuz i feel like this LOA is a fluke like my fiance was telling me. im an very impatient person, if i dont get what i want then i dont believe in hope anymore. i raised myself to get stuff in a fast quick way, find an easier way to get it asap.

      i mean the movie made me realize about that one guy who kept gettin these bills he didnt want and they kept comin back. well, it reminded me of meeting the same ppl that i didnt like as far as personality goes and every time i would go online whether it was a chatroom, myspace, personal ad sites whatever it is; make an ad and practically every person that emailed me all of them had the same personality. for example, rude, inconsiderate, selfish, liar, flakes, racist (if they couldnt get what they wanted), insecure, not trustworthy etc. those were pretty much the ppl i was "attracting" online and then i met them offline. it really pissed me off when i found out after meeting them, they turned completely against me. they couldnt even be real friends to me, they were too concern about what others thought, they were scared or interracial dating or having friends of different races etc.

      I'm pretty much a doubtful person, its kinda hard for me to even believe in anything i can do. i did act like i already had what i wanted, but if i didnt see it asap then i just lost interest in it. :(

      if this system is suppose to help u manifest ur desires, then it certainly is a very slow process to the point i am looking elsewhere to achieve the same thing in a short amount of time. but, i will check out some youtube videos on abraham. also, we do have an LOA groups here in AZ, im gonna start going to those groups soon.
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        Fri, August 1, 2008 - 12:57 PM
        here's what i think you're missing, and what nick touched on...

        the LOA is not some special trick that you use to get what you want... and it is certainly not a fluke.

        it is **how the universe works, how it always works, and how you have created everything around you already** -- you use the LOA all the time. you use it when you manifest a relationship with conflict, because your thoughts are about conflict. you use it when you post on a personals site and get responses that are "all the same" (which honestly i have to doubt) -- you have used it to create everything you see around you and everything you experience... only you didn't know it. we all use the LOA, all the time, every day, it is how things are... but those who learn to see how it's working can shift the thoughts and therefore shift the outcome.

        as you sow, so shall you reap. ask and it is given. what comes around goes around. all of these are sayings that point to one of the fundamental laws of our universe and our consciousness. our thoughts become things... so if you're getting things you would prefer not to have, the only thing there is to do... the **ONLY** thing, is to shift your thinking about it. not just once, and not just making a wish and hoping the universe jumps to please you, but to actually shift your emotional and mental state about something, so that you are actually able to receive that thing that you are manifesting.

        you can be a doubtful person, and get impatient that the world isn't producing your desires fast enough, but that generates doubtful results and frustration. want proof? you are living proof. we are all living proof that our beliefs create our reality.

        do check out abraham videos, and i also highly recommend that you get some books about the LOA and do more reading, so you can get a better grasp on the concept, and then when you go to LOA groups or discuss it in places like this, you'll have a better understanding of what it really is, and what it isn't. it's elemental, but making the shift in thinking to understand it takes some attention and focus.
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          Re: LOA - how to properly speak to the universe

          Fri, August 1, 2008 - 1:04 PM

          Another aspect to remember is that you will test yourself when you change.

          change because it is who you are now not because of what you think it will get you...

          the test comes in the form of your reality NOT changing after you change... only when you maintain the change even in the face of an unchanging reality will the change manifest..

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          Fri, August 1, 2008 - 11:11 PM
          well i should know what kind of ppl are responding to ads i post, they do sound the fuckin same! every ad i gotten they were more concern about the my looks than personality and 98% of them are usually childish ppl who email me on these sites when they cant get what they want - those are the ones that i am attracting for some odd reason.

          hmm yea, i will definitely check out some loa videos and some more books on them.
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            Mon, August 4, 2008 - 12:18 PM

            My suggestion would be to find how to address the Universe/All that is/God/Goddess whatever you want to call it, the way it resonates with you. Some people address the Universe as God or something else. If the Great Pumkin sounds right to you do it that way.

            The bottom line is that part of asking for what you want is getting specific but not to the point that you are not allowing it to happen. Maybe these people you aren't interested in or aren't appropriate for you are teaching you how to say no to what you don't want. And that part of the process is important to building the self esteem and self respect required not to settle for the relationships you don't want?

            I don't profess to know you or your internal reasons for things but that could be one option. Maybe the people you are meeting are showing you what to say NO to, maybe you weren't good at saying NO before and once you stop being upset that they aren't IT and just matter of factly decide, Oh you aren't suitable, the better the choices will be. Just a thought.

            We all have different inner language of words and symbols that we respond to and you need to find what you respond to for yourself. For example, wordy affirmations or prayers don't seem to work for me, I need to get right down to a focused point and that will make me feel it is really happening and then IT DOES! But others need the long listings and descriptions for themselves because that is how their inner dialogue works. Find what is right for you, it is never right or wrong. Maybe you haven't found the way to apply it that truly SPEAKS to you?

            I hope this helps.
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    Sun, August 3, 2008 - 10:34 AM
    Marquis, this is exactly the sort of queston that Lynn Brabhorn asnwers in her book "Excuse me Your Life is Waiting." She says there are four steps to 'talking to the universe:
    1. figure out what you Don't want.
    2. figure out what you Do specifically want.
    3. Find how it Feels to have what you want, even if you don't have it yet.
    4. Sit back and let the universe give it to you (without FOCUSING on the fact that you don't have it yet!)

    by focusing on what you want, and NOT the fact that it's not here yet, you attract it into your life. Focusing on what you don't have that you do want, your focusing on NOT having it, and the Universe mistakes this for the idea that you Don't want it! As other's here have stated, it is your vibration that tells the Universe what you want, this is one instance that is OK to day dream, with all the good vibrations you can throw at it, about what you want, if it isn't coming quick enough for you, focus on asking the Universe what You need to do to get it. Because as you have already discovered, focusing on NOT having it, will get you no where fast, accept just frustrated about NOT having it.
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      Tue, August 5, 2008 - 6:28 PM
      i do know what i want. i made a list of qualities and what kind of friends i want. i didnt write down what i don't want, i just know it in my head. one time i was visualizing about winning the lottery, i felt a vibration about winning the lottery and jumping for joy.
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    Wed, August 6, 2008 - 8:00 AM
    <<< thought it might seem that way, the law of attraction is not a vending machine from the universe. >>>
    amen leslie! took the words right out of my head...
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      Thu, August 7, 2008 - 12:58 PM
      I want to share with you what happened to me since I first watched The Secret and started applying LOA. Before watching the movie 8 months ago for past 3 years I was getting deeper and deeper into debt. I was getting into a whole that I thought I will never get out. I have 2 small consulting companies that were going under and I couldn't keep up with problems within the companies and everyday I was getting more and more money problems. It felt like everyday there was more and more of this %^&*. and I needed a change. I was thinking about closing them down and starting new live from scratch. I am glad I DIDN'T! Me and my wife watched the Secret and we felt that is it! We started applying the secret and it started to work!! within 3 weeks seems my problems started to go away. I was getting less and less money problems. Suddenly my company in Canada increase profits by 40%!! my company in Europe started getting major contracts with large firms from Europe. Out of nowhere my friend that I haven't seen in 8 years!!! Reached out to me about an idea and we ended up create a product that will revolutionize Financial Planning industry (btw, we just went live with it 3 weeks ago!). There is more and more and more. Before I was complaining about not enough contracts now I am can't keep up with work. I got to tell you guys LOA is real stuff and who ever doesn't apply this or believe in this is crazy. Simply it blows my mind how my live that was going down the drain for past 3 years is simply coming out of the whole to see the light. This is amazing! I am glad that I found this and believed in it! I just wish I would know about this 10 years ago when I came out of school!

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