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Just a follow up to the "Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting". Lynn talks about a moodiness. A strange moodiness. Has anyone felt this? Let me quote her "Strange new exaggerated moodiness unpleasant but common occurrence that seems to happen when we start pulling more high-frequency energy into the body. We know now these swings come from the body acclimating itself to the prolonged periods of higher vibrations, which in turn cause a dramatic change in the body's chemical make-up. The mood swings are simply chemicals adjustments taking place. Some folks have experienced these mood swings rather profoundly, some only moderately, but everybody seems to have something to say about them. Fortunately, this passes. In fact, you can feel it letting up by about six weeks and usually gone altogether within three months.

Get two wire coat hangers and cut an "L" out of each one, about 12 inches long for the main part, and about 5 inches for the handle. Cut a plastic straw to go around the handle so that they'll swing easily, then once you have the straw in place, bend the bottom of the handle up to hold the straw in place. They'll swing without the straw, but not as freely.
Now you have a pair of Woo-Woo Wands, is what Lynn calls them. Hold the wands loosely out in front of you as if you were pointing a gun. Keep them about chest high and about 10 inches from your body. They flap all over the place at first, in response to your energy, so give them a few moments to settle down and stop wobbling. Once they've settled down, your ready to play.
With your eyes straight ahead, recall with feeling some very unpleasant event from your past. Depending on the intensity of your emotion surrounding that event, the wands will either stay straight ahead (weak intensity), or will point inward, tip to tip. The wands are following the electromagnetic bands around your body which have contracted as a result of the negative frequency generated by your unpleasant thought and emotions. Now make your frequencies turn positive by thinking about something incredibly wonderful, or loving, or joyous. Or focus on one of your children or a pet, and literally flood them with love. The wands will now expand outward quite rapidly as your energy field expands in answer to your positive energy flow. To demonstrate how energy follows thought, focus your attention on an object to your far left or right, and watch the wands follow your thought. Or begin focusing on your Expanded Self, your Guidance, and watch them spread apart in reaction to the enormous increase in energy such emotional thought creates. The more you play with this, the more adept you'll become at feeling the vibrational shift that takes place within you as you change from one frequency to another.

I tried this and it worked beautifully. I wanted to try this before I posted it. It was fun.
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    Re: Woo-Woo Wands and other info

    Sun, March 18, 2007 - 4:19 PM
    Woo woo wands?
    Sounds like voodoo!
    Hee hee.

    I have always had intense mood swings.
    Could be all the spiritual work I have done in this life, or I am just manic depressive?
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    Re: Woo-Woo Wands and other info

    Sun, March 18, 2007 - 7:48 PM
    Here's a link that might interest you Sandi:

    Dowsing methods have been used for everything from finding water to finding lost children.

    Love and splendor,



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      Re: Woo-Woo Wands and other info

      Sun, March 18, 2007 - 10:56 PM
      Thanks SA
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        Dowsing rods and pendulums

        Tue, March 20, 2007 - 10:32 AM
        First time I touched dowsing rods was after reading that book. They instantly worked for me.
        I have used them twice to find water pipes 6 feet under ground and I found them both times on the second try. Both pipes were about 8 feet from where they were suppose to be. It wasn’t luck.
        I have then gone on to use them to find other things.

        I have also used pendulums, which work perfectly for me. There is a reason these work and it isn’t woo- woo, even though I call it woo-woo stuff. I learned about this during my master NLP training.
        For finding personal answers, NOT PREDICTING THE FUTURE, I prefer using a pendulum to find my answers. The dowsing rods can be manipulated a lot easier than a pendulum when properly used.
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    Fri, March 23, 2007 - 1:42 PM
    this sounds like an energy biofeedback training loop and I love the name.... wouldn't it be soemthing if we could mainstream this... into mental health.... instead of popping a pill, you woo-woo... all you need ar bubbles... like it much better.....

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