Layla's Locks

public - created 08/30/06
A tribe to talk fake hair and design... oh the possibilities!

My goal as a designer it to help people express a part of their inner-self through working with designing hair as part of your costume/ character/ artistic ideas, etc. I'm also interested in networking with other fake hair nuts, answering your questions and learning more about this crazy craft...

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Tickets, anyone?  topic
Sewing old dreads into short new hair?  topic
Hey When's the store going to reopen?  topic
My locks won't lock!  topic
looking for hair in mass  topic
Layla's Locks Workshop - Fake Hair 101 - 10/14 ...  topic
Zsa's color range  photo flag
locks for eden - part 2!  photo flag
locks for eden - part 2!  photo flag
dreads for Eden  photo flag
braids for Kathy S.  photo flag
braids for Kathy S.  photo flag
braids for Kathy S.  photo flag
Sabine loves her dreads  photo flag
Sabine in Taiwan, in Layla's dreads!  photo flag
Layla looking fab at Global Infusion  photo flag
Welcome to Layla's Locks Tribe!  topic
Luna's Monarch Fall  photo flag
New online store and Inventory Clearance on lay...  topic
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Website Updates and a special offer for customers!  topic

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