Favorite Bear Sites?

topic posted Tue, January 20, 2009 - 6:45 AM by  Mr. M

This isnt a fave. I just found it this morning and havent looked at it much yet. My fave site besides tribe is I also like . Does anyone have any sites they like that others might want to check out?
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Mr. M
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    Fri, January 30, 2009 - 12:57 PM
    I have been a Bear411 member for years... it is nice because so many of my friends are there. But the features of the site (mainly the messaging) is a little out dated. It does have a nice search feature. Also it has links to events, clubs, and places around the world. Many guys say it is evil... I say so what.

    BearForest is great because of its features... message logging, winking, various photo options, videos, "who's been looking at me"...

    BIggerCity is about the same, but not quite as "hot" for my taste. But now that I'm so fat, I'm getting chased a lot! or (same databases, same profiles) Similar to Bear411, but does have message logging and "who's looking" for premium price.

    BearFront is run by the same guy that runs SilverDaddies... but it just doesn't get the traffic.

    I also enjoy (well, look at routinely for hours on end... my days of enjoying this crap are behind me) "HangOutNude", DudesNude, Xtube but these are not necessarily gay or bear oriented.

    My profile name on most of these is "PDQuesnell" (except for Bear411, SilverDaddies & BearFront where it is "cockbyte").
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      Fri, January 30, 2009 - 7:03 PM
      I was on for three months but it's not very active so I havent been on there for a while. A couple months ago I discovered a site related to Silver Daddies that is pretty cool. At first it sucked that there was no option to link your videos to your SD profile. Now you can. wankerrichard is SO HOT!!! lol He never messaged me back though. : ( Probably because I told him I would move to Britain and be his man and live happily ever after. : ) Yes. Not a stitch of foreplay. lol It kind of sucks that you have to go through all the galleries by clicking "next" as opposed to there being an option to jump futher to other pages. But I still like it. gavin roberts and his friend are hot as hell too. Mmm BABY!!!

      I used to like alot but havent been on there for a long time. It wasnt really very interactive. Not sure if that's changed or not.

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