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Well my friends, I have not posted for awhile on my was moving fast and I had to slow down.

Today I had a couple come in and they were highly spiritual, they knew the bible inside out, it was quite fascinating, at first I felt a little uncomfortable, but as they spoke I realized they were not pushers, they were care givers and spoke from the heart.

They shared with me that they had ventured from different religons to all belief systems and groups....non denominational excetera....they then spoke to me saying how god and church and Jesus came from the pagan world, I can not go into detail on each description for these 3 words but it started to make sense. Now believe me these people were harmless and very loving..

They explained to me that instead of saying god, or jesus, they used the words yewah
They were very much into the native american people's, especialy the lakota and other natives of the black hills area..

I learned something from these 2 loving people, they seemed like angels to me...Ive recently wrote a blog on spirits and angels and having spirit guides to send us messages. To me this was a message from a higher source of love, not something that was fanaticle or with disillusion. It felt peaceful and heartfelt. I felt very calm.

So has anyone heard of the term for god as yewah, or have heard that certain religious descriptions of the almighty, the word god and jesus coming from paganism? They live near where I live and we exchanged phone numbers, their going to give me a layout of what they have been researching...another thing I found interesting, I believe they said that in the king james version that Jesus is never mentioned, or god....I may be wrong....

When I do get this information I will share it with you....I hope all of you are doing well. I seem to feel change coming again for me...something good and beautiful...I feel growth near me as a good friend.....I feel

come to me on this
silent night...
My heart questions
always wondering
waiting for new beginnings.

Love, I know and recognize
I see it shine
close to me
through my daughters eye's
I need to teach her the kind way
so her Heart can always play...

helping to create balance,
I long for the blessings to be
always in my eyes for me to see...
Unspoken words of goodness
give life to my soul
beautiful life that will unfold.....

Blessings be....Lakotawolf
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    Thu, November 2, 2006 - 6:05 AM
    The Old Testament, what the Jewish faith call the Torah, is actually comprised of three books. The parts that read and so and so begat so and so begat so and so, comes from the Jewish elders who felt the deep need to trace their lineage to Abraham. At certain times in the book you will hear God referred to has Elohim. This comes from the Elohist tradition. At other times, he is referred to as Yahweh, which comes from the Yahwist tradition. All three were combined into what we know as the Old Testament.
    Now as to the New Testament, the four conanonical gospels, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John were selected by a commission put together by the Emperor Constantine. It was he who commissioned the Bishops at Nicea to come up with the Nicene Creed. "I believe in one God, the Father, the almighty, maker of heaven and earth. I believe in one holy Roman Catholic Church." Note that last part. Since Constantine was Emperor of Rome, his blessings, so to speak were required for this new church to grow. There were a number of different Christian sects at the time. One sect reportedly won his ear, when they suggested that just before a battle, his men go to the river to be baptized. They won the battle, and as they say, the rest is history. With the Emperor's support, this sect was able to push the others out and became what is known as the Roman Catholic Church.
    Now as to those other sects, well there is a lot more that the Church has tried to keep from people. Other Gospels have been found, especially those from Nag Hammadi that showed a different light than what was put forth in the four popular gospels. One of the key gospels found there was the Gospel of Thomas which was not a narrative gospel as the others but more cryptic and illuminating. The Churches initial response was to deem it heresy since it basically said that we did not need the church, that the kingdom of God was within us.
    Later, another Christian faction called the Cathars were gaining popularity in the south of France. As the Roman Catholic Church began losing ground, a crusade was called and an inquisition to follow. This was a bloody time for the Church as it wiped out the Cathars, murdering men, woman and children. I read somewhere that the phrase, "Kill them all, let God sort them out" was derived from something one of the "captains" said when they had surrounded a village that had Cathars. The villagers were supportive of the Cathars as they were a peaceful people. They would not turn over the Cathars, nor would they leave the village so the knights could go in and get the Cathars. So when asked what to do, the "captain" is reported to have said, "Kill them all, God knows which is his." Of course, this whole period gave us many legends including the legend of the Grail, the Knights Templar, etc. The Da Vinci Code found its fodder here.
    Now as to pagan ties, well as the Church overtook one pagan group after another in order to get people to convert they would often "adopt" their festivals. The Roman feast of Saturnalia a festival of good food, wine, and gift giving became Christmas. Eostere became Easter.
    "The Celtic Ostara or Spring Equinox occurs on March 20th or 21st and celebrates the first day of Spring. It is a time of renewal and growth. The egg represents fertility and comes from the story of a Roman goddess, Eostere, who changed a bird into a rabbit, which then laid colored eggs to entertain the children. It is amazing how we get our traditions! "
    Of course, we just celebrated what used to be known as Samhain (Sow-when), which we now know as Halloween. Look closely at a Celtic Cross, they never fully gave up their Druidic ways as the Moon Goddess is represented in the circle in the center of the cross.
    I have rambled on, there is so much more and I only gave less than the Reader's Digest version. There are print versions of the Gospels of Thomas and Mary Magdeline. Eileen Pagels also has a book on the Gnostic Gospels. Gnostic = Knowing, seeking of wisdom.
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      Thu, November 2, 2006 - 7:36 AM
      Thankyou, some of this was familiar that they spoke about, it was just sooo much coming through to me. Your very knowledgable on this, I really appreciate your input. They seem to be very kind people, young couple...just moved here..Again thankyou, I am glad to hear someone knows of this....peace and love light...lakotwolf..
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        Thu, November 2, 2006 - 1:45 PM
        i'll have to loan you a book-- YHWH - The Book of Knowledge - Keys of Enoch, its a good one... :) we should get together soon, you free in the a.m.?
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          Thu, November 2, 2006 - 6:44 PM
          Hey there, girlie girl, I have to go to Cottonwood in the morning, have a Dr's appointment at 9, everything is fine, just some minor tests....ugh....but yes, Im very much interested in this book, please...Ill call
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    Wed, April 28, 2010 - 6:23 AM
    I've had a series of spontanous powerful awakenings since 12/12/09, another just this weekend past. I was with very close friends who are all ascending too and i found myself singing away in a very gentle voice in some unknown lanuage, it may have just been gibberish but this has never happened before. I really felt like the singing was praying or worshiping god and it felt lovey. Then an amazing, scary and powerful experience happened which i am certain was the spontaneous release of past life trauma. Anyway, i kept saying Yewah at the end of every sentence i spoke and it kept coming out the next day. I know Yaweh is a known word, but when i searched for Yewah - this was the only article i could find. Was it definately Yewah?
    Love & Light

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