Foldable collapsible rechargeable LED hoop - figure 8 style

topic posted Mon, November 3, 2008 - 6:57 AM by  prodmod
Hi, I finally made an easy to fold LED hoop that is also rechargeable!
You can twist it near the connector into a figure 8 and then fold it in half.
Here is a video showing you how it works

It uses flexible tubing so as far as stiffness goes it would feel a little less stiff than your standard "3/4 160 PSI" black tubing hoops and less stiff than my standard LED hoop.
It is also more translucent than my standard white tubing. This allows more light from the LEDs to shine resulting in a brighter hoop.

This flex tube is not included in my standard parts kit, but you can get cut lengths of it from me if you want to or you can ask for a custom kit.

If you are familiar with my kits you'll know that the rechargeable battery is a tight fit in the standard tubing. This flexible tubing is more gummy so it makes it more difficult to insert the rechargeable battery but it can be done. But after it is assembled there is no more reason to ever open your hoop. The connector keeps it together while still allowing you to twist and collapse it.
you can contact me for more info if you want sections of this tubing or the new kit.
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