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Yes I also have roots from the White Draco reptilians. But let me reveil some truth today away from the conspiracies and accused so called evil. The real Draco are much like the Na'vi in Avatar in beleifs and way of life. Some are shamens, others hunters, and others caregivers. Some here live underground on Earth while others on Alpha Draconis, and others blend in or avoid humans. Yes I am White Draco as well as Angel maybe both are where the Seraphim come from. Draco original came here waaay before the Dinos. They brought the Dinos here acualy. They are our connection food and spirtual life. (this is all taught by a good white draco friend of mine in Germany) We mostly also ride on Raptors. (the acual Raptors were feathered not bare) And other Dino's. the Draco came here as ambassetors to humans and galactic humans. To Teach to Guide not enslave and controll. We coexisted with humans both were simbiotic. But something went wrong when one group did turn against us called the Paa Taal the founders of the Ashtar command ect. I would not be leery of the Command or Galatic Federation If they were not against us in the first place. All of a sudden as fast as this all happened, they wanted all Draco OFF the Earth. Earth was some Draco's new home we happened to like Earth not for enslavement or any of that BS. We just liked it we liked humans at the time. But then the whole war started and thats what caused our dino's on Earth to become extinct. Today some Pleadians and other "Light Beings" and fans of David Icke still ONLY write about how Draco are evil want enslavement ect. Yes some Draco went rouge and have yet to be punished or taught a huge lesson. Today that war still goes on and Draco are affected by it While others are not. Reptoids come from Draco half human half draco. But now some Draco are leery of todays Reptoids do to some going alittle wonkey. I have more to tell but can better teach things when questions are asked. O one main thing I am ALWAYS asked is do Draco need childrens blood and fear ect to live? answer NO. We do NOT NEED blood of any kind but as my friend taught it gives a rush. But its from the food we hunt naturaly and on Dreaconis and here, it is simmilar to Native Americans and other old tribes. we do NOT abuse any humans or babies as children we cherish more for their purity and NO not for some satanic sacrafice. Anyway I'll be glad to answer anything. I love to guide and teach.
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  • This is awesome... *RAISES HAND* What is the connection with Dragon's and Draco?
    • Draco and Dragons are NOT the same. My friend taught me that Dragons and Draco are related but not the same species. Us Draco are more connected to the Dinosaurs then dragons. (such as the Velicaraptor) but are much older. Dragons are more Celestial beings.
    • And if you click on my thumbnail pic here of the white Draco thats what Draco really look like not what most draw and describe. Even the whole Mothman thing is just a wandering Draco. (yes some have red eyes but they don't glow my friend has red eyes) Aside from ritual head dresses and decoration (from natural things)
      • Cool, that makes sense, Draco, reptilian, dinosaur... Dragon, celestial being, etheral.

        Whats this whole mothman business?

        And you mentioned shapeshifting, tell me more about that!

        I believe I made myself energetically invisible once. It was the strangest thing, yet I didn't verify with people around me that I was. Except when I took off the energetic cloak/hood all of a sudden the guy standing near me noticed me, in a shockingly surprised way lol and the guy serving me (take away shop) did as well, and he proceeded to ask for my order. I had been waiting there at least 5mins without a look for either of them lol
        • And the Draco race, what dimension? As in, when they came were they of a lightbody, higher dimensional vibrations? Or like most of us, lower vibrational 3rd dimensions.
          • well Draco we came from Alpha Draconis. What you learn about us is mostly from David Icke claiming we are 4th dimentional. I dought it. Alpha Draconis is 3rd dimentional. so 3rd.
        • We can shapeshift into humanoid or even another animal. It involves knowlage. And that whole time invisibal thing also happened to me to lol.
        • Well we are not dinosaurs since they came alittle after but even Dinos were NOT really from Earth. Draco brought them here. We are not dinos but are very connected to them.
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            How do the Dracos compare to the "gray/grey" ones? The descriptions seem very similar.
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            • They acualy do not compare at all they are not even the same species. The acual real draco hardly ever even run into the greys never mind the accusations that greys are *slaves*. With reptoids that might be a different story. But with Draco, we don't deal nor run into greys very often if at all.
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                So Draco and the reptilian race (reptoids) I keep reading about are separate, as with the Grey ones? Sorry for the questions, just trying to figure this out. Was it Dracos involved with the genetic mutation from 12 strands to the 2 today...or was that the reptoids? I have read some things and still assimilating it all, but it seems you already have knowledge of the subject and could help with the process : )
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                • The Draco ONLY for what i heard a very very few were involved in creating humans. The Annunaki were NOT just one race of beings but many. Some did things others turned their back. The greys Reptoids and Draco are ALL seperate Races through and through.