Men Into Group Piss

moderated - created 09/10/10
This is a gay tribe for men into pissing, drinking piss or taking a golden bath in group settings.
This is a strictly moderated tribe but there are only two requirements: YOU MUST HAVE A PROFILE PHOTO AND AT LEAST ONE FRIEND IN YOUR NETWORK. I'll also be keeping a close eye on the content, and any topics or pics that don't fit will be deleted. I don't want this to be just another Piss tribe, I want it to represent true Group Piss activates.

Remember to add any pic you may have that belongs to the category, Thanx :) RSS Feed what is XML?

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Piss Drinker in ATL  topic
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need piss  topic
New Moderator  topic
piss next Wed. at Blow Buddies, San Francisco  topic
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Check out my blog of drunk straight guys caught...  topic
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From on High  topic
Purpose of this tribe?  topic
Melbourne pisser  topic
Welcome to the new Piss in a group Tribe  topic
Men  topic
Sydney  topic
Needing a drink in Atlanta!  topic

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