I Love Anal Sex!

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(PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE MESSAGE before participating here: ). NO "personals" ads, please! Getting, giving, or just fantasizing. I encourage erotica, education, and dialog. This tribe is for persons of any and all genders enjoying anal sex: boys doing boys, girls doing girls, etc., *not* just "boys fuck girls' asses."

I'm fine with posting very explicit photos HOWEVER please don't post more than a couple/three at a time. I prefer personal pictures to stuff grabbed off porno sites.

I value freedom of speech and expression, but I will make editorial decisions based on my own tastes and feelings. Disagreement and varying opinion is welcome, tiresome obsessive thrashing isn't. Likewise, disputes between members will not be allowed to go on for very long at all. Finally, you're welcome to say that you don't like something, but you're not welcome to be disrespectful of someone's right to do it.

Also please bear in mind that this is a *public* forum and anything posted here can turn up in internet searches; please take the necessary steps to protect your personal privacy.

"The great thing about anal sex is that everyone has an ass." RSS Feed what is XML?

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