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topic posted Sat, May 8, 2010 - 4:21 PM by  Randy
Ok , im prepping for the biggest thing ive had up my ass ever! and im really looking foward to it. its 10 inch girth and really long . im planning to stand and squat at least 5 inches untill i cum or pass out which ever comes first. Got lube got condoms and most importantly time , to satisfy my wicked desires. So lets start a show me the biggest thing in your ass showdown , ill show u mine soon......
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    nothing particularly big up my bum, other than my ex's (reasonably large) cock. that was good enough for me, tho i'm a smallish gal. but me bum itself is rather large. does that count? i'm feeling impatient and (hehe!) *bummed out* that no one's said anything nice yet about my photo. maybe you all in the anal sex tribe will boost my ego? instead of cross-posting i'll just link to the post i put up in the erotic photog tribe.

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