Lube Shooters- Anyone tried them?

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Has anyone tried a lube shooter? It's basically a syringe to inject the lube farther down into the anal area. I'm curious if anyone has had any experiences with them and opinions as to their value.
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    Sat, February 16, 2008 - 5:49 AM
    I've never bought the packaged ones. But I do like to get lube well into my ass, so I use an applicator from a yeast medication. They're a good size, the tip is rounded so it's safe and comfy in your butt. Plus, you fill it with the lube you like, you're not stuck with the brand that is sold in shooters. And they last forever.

    I've even bought yeast treatments just to get the applicator.
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    Tue, May 31, 2011 - 5:38 PM
    The small packaged ones sold in the "Adult" stores are lame. They only hold a wee bit of lube, and it had better be thin stuff. Get a farm supply catalog and look for a sheep & goat feeding syringe. It's like a giant syringe with a long angled nozzle with a rounded tip. You can put any sort of lube in there that you'll even take straight (pardon the pun) Crisco. Check; their 50cc syringe #C6-F2 is $9.95. It'll last forever; goes thru the dishwasher.
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      Thu, July 2, 2015 - 9:33 PM
      OMG your a life saver I found that one syringe feeder you were talking about on that site and I found another that looks like the same exact feeder only called a max injector instead. The price is a rip off they are trying to charge so much money for the max injector and it looks like the same syringe on so I posted the link below for people to see the max injector rip off... ↓

      When you go on the Jeffers live stock site and just type the word "syringe" you see one that is similar to the max injector. The only difference is the fact that Jeffers is cheaper and max injector is trying to make a profit off of people's sex lives.

      Old McDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O. He has a gay closet farmer with a goat feeder syringe E-I-E-I-O. Up his bum, shooting that lube, and going E-I-E-I-O all day long lol... x'D
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    Re: Lube Shooters- Anyone tried them?

    Thu, June 9, 2011 - 7:36 PM
    yes, yes, and yes! can't do without them. as an anal sex lover, they are a crucial element in my toy bag. the thing to remember is that you don't shove the thing up the ass and then inject the lube 3" up the canal. your asshole makes a pretty good seal around it if it's not already lubed, such that you can stick it just a lil bit inside, and with the seal of the ass squeezing around it, when you push the lube out of the shooter, none of it comes out. all of it goes in. and that gives you lube at the entry, plus plenty more to spare. i usually do that (or, often, my partner does) and then squeeze the last bit out as you pull the lube shooter out of the asshole, lubing the entry and a little bit of the outside, too. it says something like "between the cheeks and not on the sheets", right? well, if you follow the old addage that you can never have too much lube in anal sex, then you might find that the promises made by the lube shooter don't hold true. since it's not healthy to douche regularly (and, frankly, causes me more stomach discomfort than it's worth, and i know lotsa people feel the same way), the truth is that if you get carried away with the lube shooter, you can inject far too much lube into your ass. more than you need, because a bunch of it is simply out of reach of the cock/dildo/what-have-you. it will sit there in the colon, and can churn itself together with residuals and if your partner is into watching a toy plunge in, then fully out, then in, again... well, let's just say that the dreaded "santorum" will be no stranger to you if you use too much lube with this device. unsavory, perhaps, as neither myself nor my partner has any interest in excrement-play or the look, smell, or concept of the matter; but i do know that erring on the side of too much is better than too little. if you're already an experienced ass afficionado, then you don't need any tips from me on how much lube is comfortable and appropriate. but just keep in mind that it's really easy (in my opinion) to use too much with the lube shooter. we usually fill it about 2/3 full, which gives room to insert the plunger w/o it spilling everywhere, and if the butt-fucking session goes on for an hour or less, that's usually all we need. occasionally, in more extended sessions, we will re-apply/-insert, but when adding more it's only usually necessary to add a smidgen. no more than a quarter of a syringe full.

    if you're one who savors the idea of absorbing your man's semen through the abundantly absorbent walls of your colon, for erotic turn-on or any of the often asserted health benefits (antidepressant and whatnot... no opinion here---i like it b/c it's fucking hot as shit to keep my lover's cum inside of me), then i do advise you to figure out how to use the least amount of lube that you can to keep it comfortable and not have to sit on the pot afterwards. when i over-do it with lube, i end up with a combination of colon-wall residue/anal mucus, several mLs of lube, and my lover's spunk all jumbled up inside. if i'm going straight to sleep, i curl up so it tucks itself nicely inside till later, when i can excrete only that which my colon didn't choose to absorb. but if i'm up and about, what happens is that this mixture (aka "santorum") manages to induce unforeseen gas, which i am then compelled to sit on the toilet and loose from my intestines. it's something i have to do in private, though, since it sounds (from outside the bathroom) like a bout of farty-diarrhea and that will give a new lover a bad impression, and a longer-term lover just an unsavory bit to ring in their ears (unless this is part of your fetish, in which case, go for it!). and it also can prevent your best intentions to keep your lover's spunk up your ass from coming to fruition. and that tends to bum me out. (yes, pun intended!)

    after being a parade-rainer-onner, lemme just say that i fully endorse the lube shooter, but not willy-nilly. i think that, like all tools and implements, you must pay attention to how it works for you, and make sure that it isn't compromising any of your original intentions or muddying your palate, so to speak. enjoy, folks. and a previous replier said a (was it?) turkey baster did the trick. i have no doubt that all the same advice i'm giving you here applies equally to other injectables. i'm not endorsing the product originally mentioned except for its utility, and think that it, and anything like it, is a good idea. it will also (*i think*) cut down on between-the-cheeks ass zits from lube & whatnot. and without too much lube all over your ass crack region, the cock/dildo/what-have-you will not wander around the ass cheeks unintentionally, but if insertion is the goal, insertion will happen precisely at the anus because that is where the lube is, and nowhere else.

    those experienced with anal, i think you know what i mean... no more of this "no, a little higher... no, a little lower... no! that's my twat! higher!" kinda ordeal. i like to keep the bacterial population residing in and near my ass, well, in and near my ass. and away from my pussy & urethra. UTIs? no thanks. i'd like to believe this technique of lubing contributes to the kind of cleanliness i like to keep.

    ... ... ...

    but if you are bent over the couch or some-such, and the "santorum" comes dripping out (and, consequently, all down your vulva or man-parts), i really recommend, to prevent a UTI, hop in the tub, turn on the warm water, and just give your crotch a real quick warshin'. if you're anti-soap, then rinse thoroughly. if you're pro-soap, wash with soap and then rinse thoroughly. in both cases, expel as much spoilt lube from your ass as you can, and re-apply when you return to the bedroom. okay, i'll get out of mom-mode now. it's just that i've only recently perfected the lube shooter method, and felt that i should share various tips for those who are new to it. because, despite all its potential pitfalls (really, the potential pitfalls of anal sex---depending, of course, on your tastes and preferences), the method has been a godsend to me and my partner, and i wanted to share. if your first attempt doesn't work out so well, i think you'll narrow it down to the right amount and right insertion depth before long at all. ^__^

    have fun ass fucking, folks!!! yummm! i'm gonna, tonight!!!!!
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      Re: Lube Shooters- Anyone tried them?

      Sat, June 11, 2011 - 3:20 PM
      The lube shooter is a must if you're going to do a cold entry. I've also taken to using a small well lubed chain of silcon beads to prepare the way as I go down on her. I still keep the lube shooter handy in case more lube is needed. Fill up the lube shooter but don't use it all and keep the remainder as a handy reserve.
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    Re: Lube Shooters- Anyone tried them?

    Thu, June 16, 2011 - 10:46 PM

    I have used a lube shooter several times.I am not to impressed with them.I can get lube further up in side where I need to get it using a turkey baister than the lube shooter.If U are having a small cock up inside u than u can use the lube shooter
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    Re: Lube Shooters- Anyone tried them?

    Sun, July 19, 2015 - 6:27 PM
    No, the closest I guess was sticking the spout of a lotion dispenser bottle into my ass and squirting it around; as a bi-curious teen in high school, I wanted to see what it would feel like to have a guy shoot off in my butt.

    Another guy in the gym locker room said he'd tried the same thing, and how good it felt, rubbing the lotion around in your ass afterward. In retrospect, I think he might have been hinting around for a bi-curious encounter. If the same thing happened today, I'd probably take him up on his offer, since then, as now, I've been attracted to guys with similar build to my own... slender with a small, round butt.

    Come to think of it, he was actually pretty attractive... blonde hair with dark eyebrows; sort of like Christopher Atkins in Blue Lagoon (but his hair not hair so bushy). Come to think of it, coming to think of it, is making me thinking of coming...

    Might have to go grab some lotion, after all...

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