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What is it about a nice juice ass that makes my mouth water and my cock hard? I remember my first time tasting an asshole. we were in the 69 position and my partner was suck my cock and balls that sent shivers through my body. at the same time i was sucking and intaking her pussy. I slowly inserted a finger into her ass while licking her pussy. she screamed out suck my pussy and ass. so i taught to myself, i wonder how her ass would taste. I slowly made my way up and never turned back since that day. I love the taste of an asshole during sex. What do you guys think about eating assholes? What was your first time doing it or having it done to you? Or, if you don't like it, let us know why. Well, i hope to hear from you guys.
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  • The first time I did it, my play toy and I were 69ing, and I was sucking and licking her pussy, I started licking from her clit to her asshole, and just the texture of her asshole made me explore it further... I started to finger it at first, and then we incorporated it into our sex sessions. Of course before we did that, our foreplay included giving her an enema... which she enjoyed alot! We would never have anal sex without giving her an enema, or if that didn't happen, I would usually have two condoms on for anal sex... pulling a shit -covered cock out of her asshole is not only a turn off for me, but it's unhealthy.
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    I first stuck my tongue in a gal's ass while giving a gal-friend of mine a massage ... basically played with her ass with my tongue for a little bit and she moaned with pleasure. I've been enjoying this ever since (but only with those partners who are into ass-play ... I've found that there's usually very little "middle-ground" when it comes to this with most of my partners... it's either "YES, please" or "No way, never"
  • I remember this was part of one episode of Sex and the City. I never was a great fan of that show, and of course the women had to have an endless discussion of anilingus that -- as best I can recall -- never got to anything sensible like "did you like it?" or "did it make you hot?" or "do you want to do it to him?" or "is it safe?"

    Oh, me? Definitely love it, getting and giving.
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      I love that episode........because of that my wife and I started doing each other and I agree...........definitely love it, getting and giving.
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    Im just glad the asshole is so close to the pussy, easy to jump from on to the other. I love to lick a girls ass, stuffing my tongue in her and fucking her ass with it, it can make me cum without even putting it in her
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    I was 35 and had never had my ass played with. One night my ex-wife was giving me a back massage. She was using a very thick oil. She had never touched my butt before, but that night she went on and reached my buns. I felt like an electricity back there and instictively opened my legs and raised my butt. She poured more oil and spread it along my crack. Then she continued with her warm tongue, first kissing my buns and then rigth into my asshole. I was in heaven. Suddenly I was on all fours stroking my dick, while her tongue f... my asshole. The pleasure was so intense that I didn't want to cum. But finally I exploded and had one of the best orgasms ever. I'm hooked up since then.
  • It's really easy once your there. With the wife sex almost always starts with me going down on her. As I work her pussy and clit a white thick cream drips heavily from her pussy and runs down soon glazing her asshole. I doesn't take long before my tongue follows the trail. She relaxes and my tongue darting in and out of her asshole. Her cum flowing from her pussy and she reaches orgasm. That's all her juice. On the occasions when she's gone out with the girls and comes home after fucking other men it gets even better. When I'm eating out other men's cum out of her after she's been freshly fuck well it's alot messier and a lot more exciting. She freely gives up all her pleasure points and luckily I get to clean her after she been pleasured.
  • Nope, not interested just can't handle it. Just doesn't do it for me. I have had offers to lick my asshole but turned them down. Yup, just can't but I love to have my ass penetrated by dicks, dildos, fingers, hands, etc.
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    I absolutely love licking my wife's asshole....I do it for hours...
    • I love licking womans asses so much sometimes i think its the only thing that keeps me straight. When its time to cum its either think about cock or licking girls ass. I dont just lick, i make my tongue stiff and really tongue fuck her. then best is when she cums like that while riding my face. ahhhhh. I almost always try to do it when she is fresh out of the shower, sometime I am drunk and do it anyway. A good teeth brushing is in order either way.
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    I love licking my wife's asshole...its a major part of our foreplay. I love penetrating her asshole with my tongue.
  • Years ago I crawled under the top sheet on a Sunday morning to take a peek at the sleeping wife's pussy, to get her warmed up for a session. She was on her stomach, so I got my face near her ass and started to spread the lower part of her butt crack to get a glimpse of her puss. That didn't work too well, so I took the plunge and opened up her cheeks. It was the first time I had ever really gotten a terrific view of her anus. I had seen it before many times, but never like this, so, well, right there in the open. So I got bolder and used my fingertips to spread the hole. It was pink and what really struck me was that it was so moist there. Maybe it had something to do with "it" being nestled between those warm cheeks all night. Anyway, I touched the opening and tasted my finger. It's hard to describe the taste, kind of sweet and sour at the same time. I scooted around and licked her anus for about 5 minutes. I knew she was awake, but she never said a word. That was years ago, and to this day I wake her up each and every Sunday by doing that. I love the taste of her ass so much that sometimes I will ask her for a "treat". She will reach back there, play with her ass, and let me taste that finger. She loves doing it because it gets me soooo horny that we nearly always end up having sex.
  • I love milk licking my wifes ass but I'm a huge germaphobe. I really want to do it all the time but thinking of the shit that comes out of it is a turn off. Dental works but is annoying. Her ass is big so i love having her cheecks on my face lol. Im gonna try to start doing it more because i really do love ass sooo much. But germs, not at all lol
  • I love and receiving. Have to say, though, I am blown away that no one here mentioned that it is never advisable to go back and forth from anus to vagina - the bacteria in the anus can cause nasty UTI's. I know they are close together, but that doesn't mean they are okay to mix! Once you go to the anus - you shouldn't go back to the vagina/clit.

    Details...details...spoiling all your fun.
    • Thats another part of the germ problems with me...After I lick an ass, I'm done with kissing, and eating pussy. It's annoying to get up and clean, and if I wait until after, I will never do it at all lol. Did it in the shower after I washed it, and then I got to clean my mouth before hitting the bedroom!
      • I did a lot of research and wrote an article about the risks of rimming - and as with everything, it is an individual choice what risks to take. But the best way to assess that is to be informed...and then make your own decision. I have no problem rimming a partner that has been tested recently and then kissing with him - or vice versa. It's the UTI thing that stops me from the back and forth ass to pussy, as I've had several over the years.
        • All this dialog has me needing to comment. By way of background/qualifications regarding the following statements, I spent several years as a lab tech in gynecological bacteriology. Re cleanliness/safety. As part of our trainning we were required to swab, culture, stain and identify organisms living in/on various areas of our bodies, including oral and anal swabs. News flash, your mouth is the most disgusting place (pathogen-wise) on your body. Counter intuitive but true nonetheless. Now for the caveats. The foregoing is true for people in 'good health'. It does not hold true for folks with fulminating oral herpes, or in the midst of an E-coli infection. And also not true for folks who have recently had an enema. Enemas tend to bring down flora that are normally not present in the anus or perianal areas. These bacteria normally do not survive in the rectum but an enema will provide the necessary environment for them and over the next several hours will graudally migrate to the preianum and can give you a mild GI problem. As far as UTI's go, the real trick is for your partner to avoid the opening of the urethra & vagina after oral anal contact. Get your lover to concentrate of the clitoris, especially sucking it, and UTI's will likely not cause you an issue. Hope this helps. "Analingus, not just for dinner anymore..." :-p
          • So im kinda confused by your post. What are you suggesting we do before/after licking ass?
            • Two things you need to do/not do to keep the risk at minimal. Before engaing in oral anal sex have a shower and pay special attention to your toush in terms of soaping it and using something a little rough to clean the area. A face cloth works well. then make sure to rinse off all of the soap. The thing NOT to do before oral anal contact is insert anything into the anus. This includes any toys and especially fingers. You absolutely do not want to draw anything that is inside the rectum out onto the perianal area where a tounge might pick it up. the shower will make you perfectly clean and toys and fingers will negate that. Once you are done with any oral anal then feel free to drive a Mack truck up there if that works for you. Just follow the rule that once something, anything, is actually inserted into the anus, oral sex is finished for that session or at least until you have another shower. So be safe and have fun and remember, "Analingus is not just for dinner anymore." :-)
          • The clitoris is so close to the urethra, though - how could one possibly do that in the midst of having your whole mouth over her lady bits...?
            • You raise a very good on topic point. But first a little anatomy. On most women there is a distance of about 1- 11/4 inches from the hood of the clitoris to the opening of the urethra. And in point of fact for most women the point of maximum sexual stimulation of the clitoris is just above it rather than right on it. This provides a further 1/4 inch to that distance. I know this sounds trite and tedious but that gives you almost 1 1/2 inches between where you will be working the tongue and the opening ito the urethra. So here are the safest options. While some folks will not find this acceptable because it breaks the mood is for the partner to go and rinse their mouth with an antibacterial mouth wash. This will kill off anything that might have been picked up during oral anal contact. You must also make sure to rinse the mouthwash over the entire lips and chin area to take care of anything that might be lurking there. The other alternative is to make sure that after oral anal contact you may only stimulte the clitoris. No sucking on labia, no running your tongue up and down in between the labia, no inserting the tongue into the vagina, etc. In order for a bacterium to actually enter the urethra it will take poitive pressure such as pressing you tongue directly over the urethra opening. Nature has made the 'natural state' of the urethra to be closed. So while even following clitoris only technique, it is highly likely than some fluids/saliva will still flow down towards the urethra and maybe even over it, but as long as no pressure is brought to bear on it the problem will not occur. You can have the most raucous cunnilingus session before oral anal contact. Once oral anal has taken place, you must become more cautious. . Also, counter intuitive as it seems, enemas do not make you cleaner. For the next several hours after an enema your body will continue to leak microscopic amounts of water from the rectum onto the perianal area and THAT is a recipe for disasster (spelling deliberate :-) Hope this helps. Play safe and have fun. "You say 'ass-muncher' like it's a bad thing!"
              • Thanks for the anatomy lesson! Seriously - Folks need to know...
                • I have posted to this blog several times and thought I would share my experience. I currently belong to one of the world's premier swingers clubs in the Seattle area. But about 15 years ago I lived in NYC and frequented a similar, if not much more gritty, club called The Vault. The Vault was housed in an older building with a basement that consisted of a large central room and many individuual rooms off of it, probably used for storage long ago. The club owners made the large central room into a conventional night club with stage, bar, dance floor, dining area etc. However, each of the 'rooms' off of the central are were designed for swinger type sexual encounters.Each room had a nameplate that tried to connote the rooms theme or purpose. For example, the room for exhibitionists was called 'The Showroom', the room for BDSM was called 'The Fit to be Tied Room', etc. And my fav room was called 'The Backdoor'. each of these rooms were outfitted with any necessary accoutrements appropriate for the room's purpose, e.g. the FIT to be Tied room had lots of ropes and hardpoints for restraint, the ShowRoom was filled with half height cubicles so people could walk by and watch, etc. Beds, couches, etc. were everywhere.
                  The BackDoor was for all things anal. But far and away was the ass licker's paradise, the Booty Buffet. The Booty Buffet was essentially a long bed that was high enough that someone in the doggie position would have there butt exposed at roughly mouth level to anyone walking past them. Passers by, both males and females, were encouraged to perform analingus on any/all of the thusly exposed butts, both male and female. And just like in any buffet line, if the person next to you were taking too long, you simply went around them. As a passerby you could also put on a 'dog collar and leash'. If you liked a particular tooshie, you would hand the leash through the person's legs and they would be able to pull it and thereby pull your face into their ass. Many of the girls discovered that if you pull the leash just right, the leash will rub roughly against their clit and help them along to orgasm. And if you wanted to have your ass licked you simply stripped off and took any vacant place along the 'buffet' line. It was truly awesome. But it had some 'differences' as well. Here are some observations from the experience:
                  - even though the populationm of the room was roughly equal males and females, it was the females by ratio of more than 2:1 that participated in the ass licking.
                  - females seemed to pretty ambivalent as to the gender of the person whose ass they were licking. Most females would lick a female's ass without any hesitation versus few straight men were inclined to lick another male's ass.
                  - more females were wanting to be part of the buffet table than were males. Gay males tended to be willing memebers of tthe buffet versus straight males.
                  - most of the males would skip over male asses if the buffet line. Gay males were the exception to this of course.
                  - most females stayed on the 'buffet table' much longer than their male counterparts. Females would remain on the buffet table for many orgasms but it seemed that any men who were on the table, once they had cum, they left the table almost right away.
                  - there is something extra exhilarating about licking the ass of someone who is a total stranger and that you have not even seen their face.
                  - I have hosted/attended several 'private parties' here in the Seattle area and the concept works fine but lacks that 'anonymous' component since you will have at least met the people who own the asses you are about to lick.
                  - in the private party scenario guys are much MUCH less likely to lick another guys ass on the buffet table. Females were not so inhibited with either gender's ass.
                  - it was fun at the Vault listening to girls trying to entice their reluctant boyfriends to lick another males ass. I don't know why it is but girls seem to be driven to see their boyfriend do it.
                  One last fun thing. I called my girlfriend from work and told her I was going to have to work late even though it was our 'anniversay'. She sounded disappointed but took it like a trooper. When I got home later that evening there was a note on the kitchen table from her. She said she felt really bad about my missing dinner but she was determined to make sure that the night wasn't a bust and she'd arranged a romantic dinner for us in the bedroom. When I opened the door, there she was totally naked kneeling in the doggie position on the bed with her butt up in the air and her chest and head down on the bed. On one side was a serving tray with napkin, implements, a water glass, and wine glass. Candles were lit throughout the room and she had strategically balanced a container of warmed Hersey's chocolate on her hips right above her anus. And she had her Hitachi vibrator already plugged in and between her legs (her favorite toy to orgasm with when getting rimmed). She said like a professional waiter, from her prone position; "Is there anything else I can bring you sir?" I noticed that she had placed some after dinner mints and a fortune cookie on the tray. I replied; "I think I am all set, thank you." And in a moment of brilliance I added; "I don't think I need the fortune cookie though, I already have a fortune." I can't begin to describe how that unleashed something terribly primordial hidden deep in her libido that night. I am willing to bet that some of the things we did that night are no totally legal in all the lower 48 states.

                  Anyway, just thought I'd share. Hope you enjoyed it.
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    I really like to lick assholes, this tastes very great. What I really like and tried out is, lying on my back and the other guy sits on my face so I have to lick as deep as I can into the hole. If the butt is hairy this will be a bonus for me.
    One time another guy licked my ass and this was a great feeling, too.
  • would anyone like to eat my ass? message me ;)
    • Not only would like lick your ass, I would give you the best rim job there was. I don't just dart your a$$, I massage while licking, and then that spot between your cooch and your a$$, I'd lick that for a while and center myself on your hole again. soft massage with my tongue and while I'm doing that, I'll be neading your ever so growing clitorus until you tell me to stop. hope that would never happen...
  • The first time I licked my girlfriend's ass she wa surprised, I loved it. Every opportunity i get know i head for her ass after giving her a good pussy licking. I just wish I had a longer tongue and she was a bit looser so that I could seriously fuck her ass with my tongue.
  • Mmmmm . . . I love tongue fucking my wifes tight little asshole . . . my tongue is nice and long and very strong after a good loosening with a couple fingers my tongue slides in and out very nice and she LOVES it!!!! ;)~
  • I have a friend that I have been fucking for maybe a year now. She will not do anal [at this time] however she loves my tongue in her ass. She tells me that she fells bad due to the fact that she doesn’t do it but she loves talking about it. Actually fucking her in her ass is not a biggie for me. I have another friend that’s 13 years older than me and I have been fucking her for about 12 years, she loves me in her ass and when I fuck her my dick slips in like my foot slips in my shoe when I’m putting in on.
    For the last two weeks I have been going back and forth thinking if I should press her or just continue tonguing her ass along with a finger here and there. I am truly satisfied with eating her and licking her asshole…And when we fuck the sex is absolutely phenomenal.

    Just my input on Licking Assholes!
  • Making passionate love to someone's butthole is one of the most satisfying things I've ever done ; it is a very intimate and personal experience. I've never performed anilingus on anyone who didn't want to see me again , so they could keep receiving it.
    • Right On!! for NEVER have I found a Female that Didn't Love Her AssHole Licked & Sucked!! Even if they wanted No Part in Actual Anal Sex!! and To Me-When a Female lets me Lick Her Pussy as well as Her AssHole,- "This to Me is the Ultimate a Female can allow Us to Experience"!(Licking /Sucking Her AssHole Too!!! & NEVER have I found a Female AssHole that I Licked and Sucked for an Hour at Least!! & Yes EVERY ONE OF THEM "Squirted/Came" Without being Fucked Even!!! (The Oldest-72 yrs old)!! So Yes-Even GranniesLike their AssHoles Licked & Sucked Too!!!!!!
  • I love rimming a hole. I like them clean but to go down on a guy or girl and tongue their hole sends me over the top. I discovered it when I was giving a blow Job As I took his balls in my mouth my nose was in his ass. It just seemed natural to lick it then stick my tongue in and tongue fuck it. The deeper the better it gets me off to feel him move under my tongue and get excited about it. The only thing better is to have him or her do me to lube me before they fuck me with their cock or dildo.

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