Beauty of Love Making

public - created 08/10/08
The Beauty of Love Making is about each person`s perception .

One your friend may accept love making conception as an act of intercourse made in or out of bed,
the second friend may see in it just cultivated so much by pleasure seekers oral sex,
the third friend may understand love as a candlelight dinner with rose petals spread around the plates
two sweethearts are eating from ,
for the forth lovemaking is a wild wanton desiresfull sex where the person can show all his passions
to his/her lover .
For you it may be a mixup of all your friends` perceptions..

you are invited here to talk of sex through stories,through images,through exchanging phone numbers
and inviting each other to phone sex to see if you match each other for a real date ..heh . RSS Feed what is XML?

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