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A very interesting development in the Judeo-Christian legacy.

The filmmaker has presented a theory, based on some decent, however non-conclusive archeological evidence, that Jesus was mortal, had sexual relationships with a wife and bore a son.

Following the film Ted Koppel brings in two panels to scrutinize the filmmakers hypothesis.

It is an amazing ride to take and I highly recommend everyone go to or perhaps tune into Discovery Channel when the special is next airing. I would imagine it will be on a lot and a controversial social discussion around this will continue to heat.

It is a tender step to take, the reevaluation of 2000 years of social structure. It is time, but it isn't easy. I found the panel of archeologists and professors who fought the science of the findings was right to be thorough in their criticism. Unfortunately, one of them showed his fear of losing his Christian belief system. The next panel was theological. It was a great display of the feverishly working Christian scientists. These conclusions of the mortality and human nature of Christ is the only focus they have now. The campaign for Creationism has even quieted to give way for the fierce defence of the asexuality of Jesus and Mary.

That to me seems to be the obvious issue here. The ability of Jesus and Mary to be considered other worldly is fully dependent on the fact that neither of them had physical sexual activity. Some go so far to say they had no sexual desire...sexual desire, which leads to sexuality, which is how all humans co-create with the Universe.

My particular fascination is with how it is believed that God would shun the very mechanism S/He gave to Creation for joyful creation of life, souls, little pieces of God. The modern Christian god seems so unloving, so harsh. Sexuality is portrayed as corrupting; Our Saviors cannot be truly human; no human could actually have a connection to God; those who do not accept this god will be cast away by this god.

If all religion is a personification of the unknown mysteries of Creation, then the modern Christian god is an over-sensitive, paranoid and asexual old man. How could that god create such beauty? How could that god allow for such a joyful harmony and peace?

This life, on this earth is an orgasmic experience, not one to be feared!
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