Art Model Associations & Resources

This is a forum for Models and Artists to share resources, especially professional fine art organization or association links in any city.

Hosting, posting a link to, or looking for: a workshop, life-drawing class or any art class or event, or a website with multiple resources?

The info will be most useful if it's grouped by city and region:
Find your city or area, and post your info as a reply under that heading.
Or start a new topic, please also including the city/state or region in the Subject line.

More detailed info:
Individual or groups of fine art models, photography/fashion models, fetish models: yes, a promo piece about you or a link to your site is welcome here.

Recommending a workshop, life-drawing class or any art class or event? post the info here

Hosting a class, workshop, or event?

Pay rates, professional standards, is there a guild, union or other association in your area for art models?

If you were visiting my town, where would you go to find work or connect with other models and artists?

If someone wants to get started as a model, where can they go for more info?

Good or bad photographers, costume resources, etc.

This is primarily a networking forum for models and the artists who use models for their art, but other art association info and resources are also welcome here - landscapes, watercolor classes, good art stores, school recommendations :)

This is not a sex (or role playing) solicitation tribe

If your purpose for joining this group is aligned with ours, you are welcome, if not, please look elsewhere for the connections you seek

Photo suggestions and suggestive photos:

It would be customary for anyone, whose purpose in this tribe aligns with ours, main photo to represent either a portrait, or an artistic nude, or something else artsy. The photos of the other members of this tribe are good examples of what i'm referring to.

It's counterproductive (and somewhat offensive) to display just a full frontal nude in this tribe. Totally ok to use those as secondary photos.

You can (and are encouraged to) have anything you want to share, promote, display, or show off in your photo album.

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