This is a place for you to share what you REALY think, feel, and experience. We walk through life with a false smile and say we are fine when really we are exploding inside because we just had an argument with our mate or boss. We tell people that everything is “all good” when it really isn’t. We share what we feel others want to hear, happy or not so happy. Always censor ourselves and our expression of self.


As we express our truth and stand in our power of claming who we really are and our true expression of self, we open more to our Divine Self. Like dominos, this has a wripple effect on our suroundings and others around us start to open up as well. We find more love and eceptance for ourselves as well as for others.

So, I invite you to be real!
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04/22/07 bragitta
to tell the truth or not to tell the truth, that is not the question!
05/01/06 Chandrika
mirror, mirror ...
04/13/06 Chandrika
I could never do that!
04/11/06 Chandrika 1 reply

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