The bjurt is new folding structure that has many of the benefits of a yurt, but with fewer of the drawbacks. This tribe is to discuss bjurts and bjurt related projects. While the website contains information about some projects, this tribe is better suited to interactive collaboration.
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Something to do with your bjurt in the off season
12/04/09 Adam 1 reply
Bjurt in an art project
10/22/09 Bender 1 reply
Burning Man Big Bjurt Breport
09/17/09 Adam 2 replies
Bjurts on the playa - BM09
08/26/09 Bender 2 replies
Bjurts are not patentable
06/30/09 Bender
Review: Northpole 30-foot Party Tent
06/25/09 Bender 1 reply
Build notes
05/26/09 Adam 4 replies
Hey Bender
04/02/09 David
Connector Set
04/02/09 sierra 1 reply

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