club blackmail: 1st thursdays @ the transfer (church and market)
SF's old school industrial coldwave cupcake club!
w/ DJs verablue, intoner (death guild), netik (MEAT), and guests.

$3 drink specials, and free cupcakes!!!!

for info, questions, or inquiries e-mail:

92 members

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Does this club still exist?
11/18/07 Unsubsc... 1 reply
the last blackmail EVER! lets bring it out with a bang!
10/04/07 DJ vera...
club blackmail's final night at the transfer!
09/05/07 DJ vera...
does anyone even read this stuff?
08/23/07 DJ vera... 4 replies
blackmail: thursday august 2nd, and news!
08/22/07 DJ vera... 3 replies
next blackmail: thursday july 5th!
06/26/07 DJ vera...
club blackmail tonight! no cover! free cupcakes!
06/26/07 DJ vera... 2 replies
blackmail will be free this month!!!
06/04/07 DJ vera...
pics are up from the SCS/caustic/gothsicles show
05/24/07 DJ vera... 1 reply

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