Bomb Bay Tea Company

"Victory through opulence!"

A site dedicated to the news, revelry, and the ongoings of the Bomb Bay Tea Company and it's associates.

Specifically focused on the airship Victoriana's Revenge and it's crew.

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India is a destination - Tea is the purpose
03/26/11 Namaste...
Sat Mar 26th Huge Steampunk Party Fundraiser for the Neverwas Haul, San Jose CA
03/23/11 Miranda 1 reply
Steampunk gathering in San Jose Sept 13th - FREE
09/09/09 Miranda 1 reply
anyone for Steam Con in Seattle? Oct 23-25th 09
03/15/09 Miranda 1 reply
John Barleycorn pics
01/10/09 Stormfe...
Bomb Bay Stickers
11/17/08 Unsubsc... 2 replies
Steam Powered Con in Sunnyvale (SanFrancisco)
11/03/08 Miranda 1 reply
STeampunk Pirates and Toy Soldiers at OryCon- PDX
10/13/08 Stormfe...
Rats I missed it!!
10/04/08 Steambo... 3 replies

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