Breeding Party!

For men and woman, gay and straight. Show us your cream pies (;) cum shots ~ and close up fuck pics! Ass or Pussy....No BJ pics! * No profile pic - Don't request to join! I have never understood someone wanting to join a tribe that is all about pics, yet think it's okay for them to just have that ? over a silhouette on their profile. Well, it's not okay in my tribes!
* No pics under age 18! * THIS IS NOT A CHILD PORN PIC TRIBE! If you have the word "Pedo" spelled in or used in any way in your profile, or your profile pic is of a child or children's underwear......Move the fuck on!
* Spammers deleted quick!
* The word "Party" in Breeding Party does NOT mean orgy!
* No cartoons, jokes, photo-shopped, or pics the size of a postage stamp!
* If you are posting a series of a scene....Post them in order! No one likes to see the end of something before the beginning!
** Most important - ENJOY!
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