Black Rock Solar Project

Here be de tribe for workers and volunteers for the Black Rock Solar Project. Enjoy, or bitch. Actually, bitch a lot... I love to hear you monkies whine...
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BRS website
03/23/09 Unsubsc... 1 reply
Rothbury build pics
07/26/08 Insane
What's up, what's next
06/26/08 Tom 3 replies
Basically Trying to Converge The Digital Scene with the Sustainability/Green Scene. Anyone into this sort of thing? We need a Web Guru. check it: WakingMinds . Org
06/14/08 (-_-)Ja...
Dedication for solar school power set for Friday
05/29/08 Metric
The World's Largest Solar Farm Opens
02/15/08 Unsubsc...
solar watch
02/12/08 Insane
Woo hoo!
02/05/08 Unsubsc... 1 reply
Solar Panels that work AT NIGHT
02/04/08 Metric 1 reply

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